Dreams Alive

Arlenia slept, dreaming of elves, wizards, and kings. The day before she had watched Return of the King again, and her mind still ran rampant through the varied scenes of battle and chivalry she had witnessed. She especially dreamed of Legolas, the pointy-eared, blonde haired elf she had fallen in love with over the course of three films. She loved the films, as they were the one way she had of escaping her real life after the tragic freak accident that had killed both of her parents. She knew that her feelings of affection would never be returned, but at least she still had the movies, where she could watch him whenever she wished. Little did she know that she would soon be consorting with those of whom she had dreamed, and find affection there.

As Arlenia awoke, she was startled by the bright rays of light hitting her eyes. Had she forgotten to close the shutters again? However, when she was fully roused, she found herself waking in a grassy glen surrounded by a forest of thick trees. Startled and taken aback at her improbably predicament, she let out a gasp of surprise and fainted, just missing seeing the golden haired elf approaching her.

Author's Note- This is my first LotR story ever, and I am very excited about it. I'm sorry if it is sort of short, but I will add more soon. Please, please, please comment! I'll take anything, good or bad. Flame me if you want, but please review. Thanks!