When Furbies Attack

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"Olivia," Elliot began as he put a hand out and brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear "Are you ok?"

She looked up at him through tired eyes and Elliot could see that behind the exhaustion was a spark of fear "It was just really…" she trailed off, not able to find the words to describe the feeling of being incased in Furbies. Creepy wasn't strong enough, horrible wasn't either, terrifying might be just a little two strong. She couldn't find the word so she just said nothing.

Elliot understood the meaning behind her silence. He hadn't gotten around to telling her about the elevator and he wasn't sure he wanted to but when he had been talking to the blue Furby, he had felt considerably unsettled. Of course when the elevator had fallen he had been very much afraid but before then when it had just been him and the Furby, it hadn't been a pleasant experience that was for sure.

A series of small thumping sounds brought the two of them back to reality if you could call it that. Small voices rose up from outside as they tried to open the door by hurling their small bodies against it.

"Open up," one was saying.

"Pwease?" another spoke up.

"Come on," yet another pleaded.

"We won't hurt you," still another one tried to coax them from their strong hold.

"Much," another whispered in a voice loud enough to hear.

Without even realizing it, Elliot pulled Olivia close to him and held her protectively "We have to get out of here," he whispered trying not to sound as nervous as he felt.

Olivia looked at one of the small windows "Do you think that we could get out that way?" she asked.

Elliot got up and approached the window. He tried to open it but it was stuck. It was at this point that he noticed a line of something pink along the base of the window. He scraped his fingernail against it.

"What is that?" Olivia asked as she moved to stand beside him.

Elliot sniffed the tip of his finger "Bubble gum," he said in a disbelieving tone.

"Bubble gum?" Olivia asked, just as surprised as Elliot maybe even more so.

"Yeah," Elliot answered "The window is glued down with the stuff," he moved to the next window and the next but at every window the findings were the same. Bubble gum around the edges of all the windows, making it imposseble for them to be opened.

"How the…" Olivia began. None of this made anysense "Do you think that all the doors and windows were jammed this way?" she asked.

Elliot nodded "It's a possibility," he told her, not willing to rule anything out yet.

"There's only one way out of this room," Olivia said as she turned back to the door where the sounds of chattering Furbies could still be heard.

"Not necessarily," Elliot told her, winking slightly. He hopped up to one of the top bunks and began feeling around the panels in the ceiling.

"What are you doing?" Olivia asked as she climbed up on the bunk beside him. Watching his hands roam over the ceiling tiles.

"Remember the stories about Rex?" Elliot asked.

Olivia nodded and shuttered, the stories of Rex, the infamous cop killer had been a favorite ghost story that veterans of the 1-6 would tell to the rookies when they first arrived. Although Olivia never believed that there was any truth to them "But come on Elliot," she protested "All of those stories are total bologna."

Elliot shook his head "Nope they were absolutely true," his hands grasped the tile that was in the exact corner of the ceiling and it came away in his hand, revealing a secret passage "Ladies first," he said jokingly as he gave Olivia a boost up into the tunnel.

Olivia cringed at the thought that there was any truth what so ever to the old stories as she sat in the tunnel and waited for Elliot to swing himself up. He did so, pulling the ceiling tile up with him and replacing it. To anyone below it would look as though the ceiling had never been touched.

With the ceiling tile put back in place, the passage was completely dark. Elliot reached out in the dark feeling around to find his way. His hand collided with Olivia's leg and she jumped, letting out a small nondescript noise.

"You ok?" Elliot asked, urgently.

"Yeah," she answered, feeling around until her hand met his. She grasped it tightly "I think we should see where this leads," she suggested.

"I'll go first," Elliot said, moving in front of Olivia and beginning to crawl down the dark and narrow corridor. He talked to Olivia as he moved so that she could know where he was in the blackness "So Liv they say that Rex's ghost still haunts the passage he created and even though the police never caught him and have no proof that he's dead, sometimes on nights like this-"

Olivia cut him off "Ok I think that's enough of that. Isn't there something else we could talk about?"

Elliot chuckled "Don't tell me that these stories actually scare you."

"No," Olivia protested "Its just that with the Furbies and now this secret tunnel… its making it seem like… well you know like that anything is possible, even the ghost of Rex the ravisher."

Elliot stopped and turned back grabbing Olivia's hand "Liv," he began encouragingly "I have know idea what is going on with these creepy toys but I'm sure there is nothing more to this tunnel than what it is, a lucky break for us. And I am absolutely positive that there is no such thing as the ghost of Rex the ravisher and he is most certainly not in this tunnel." Elliot released her hand with an encouraging squeeze and continued down the tunnel.

Olivia knew that most of the fear she was feeling was just plain foolishness but still she couldn't help the feeling in the pit of her stomach that something really bad was going to happen. She crawled forward. Suddenly she felt her body collide with a wall. She realized that she hadn't heard Elliot in awhile.

"Elliot," she called in a desperate whisper. There was no response "Elliot," she called again. Still nothing, she strained to hear anything at all. In the distance she heard what she thought sounded like laughter. It wasn't the Furby laughter though, this laughter was much deeper, darker, more insidious. Olivia crawled on in the tunnel, following the source of the laughter and hoping that it would lead her to Elliot.


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