Hey, guys, Nessie here. (Previously Gundam Girl, the author of "Kites Without Strings.") This fic will be a compilation of shorter Spike/Julia fics, ranging from drabbles to one-shots. I'm writing these for the 30 Kisses community at Livejournal, so they're really just little doses of pairing salutes. I do hope you enjoy them as they come out, though, and please leave a review or two to let me know what you think. Thanks!


Time To Look

By Nessie

Theme #1: Look Over Here


He's by the window, leaning against the sill with his arms crossed in front of his chest. He's watching her, his garnet eyes are burning into the back of her blond head like fire through gold. She can feel him as though he is touching her, but he's six feet away – far enough away, she knows, that she shouldn't be feeling this warm, this eager. Goosebumps are rising beneath her sleeves and pants legs.

He wants her to look back at him, but she can't. She's caught between two men, both who love her, one a lover, and one that she loves. The lover sits right in front of her, carrying on as light a conversation as he can manage, while the one she loves waits from a distance, as patient as he can be for now.

The lover leaves to go see Mao, and Julia exhales suddenly when the door shuts behind Vicious.

"About time." The words are Spike's, and they don't surprise her. She turns around but before she can even settle her gaze on him, his lips are fused to hers, and he pulls her halfway out of her chair against him.

Sometimes she doesn't even have time to look his way before they both lose control. She clings to him, to the kiss, because soon he must retreat back to his window, back to six feet away, back to being the one she loves.