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Fiyero's POV

I awoke in the soft comforts of my bed, only clad in black vinkus wool pants. I didn't want to move, didn't want to get up. I wanted to lay in my warm bed and sleep until noon. I was drowsy and exhausted. I had stayed out half the night looking at stars and pondering Elphaba. For an entire week.

I could never get my mind off her, and when I did, it was only for a brief moment in time. A brief almost torturous moment in time until I saw something that would remind me of her.

The sound of shuffling feet and a rustling bag made me look up in curiosity. My roommate, Boq, was getting ready for class. I looked at the wooden clock hanging above the window sill and yelped in surprise. It was bloody 7:30! Class was in 15 minutes, and I was hardly ready!

'Oh great Aelphaba, give me strength to get off my lazy ass today' I thought pleadingly as I jumped out of bed faster then a deer on the hunt. I had been praying to her a lot lately. Mostly about Elphaba, family, or anything else. It just seemed right now, you know?

As I scrambled to put on my uniform, get my books, and look somewhat decent, Boq seemed to notice me.

He glanced at me stiffly. "Oh," he said, being irritatingly polite. "You're awake." It was quite obvious he wished I could've kept on sleeping until the end of time. The coldness in his voice bit at me mercilessly.

I seemed to have crushed his hopes of ever having a chance with Galinda. He's quite infatuated with her you see. I had no intention to steal her from him, if she was ever his in the first place. It's not my fault I'm so handsome and charming.

Now, how did Elphaba like to call me? A stereo-typical prince? I think that was it. It was one way or the other. I was either charmingly irritating or irritatingly charming. Either way, Elphaba had great fun sarcastically poking me at it.

And you know what? I enjoyed it.

I sighed deeply. "Look Boq, me and Galinda have nothing going on between us." I stated. Plain and simple.

Boq snorted indignantly. "That's certainly not what she thinks." He huffed in frustration, obviously quite discouraged.

'Poor little guy,' I thought. 'And him being a munchkin and all.' Once again, I tried to reconcile with him. "Look, Galinda is clingy. She can't get it through to her head that I have no interest in her beyond friendship." I sighed. "She doesn't like to let go of the things she wants."

Galinda was having a lot of trouble realizing that we were over the minute Elphaba came into my life. Although, I honestly think I would've kept her long, Elphaba or no Elphaba. Long term relationships I didn't really get into. Sure, Galinda is a great friend, but I realize pretty quickly when I can last with a girl or not. Galinda, is one of the many "not's."

Boq's face turned red with fury. "Ms.Galinda isn't clingy!" He shouted in her defense. I raised a questioning eyebrow, but lifted my hands in defeat. "Alright, alright. But honestly. If you want her, she's all yours." I smiled gently.

"I've got my eyes on the woman of my dreams. The one, you know?" I can't believe I just told him that. I mentally smacked myself, then thought about it. It was a suave answer, and would probably keep him off my back about Galinda.

Boq's ears seemed to pick up at the news. "Really?" he asked. Hope shining in his brown eyes. His posture seemed soften, as he looked at me imploringly.

I grinned. "Really." Boq gave a whoop for joy and jumped up and down. "Looks like your not as selfish as I first thought." He told me. Looking a little guilty faced. "Oh trust me, I am quite selfish." I replied.

Boq just looked at me strangely and shrugged. Leaving me to my on assumption. "Now remember," I told him. "She's clingy. But with a little effort, I'm sure we can snag her for you." Boq nodded gratefully, then said "I hope so. She's the one. I just know it."

After that we decided to head to class. Seeing as we had talked for a full 13 minutes. "Oh sweet Lurline!" Boq exclaimed. "Were going to be late!" We quickly rushed to Life Sciences. Carrying our heavy schoolbags on the way. Damn! Too many books!

I swear to the gods, I am going to burn these books and everything else to do with education by the time I graduate! Yes, I intend to graduate. At this school. Honestly, it's a lot better then my previous schools. I can actually enjoy the classes without falling asleep. Sometimes.

We FINALLY made it to the classroom, and burst in just as Professor Dillamond was about to start a lecture on some antlers, and the difference between animal and Animals rights to humans use of there goods.

He turned our way, and frowned. "Mr. Aruna, Mr. Tiggular, so nice of you too finally join us." Before Boq could speak I quickly interjected. "Sorry, Professor Dillamond, I held Boq back. I woke up late, you see." Boq shot me a grateful glance.

Dillamond simply shook his head. "Very well, I'll excuse it this time. But mark my words boys, next time your late, you get tavern duty." The class snickered.

I winced. Tavern duty is a punishment only unique to Shiz. You must volunteer to work at the nearby tavern called "Sweet Sin." Usually we are forced to look after and clean up after the drunkards. Trust me from first hand experience, not pretty.

Me and Boq took our seats and listened to the lecture. All through it I kept shooting Elphaba looks, who was right in front of me. Boq kept gazing into the space Galinda occupied just four seats to the left of him.

I watched as Elphaba scribbled down notes, her beautiful raven black hair waving around her face. Her rough yet delicate green hands writing hastily, trying to capture every word Dillamond said.

From what after seemed like eternity, yet only a minute at the same time, the bell rang for our next class. As I gathered my books, a shadow loomed over me. I saw green lips bend down and softly whisper in my ear. "Maybe next time you shouldn't make you staring holes in the back of my head so obvious." She gave a sadistic smiled and swiftly walked out of the classroom.

Galinda clutched Elphaba's arm affectionately, then waved to me. Her usual bubbliness in full effect. "Hey Fiyero, darling! Meet me at lunch, ok. Oh, hello Biq!" she exclaimed as she headed out of the room with Elphaba. I could faintly hear Elphaba gently chide "Honestly Glinny, you can't get the poor boy's name right…" and echoing laughter before I heard Boq say "It's Boq." But I could feel the smile in his voice. The happiness of her just saying hi to him.

As me and Boq walked out together, Boq asked "So, who is this girl you seem to be willing to give up miss Galinda for? She must be special." I nod, almost proud about it. "Well, you know what they say," Boq told me. "The grass is always greener on the other side." I chuckle then beam at him. 'If only he knew.' "Yes," I said, looking ahead of me at the fading girl in black. "Much greener."

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