The Bug

A/N: Another adorable RoyRiza. sigh I LOVE these. (cough cough I am a hopeless romantic cough cough)


The flu was going around Eastern Command. So far the only people who weren't sick were Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. The workload was insane, because everyone was out sick. So when Riza woke up Thursday morning with a fever, she was not about to skip work. Nothing would get done. So she bundled herself up and headed out into the snow. Roy noticed that Riza looked a little off, but she seemed determined to work so he didn't say anything. He even did his paperwork without complaint. But after an hour of Riza sneezing and coughing Roy had to say something.

"Are you alright Riza?" he asked. She sniffed.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just keep working sir." Roy didn't settle with that. He got up and walked over to her desk.

"No, your not." He said feeling his forehead. "You have a fever. I think you've got that flu that's going around." Riza protested but let herself be guided over to the couch in their office. "I'll be right back. Don't move." Roy left and Riza stared up at the ceiling. After a few minutes Roy came back with a thermometer and a cup of tea. Riza struggled to rise.

"Roy, I'm really fine. We should get back to work." She stood up, but then collapsed back, suddenly dizzy.

"Would you just relax Riza?" Roy said taking her temperature. He brushed her hair off her forehead. "Hm…103. I'm taking you home."

"No, I'm fine Roy"

"You need to rest, I'm taking you home and that's final." Roy went to get her coat. Riza finally gave in and drank the tea Roy had brought her. Roy returned and made sure Riza was bundled up. They left the office and started toward Riza's apartment. Roy smiled at her.

"I hate snow. Its just rain trying to disguise itself as small white particles." Riza sneezed in response.

"And its so cold." She sniffled. Roy wrapped his arm around Riza, pulling her close to him. Roy's warm. Riza thought. She let herself be half carried to her apartment. Roy used his spare key to let them in.

"Go get into comfortable clothes and go to bed. Don't worry about work." Riza nodded and went into her bedroom. Several minutes later she came out dresses in black sweat pants and a pale pink sweater. She carried a thick quilt out of her room. Roy rushed over, taking the quilt from her. She smiled at him and lay down on the couch. Roy laid the quilt over her, stroking back her hair.

"Go to sleep. I'll come back later to check on you." Riza nodded and Roy kissed her forehead, making them both flush. Then he stood up to leave. When he reached the door, he turned back. Riza had already drifted to sleep. Roy smiled. He thought he would to his paperwork on his own today. As a get-well present for his one and only love.


A/N: How cute was that? It was a little shorter than what I usually do, but that was all I had to write. It was really therapy. My ballet performance is tomorrow and we went from a Plan A, to choreography Plan B on Tuesday, to definitely doing Plan B on Thursday, to Plan A today. And I'm really the only person this affects so I was a little depressed. But this definitely helped. Happy Now!