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Fiyero's POV (Point of view)

I stared at the entrancing sight that met my eyes as she walked into the Oz Dust ballroom. She had ebony hair that fell to her waist, darker then the night. It looked like watery silk and shined under the bright lights of the room.

I couldn't believe the girl had green skin! Yes! Green skin! But I couldn't help but think it was beautiful. Her skin was like emeralds, and her eyes were a perfect mix of dark luscious brown and sinful green.

She was wearing an ugly blue smock and a…well, quite a unique hat.

I snapped out of my reverie to hear laughing. I quickly glanced around the room and saw that everyone was laughing at her. I guess she wasn't very popular. Well, I can see why, but they don't have to be so shallow about it.

Whoa! Where did that statement come from? And when did I start using such descriptive narrative? AAAAAAAAA! Now THAT'S scary!

You see, I happen to be genially self-absorbed and deeply shallow. When did I start thinking it was wrong? Oh well.

"Who in all of Oz?" I questioned allowed. Galinda looked away, almost as if she was ashamed.

"It's my roommate. Please don't stare!" Galinda said as she watched the girl give her a rather understanding yet hurt look as she took off the hat.

"How can you help it?" I asked as I saw the green girl give Galinda a defiant look and tug the hat back on her head to the amusement of the other students.

"I feel so guilty." Galinda whispered to me, looking like she meant it.

Why should she feel guilty? She didn't do anything wrong, right? Or did she…

"Well, it's not like it's your fault." I said jokingly.

She just looked at me, and then back to the green girl who was now dancing as if under a spell, then back to me. She gave me her wand and said

"Excuse me."

And strode quickly to the girl, and started dancing with her.

"Dancing through life, down at the Ozdust,

If only because dust is what we come too,

Nothing matters, but knowing nothing matters,

It's just life, so keep dancing through"

The pair came over to me, looking a bit wiped out. Despite that, Galinda looked as bubbly as usual, and quite proud of herself, as she dragged the green girl along by her hand.

"Fiyero dearest, this is my friend Elphaba Thropp." She told me proudly.

I looked over at Elphaba and found a face that was more beautiful up close then far away. She kept her emotions well guarded, except when I saw the shock evident in her eyes at being called Galinda's friend.

I gave my most charming smile and gave a little bow.

"A pleasure, Ms. Elphaba."

She looked at me incredulously, and quickly put in "I'm sure." Sarcastically. It was quite obvious she hadn't had many friends by the way she showed she didn't trust me. Well, I'll change that.

"Well Elphaba, I am determined to be your new swankified friend." I took her hand and with a quick wink to Galinda I spun Elphaba around the dance floor.

"Wait just a clock-tik! What in good Lurlina's name are you doing?" she screeched.

"Well, my dear girl, I told you I am determined to be your new friend. Most girls would kill to fill your shoes."

"Like Galinda by now, I'm guessing"

"Yes, well she'll live. There's a strong will in that little blonde head of hers."

" Your blonde as well, you know."

" Dirty blonde, thank you."

"So you actually know something, however trivial it may be."

"Hey! I resent that!"

I twirled Elphaba around and dipped her down low, and whispered huskily

" You know, you look cute with that adorable blush on your face."

It was true. She looked absolutely adorable with the dark forest blush tinting her emerald cheeks. I was tempted to kiss her, but quickly remembered Galinda.

I now had a perfectly popular and blonde gillikin lady. Why am I suddenly falling for a green girl?

" You know, your ruining your reputation by even being seen with me" she pointed out.

I shrugged nonchalantly. "Hardly anyone's here now. Besides, I'm a Prince, remember? They won't have the gall to say much to me"

She raised her eyebrows at me as I lifted her to her feet and started dancing to a slow song.

"Are all princes' as pig-headed and obnoxious as you?"

"No. Only the good-looking ones"

"Shallow too?"


"No. Your not shallow."

"Why do you say that?"

She didn't say anything, but merely gave a small grin. Dammit, she looked so good. So… wicked.

I couldn't help it as my head seemed to lower itself and my lips brushed her smooth green cheek. I wanted to kiss her lips, but I quickly remembered myself, mumbled a fast "sorry, Elphaba" and dashed off in a sea of confused emotions.

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