A/N: I finished! Woohoo! I never thought I'd actually go through all of it and complete all thirty themes. But I'm very glad I challenged my endurance that way…they're so depressing to write for! Thank you to all who read/reviewed, and I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Rare and Unpredictable

By Nessie

Theme #30: Kiss


He has never seen such a thing so rare and unpredictable; a devil with a pool cue in hand leading an angel in skintight black leather through a dimly-lit, smoky bar. Thrown so effectively off-guard, Spike isn't sure if she looks perfectly belonging with her painted red smile or extremely out of place with her pure blue eyes and decides at the last second before she and his best friend approaches that it really doesn't make any difference. Not here, where the line between good and evil is little more than a tangled ball tossed in a corner somewhere.

Vicious smiles from beneath a fall of snowy hair that makes her own long tresses appear to be a river of sunshine that waves thickly over her shoulders. "I promised I would introduce me to my new friend, Spike," says the devil with a smile. "This is Julia."

Julia. A deceptively common name without a trace of unusualness to it. Spike knows better. It is the normal that one should guard against.

He lets her in anyway.

"Mr. Speigel," she begins, her voice like the bottom notes of a harp. Again, deceptive.

"Just Spike," he assures her. "Vicious has bragged about you too much for any sort of formality."

Her grin is quick, and his blood pressure rises at the sight of it. "All I hear are warnings about you," she tells him laughingly. "Spike."

He takes her hand, feels the moderate temperature of it before bending low. "And that he should." He presses a gentlemanly kiss to the back of her hand before sending his own crooked grin up to her amused face. "I'm a dangerous guy."

And if the hundreds of thousands of reactions his body, mind, and soul have to a kiss to her hand alone. Spike knows right away that she is a dangerous girl.

A week later, he and Julia are alone, and this time the kiss is far more intimate.

And both of them understand that the danger is well worth all of it. There has never been a thing so rare and unpredictable.