When Furbies Attack

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"Why did it have to be Furbies?" Munch asked, holding up one of the cuddly furry things before he dropped it hard on his desk.

"Apparently," Olivia began "The toy store thought that it was the perfect thing for the toy drive."

The SVU squad room was piled high with toys. It was the annual Easter toy drive for children in ACS custody. The detectives had been all over Manhattan trying to get the big toy stores to donate. One toy store in particular seemed to have a surplus of about a thousand Furbies which they had been more than willing to part with.

According to the manager of the toy store, the Furby just wasn't as popular as it used to be. So the entire SVU squad room was buried in Furbies. Boxes and boxes of the colorful little fur balls.

"I think these things are creepy," Fin said pushing one that happened to be giggling, off his desk and on top of a nearby pile.

Olivia sighed "Its for the kids guys. Try to deal. We only have to put up with this for a couple of days."

Just then Elliot walked in "Hey who redecorated?" he quipped as he walked to his desk and sat down.

"Very funny," Olivia dead panned as she shoved a stack of file folders towards him "They're for the toy drive."

Elliot stared around at the hundreds of furry faces that littered the room "Jeez, do you think they could have given us something a little less… creepy looking?"

"Thank you!" Fin shouted glad that someone was on his side "These things are totally freaking me out."

Olivia looked over at Fin "That would be something I'd expect from Munch."

Munch looked up "Who said I didn't totally agree with him. In fact back when these little strange looking guys were popular, the government-"

"Oh here we go," Fin said, slamming the case file that he was working on shut and getting up from his desk.

"The government," Munch continued, un phased by his partner's departure "used them to keep track of children."

"Oh come on Munch," Olivia broke in "That makes no sense. If the government could keep track of all the children who owned Furbies, then there would be a lot less child abductions."

"Its true," Munch protested "But the educators of this fine country got their heads together and had the Furby band from schools because the little buggers are so annoying."

Olivia didn't think that this made any sense but she just decided to drop it otherwise John would just keep talking on and on about his insane Furby theory. The four detectives worked on in the midst of the Furbies for two more hours. At five o'clock Cragen walked in.

"What has happened to this place?" Cragen asked the room as he stared at the piles of Furbies.

"The toys for the toy drive Cap," Elliot answered not even looking up from his paperwork.

"Why are they all Furbies?" Cragen asked.

"The toy stores in Manhattan are cheap and the Furbies aren't selling apparently," Munch answered, leaning back in his chair and sighing heavily.

"Well," Cragen began "I would appreciate it if I had my squad room back. Elliot, Olivia move these… toys up to the crib," and with that Cragen disappeared into his office.

Olivia mumbled something as she rose from her desk and grabbed an arm load of Furbies. She turned to Elliot who was still sitting at his desk and had made no motion to indicate that he would be getting up anytime soon "Aren't you going to give me a hand?" she asked. Elliot nodded and groaning he got up and took his own arm load of toys and followed her upstairs.

Olivia kicked the door to the crib open with her foot and dumped her load of Furbies on one of the cots. Elliot followed suit, depositing his load on another unoccupied bunk "I'll be happy when this toy drive is over," he muttered as he turned to head downstairs for more Furbies.

Olivia put a hand on his shoulder "What's up with you today?" she asked, concerned "You seem… not yourself. Is everything ok?"

He turned and looked into her compassionate face. He smiled warmly at her "Yeah," he answered "Its just been a long day and these things are creepy as hell, which isn't making the day go any faster or easier."

Olivia turned and picked up one of the fluffy little guys from the large box she had just set down on the cot and held it up, waving it in Elliot's face as she giggled "Oh come on," she began, finding it hard to talk as the sight of Elliot backing into a corner made her laugh even harder "These guys are so cute," she moved the Furby so that it was within inches of Elliot's face and positioned it so that what were apparently the Furby's lips came into contact with his cheek "See," she smiled widely "He likes you."

At this point Olivia was about to double over laughing from just seeing the mortified expression on Elliot's face. Suddenly both detectives jumped as the Furby turned its head and looked directly at Olivia with its big green eyes and spoke "I wuv you."

"Is it supposed to do that?" Olivia asked, dropping the Furby instantly.

Now it was Elliot's turn to laugh "That's what these creepy little guys do Liv. They move and talk and scare the crap out of anyone over the age of ten."

Olivia bent down to pick up the fuzzy yellow creature that had fallen to the floor. She tried to make light of the situation "Sorry little guy," she began, out of the corner of her eye she could see Elliot watching her with amusement dancing in his eyes "I don't think you're my type," she set the yellow Furby with the green eyes back on top of the pile in the box and turned to head downstairs once more. "Come on!" she called over her shoulder to Elliot "These things aren't going to walk up here themselves!"

Elliot followed her back downstairs and together they finished clearing the Furbies out of the squad room. Unseen by either of them, the yellow Furby with the green eyes shifted in his box until he managed to climb over the side. Once he had made it to the floor, he ran and hid under a nearby bunk.


A/N: Yes its true I'm crazy. Anyways I would appreciate some feedback also I'm kind of stretching the truth about the toy drive, I don't think that such a drive exists and if it did I'm sure that they could manage to get something more than Furbies. And when I'm picturing how the Furbies are packaged, Hope you liked it, please review. Special thanks to KaydensRei and SVU101, if you hadn't thrown me in the ditch, I would have never understood just how demonic the Furbies really are LOL.