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Tell me what you taste
And stay here forever with you
Tell me what you taste
I know your body's sleeping

Steam. The hot water felt good cascading over his back, and he imagined it was washing away all the pain. Making him whole again.

With a wry smile he picked up the rough washcloth, whispered out loud to himself as he lathered it with the tiny square of soap.

"There you go again, building fanciful spider webs with your silly notions." He raised the washcloth to his face and began to scrub.


The door opened a crack and Brian jumped. The washcloth raked over his eyes and he squeezed them tightly shut against the sudden intrusion of stinging pain. "Shit." he whispered, dropping the cloth to the floor of the tub.

"Do you mind if I brush my teeth?"

Brian gritted his teeth against the words he longed to shout out, and stooped down to retrieve the cloth. "Go ahead."

The door squeaked open, and through the blur of a soapy eye he watched David enter the room. Brian stepped closer to the showerhead, trying to hold his eyes open under the stream of water.

Usually he roomed with Paul, or Jamie. This time was different, room assignments had been handed out randomly. He wasn't sure how he had ended up with David Batista, but he'd seen more than a few people snicker. Batista's reputation as a monster was monumental among the younger members of the roster.

The strange part, Brian mused as he soaped the cloth again, was that so far David had been nothing but pleasant and downright polite. He had allowed Brian to choose which bed he wanted, and had only taken the bathroom first when Brian insisted.

This sudden intrusion made Brian tense. As he soaped the cloth again he cast a furtive glance over his shoulder through the frosted glass of the shower door, but found David dutifully brushing his teeth, his back to the shower.

"Sorry about that," David said, his voice muffled in the towel as he finished up. "Should have done it before you came in here."

Before Brian could respond, David left the room, closing the door firmly behind him.

Tell me what it takes
To stay forever with you
Tell me what it takes
I know your body's sleeping

David was sitting on the end of his bed, watching the television intently when Brian emerged. He had the sound down low, and said softly without turning his head, "Let me know if this bothers you, and I'll turn it off."

Brian set his bag down at the foot of his bed and carried his watch over to the bedside table. It was past one a.m. and he knew they'd have to be on the road early in the morning. "Nah, watch it as long as you want."

The sound was muted, Brian pulled back the covers on his bed. Usually he stripped down to just a pair of briefs before bed, but tonight he had pulled on a t-shirt as well. He slid between the sheets, moved all the way over to the far side of the bed and faced the wall, away from where the monster sat calmly watching a sports feed.

After a few minutes, the bed squeaked and the TV was snapped off. Brian could hear the rustling sounds of David pulling the covers back on his own bed, and then silence. Brian tensed, straining his ears to hear the sound of the other bed squeaking, but it didn't come. Cautiously, he rolled over, opened his eyes, and found David standing between the two beds, staring down at him.

Sleeping with love...

" you want?" Brian said, his voice catching.

Slowly, David sank down to sit on the edge of his own bed. "I think you know."

Brian worried his lower lip between his teeth, and clutched the sheet tight against his chest. "And what if I say no?"

David shrugged, "Then it's no."

A frown furrowed Brian's brow, and he caught his lower lip between his teeth again.

"Don't," David said softly. He bent forward, his fingers touching Brian's face. "If you don't want it tell me no."

"Fuck," Brian groaned, and he pulled away from David's warm fingers. "I do want it."

Jump off as nothing lingers our world
Jump off for it now

The bed dipped with David's weight, and Brian uncurled his body and moved toward him. Large hands that were surprisingly gentle pulled him close, soft lips grazed over his brow. He moaned and a warm liquid feeling seeped through his body.

David gently tugged Brian's shirt up and over his head, slid his hands down and cupped him closer, tucked his fingers under the elastic waistband of his briefs.

Brian tensed, and his fingers dug into the taut muscles at David's neck. He whimpered and curled his head down against David's chest.

"Shh, Brian," David whispered. He flipped his palm over, cupped it against the naked flesh of Brian's ass. "I'm not lying to you, I don't want to hurt you." He squeezed gently, swept his hand up Brian's back, and teased his fingers along his hairline.

Slowly, Brian relaxed again, let his breath out in a long sigh. He wasn't a stranger to encounters such as this one, he just wasn't used to sharing his bed with a monster. He was loath to let the monster see it though, and the soothing voice made promises that Brian believed he meant to keep. He reached down and hooked his own thumb under the waistband, dragged the briefs down, kicked them and the sheets off together.

David raised up on an elbow and looked down at him, keeping his gaze locked on Brian's eyes while he explored with his hand. A soft, arousing touch touched tender nipples, quivering belly, burgeoning cock. He tucked his fingers between Brian's legs, nudging them apart, teasing through the downy hair that covered his sack.

Brian closed his eyes again, his lips parted, soft moans interspersed with panted breaths. He found himself powerless to respond in any way, so he let himself be touched. When David bent closer and nibbled at the corner of his mouth he turned his head and searched for a kiss. It was David's turn to moan as he gave the kiss, greedy for the taste of Brian's lips.

Their bodies undulated against one another, the last vestige of resistance melted away. Weakly, Brian raised an arm and hooked it over David's back, feeling the roughness of skin inked with a dragon. He tugged, spread his legs, felt David move to cover him. He raised his other arm, and locked them both tightly around David's back.

Hard cocks trapped between their bodies throbbed with desire. David moved the kiss from Brian's mouth, trailed it down his neck, and gently nipped the sensitive shell of his ear.

Brian loosened one hand, trailed it slowly down David's back, and gripped the bunched muscles of his ass. He spread his legs wider, allowed David to settle into the curve of his body.

Raising up on his elbow again, David reached down, tenderly pushed the hair from Brian's face. Their eyes met as David rocked against him. He turned his head to the side and spit on his fingers, and Brian closed his eyes. He raised his leg high as David shifted to the side and touched his slicked fingers to Brian's entrance.

This time Brian moaned in pleasure. The feel of David's thick fingers inside of him was a promise of what was to come, and he wanted more. He turned his head on the pillow, found David's wrist where he braced himself against the bed and closed his mouth over it with another loud moan.

David growled, withdrew his fingers and pushed them in again. His heavy cock leaked against the soft fold of Brian's crotch as he scissored his fingers inside of him.

Brian tightened his mouth around David's wrist as he bucked up against his questing fingers. He felt the tendons bulge as David pushed himself up from the bed and slowly withdrew his fingers. He spit again, this time slathering over his cock.

Thick cock, glistened with precum and saliva, Brian opened his eyes long enough to watch while David positioned himself. Once the heat began to split him open he closed his eyes again, gave up to the feeling of pressure invading him. Not pain as much as a promise.

Slowly David pushed himself inside. He held Brian's leg tightly against him, and once he gained the final inch with a sharp thrust of his hips he bent forward for a nibbling kiss.

Brian wormed one hand in to cup his cock up against his belly, and raised the other to hold tightly to David's neck. This time his whimper was of pleasure, he tightened himself around the throbbing length inside him.

When David began to move, the bed squeaked in protest, and as the thrusting became more insistent, the headboard banged against the wall. Both were powerless to stop. Brian stroked a counter rhythm to the steady motion of David's hips.

Spiraling upward toward release, at last David whispered, "Come for me Brian, come for me now." He groaned, catching his breath, "Come with me."

Brian pulled himself up, curled up tightly against David's body as the familiar sensation coursed through him. Expert strokes coupled with a driving pressure against his spot and the smell of the man above him. The release was quick and overwhelming, his cry sharp against the sound of skin slapping on skin.

The trigger of spasming muscles pulled David along after him, he rutted through the cum that overflowed down the crack of Brian's ass, not stopping until the feeling was too intense.

Jump off as nothing lingers our world
Jump off for it now
For it now...

Morning sun and an alarm that jangled too loudly. They were like strangers that shared a secret as they arose, casting shy glances at one another's bodies. Too soon they would be out of this room they had shared, with the future uncertain.

As they left the room, Brian reached over, dragged the tips of his fingers lightly over the back of David's hand. Their eyes met, and the hint of a promise echoed between them.

Author's Note: I realize that most people think that Batista is an "overused" character. Well, I know I don't "own" him, but I've been writing him since shortly after his WWE debut in 2002. I've always felt a "connection" to him, and so to me he's not overused at all.

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