A new story combining my two favorites: Yugioh and Narnia. Now, this isn't like the movie. I've read up to book four (just finished 'Prince Caspian') and most of the things in this story come from the books instead of the movie. I love that movie so much, that I wanted to ... no, I HAD to make Yugi a part of it. If you haven't read the books and you get confused, just tell me and I'll try to explain them in my little footnotes. So, give this a try; you might like it.


This is the story of a beautiful land known as Narnia; a place where wondrous creatures live and magic lies around every corner. But this is not just a story of the magical land of Narnia, but of its greatest treasure as well; a treasure that lies at the heart of Narnia and can be found only by the pure of heart and soul. This treasure, no one has ever seen, but one evil woman, the White Witch, Jadas seeks to find this treasure and absorb its power to her own. This evil witch wants to rule the land of Narnia, but there is one who stands in her way; the true heir to the throne, her younger brother, Prince Yugi.

Blood … there was so much of it; not only blood, but screams of torture. A war raged on in the city of Cair Paravel. Many soldiers were wounded, and many more had died. Prince Yugi looked around. He couldn't believe that all this had been caused by a member of his own family. Earlier that morning, he had found his father, the High King Caspian of Narnia, dead by the hands of his own sister, Jadas, or now known as the White Witch. She wanted to turn Narnia into a reflection of her own cold cruelty. But Yugi would not allow it. He would never allow his sister to turn the land of his birth into a wasteland of shadows. He screamed loudly to gain her attention.

"Jadas, you stop this now! I will not let you throw Narnia into darkness! You will never find the treasure!" The White Witch could only laugh at her brother's foolishness.

"You forget, Little Brother; that I have greater power then you" Yugi gritted his teeth and gripped his sword. "Aslan may have taught you well, but you will never be able to defeat me! I will find that treasure, and when I do, all of Narnia will be mine!"

"That's where you're wrong, Jadas! I will defend Narnia just as our parents did, and if that means that I have to die, then so be it!" Jadas smirked.

"As you wish, Little Brother." At that moment, she stuck out her right hand and a blinding whitish-blue beam of light shot out of her palm. Yugi stuck out his left palm and a whitish-yellow beam of light shot out of his own palm. Both beams were very powerful and created a very loud boom when they hit each other. Jadas looked as if she were hardly breaking a sweat, but Yugi looked to be losing his power, and very quickly I might add. "Give up, Little Yugi! You can not win. You will fall by my power," But Yugi wouldn't give in, "Just like Mother and Father have." She snickered. At that last statement, that was all that was needed to push the young prince over the edge. He screamed again as more power erupted from his beam of light, overpowering his sister's.

Suddenly, there was a loud roar. Both siblings looked to the highest tower of the palace. Up there, a large lion stood, roaring with ease. Yugi smiled in relief. His family guardian had come to help. The witch looked at her brother one more time. "This is not over yet, Yugi. You will be seeing me again!" She and her troops began to flee the city of Cair Paravel. Once they were all outside the city walls, Yugi ran to the middle of the city and raised his arms.

"Maybe someday we'll see each other again, Sister-Dear, but not for a very long time!" Yugi's entire being began to glow. In his place stood a large beam, making its way high into the sky. 'Hear my cries, all Narnian rulers of the past, I summon your power now for protection at last!' He chanted. The yellow beam started to form a domelike shape and began to cover all of Cair Paravel. It sparkled. The only sky that the people of Cair Paravel saw was the yellow color of the Shield of Light that Yugi had created. The people of the city were cheering, for their prince had saved them from the witch's power … at least for now. Yugi lowered his arms, and when he did, he lost all consciousness and fell to the ground.


Sometime later, the Prince had awoken to his own room in the castle. The first person he saw was his childhood friend, and head care taker, Mr. Tamnus. Tamnus had the upper body of a man, and the legs of a goat. He had short curly hair and two small horn on the top of his head. He was a strange species known as fauns.

"Well now, it's about time you woke up. You missed your entire celebration." Tamnus said, pouring the prince a cup of tea.

"Why would anyone be celebrating? Jadas is still out there and is still dangerous." He took a sip of his tea. It was cinnamon honey flavored, his favorite.

"Yes, but the Shield of Light that you have created is protecting us against her." Yugi raised a brow at the faun. What did he mean by 'Shield of Light'? The young prince decided to step out on his balcony. He saw that the sky had turned to a sunny yellow color. It was swirling and sparkling as well. "Aslan says that the Shield of Light will protect Cair Paravel for a while." Yugi turned to face his old friend.

"Tamnus, you know where Aslan is?" Tamnus nodded.

"He is waiting in the throne room for you." Yugi ran to his door, but before he could go anywhere, he was stopped. "Don't you think you should get dressed first? I mean after all, it is Aslan." Yugi looked down to find that he was only wearing a blue kilt. His torso was wrapped in bandages. He looked up to see Tamnus smirking at him.

"You let me go out to Assembly Meetings in my pajamas, but you won't let me go see Aslan in bandages?" Tamnus chuckled.

"Well, it is funny seeing you run back and forth throughout the castle, but it's not everyday that Aslan makes a visit."

"Hmm, good point." So the prince went to his extremely large closet and put on a new tunic, tucking his hair under his feathered hat.

Yugi made his way to the throne room. On his way, all the palace servants and attendants bowed and thanked him for protecting them against the White Witch. All he could do was smile and nod. He was still weak from using all that power. Finally, he came to the entrance to the throne room. He opened the door to see the great lion and creator of Narnia, Aslan, looking into the glass curio cabinet that held the items that Narnia held dear. One item in particular was a glittering white crystal that was held from a silver chain. It was called the Key of Narnia. Whoever held it was able to pass from Narnia to the world of Humans known to all Narnians as the 'Wood Between the Worlds.' Yugi shivered. He had hoped that he'd never have to see those filthy humans or the 'Wood Between the Worlds' ever. Yugi silently and slowly made his way into the throne room. The lion did not move a muscle. He looked more like a statue then the real thing. Yugi gulped. It wasn't that he was afraid of Aslan, like any other person would be afraid if they saw a lion in their home, but he didn't want to disturb him if he was thinking of something. So the prince kept his mouth shut, until Aslan spoke.

"It is a shame that Caspian and Aleigha had to go the way that they did. I am terribly sorry for your loss, Little One." Yugi lowered his head.

"Thank you, Aslan." The lion finally turned around. Anyone who saw the holy creature was filled with a warm and fuzzy feeling. And that is exactly what Yugi felt when his family guardian turned to face him.

"You did well out there, Little One. The Shield of Light, that you have created, is powerful, but I am afraid that it will only protect the city of Cair Paravel." Yugi gasped at hearing this.

"What will happen to the rest of Narnia?" Aslan lowered his own head and looked to the horizon. Yugi followed the lion's gaze and gasped again. Snow was falling. Not in Cair Paravel, but the land outside of it.

"I am afraid your sister has cast a curse of a 'Never Ending Winter' outside of this city." Yugi's jaw dropped. He withdrew his sword in his left hand.

"Then I must leave this city and defeat her!" He ran until he heard his name.

"No, Yugi; you are too weak to face your sister again. Your powers were never at their full peak. But now that you have used what little power you had left. You are now drained."

"Then I will fight her with nothing but brute strength and defend the honor of my parents and all of Narnia!" Aslan just chuckled. Looking at Yugi with a sword was adorable, but when he was out on the battlefield with it, he was deadly.

"Little One, put your sword away." Yugi's excitement dwindled.


"No 'buts'; put it away. You will not be engaging in another battle … at least not any time soon." Yugi sighed and obeyed.

"I can't just stand back and watch as my so called 'sister' destroys the rest of this land. Aslan sighed. He hated to do what he was planning, but it had to be done in order to keep Yugi safe.

"Yugi, come with me." Yugi followed Aslan and walked beside him. As they walked, Aslan told him wise things that Yugi really didn't understand, but always answered with 'yes, Aslan'.


The lion and the prince walked into the city. It seemed that Yugi's people were happy … for now. "Eventually, the Shield will deteriorate, and not just Cair Paravel, but all of Narnia will need your help once again, Little Prince." Yugi nodded. His eyes stayed glued to the white roads that he and Aslan walked.

"Yes, Aslan; I understand. But what are you trying to avoid telling me?" Aslan chuckled again. He stopped walking and sat on a rock in an open meadow. Yugi sat on the ground with his legs crossed.

"Your empathy power serves you well. And will serve you even better when it has reached its full peak." Yugi cocked his head to the side. He looked so adorable, even for a teenage prince. The lion sighed again. "Little One, I am afraid that you are going to have to leave Cair Paravel for a while, just until your powers develop. Yugi's eyes widened.

"What! No, I won't abandon my people!"

"Yugi …"

"With my father gone, the city will have no one to govern over them, and everything will fall apart!"

"Yugi …"

"Sure, the Assembly can run things, but eventually they'll screw it up and"---

"Yugi." Aslan simply stated the prince's name instead of yelling it.


"Cair Paravel will be preserved for the time being. And your sister's power grows stronger with time. The only way to keep you safe is to take you somewhere where she will not be able to find you."

"But where will that be? I can't go to the Eastern Sea, because you know that I'll get sea sick and will have to come home." Aslan shook his head. His long mane swung back and forth.

"Not the Eastern Sea, Little One."

"Well the Western Wood is out of the question too"---

"No, Little One. You will not be staying in Narnia at all." Yugi looked confused for a second.

"Okay, well I can't go to Talarmeran either, because you know what the crime rate is there, and I won't be able to survive five minutes without my powers."

"No, Little One. You will not be going to Talermeran either." Yugi gulped. He knew what was coming, and he didn't want to hear it.

"Then … where?"

"There is only one place you will be safe, and that is … the Earthling World."

"THE EARTHLING WORLD!" Yugi was terrified of the Earthling World. His mother had told him horror stories about that place when he was growing up.

"Now take whatever thoughts, your mother has given you, out of your mind." Yugi was still hyperventilating from hearing about the Earthling World.

"But I-I-I can't go t-to the Earthling World! I'll g-get abused, and tortured, and raped!" Aslan chuckled again and licked Yugi on the nose to calm him down.

"Do not fret, Little One. Your mother simply wanted to protect you. That is why she told you all those stories. I will make sure that you are protected. And the only way to do that is for you to go and live in the Earthling World until your powers develop again." Yugi was throwing a fit, and usually, he didn't do that.

"No, I will not leave! I refuse!" He turned away from the lion, folding his arms like a child who was denied a cookie before dinner.

"Prince Yugi, I am not asking you. I am telling you; also, once you leave Narnia, you will have to leave behind your memories of this magical world as well." Yugi's rage was building.

"No! That's the last straw, Aslan! You want me to abandon my people and forget who I am just to protect myself!"

"It is the only way, Little Prince."

"No, there has to be another! I can't lose my memories of Narnia, I just can't! I love Narnia, and I want to become a great High King, just like my father!"

"And you will once day, Young One. But as of right now, you are defenseless." Yugi stopped acting like a brat and faced the lion again.

"So this is it? I'm really going?" Aslan nodded.

"Tonight, I will take you to a world called the 'Wood Between the Worlds', and from there, you will go to the Earthling World and pass for a Son of Adam."

"But I'm not even human …" Aslan nuzzled Yugi's face and Yugi nuzzled back with tears in his eyes.

"No, but you will have to pass as one." The young prince sighed and nodded. Aslan allowed Yugi to ride on his back as they made their way to the palace once again.


That night, Yugi looked around his room. He was going to miss all of this. But would he really? He wouldn't have any memory of his life in Narnia, or as Prince Yugi. "Packing for the trip?" A familiar voice asked. Yugi turned to see Tamnus standing behind him with his arms behind his back.

"So I suppose you've heard." Tamnus made his way into the prince's room. As he did, his hooves clapped on the white marble floor.

"Of your departure? Yes; sadly, all of Cair Paravel has." Yugi's eyes started to fill with tears yet again. He stood up and threw his arms around Tamnus' waist.

"I'm going to miss you so much, Tamnus!" The faun hugged the prince back.

"How will you know? I hear that you're going to lose your memory as well." The two moved to Yugi's bed.

"Yes, but Aslan said that someday, I will get my memories back and return to Narnia to finish my sister off!" Tamnus laughed at how cute Yugi was when he got all riled up. Yugi joined him in laughing until he heard the sound of crying.

"Tamnus? Are you okay?"

"My Prince, I am so sorry …"

"For what?"

"It was my duty to protect you from your sister, and I couldn't even do that! Now, thanks to me, you will have to leave this world and live among the humans." Yugi cringed at that.

"No, it's not your fault that I have to leave. It's my own." Tamnus looked up at Yugi with confused eyes. "Jadas was right … I'm not strong enough to face her again, and I never will be …"

"No my Prince, you are strong! Well, you were, but that's why you're leaving. So that your powers will grow to your sister's level and then you can defeat her."

"I guess." Yugi stared at the floor.

"You're scared, aren't you?" Yugi looked up and smiled.

"A little, but who wouldn't be? I mean, I'm leaving my home, and now I'll have to live among those dreadful, filthy, disgusting humans who care more about money then they do about the land around them!" Tamnus chuckled.

"Well that's a bit extreme." Yugi giggled and smiled at his old friend.

"Here, I want you to have something." He reached under his tunic and pulled out a small golden coin that hung around his neck by a black string.

"What is it?"

"It's a Kimal. (Key-mall. Totally a made up word) It's supposed to be a good luck charm. My mother gave it to me the day I was born. I want you to have it." Tamnus shook his head.

"I can't accept this!"

"Yes you can, listen: when I come back, you'll be holding this, and it'll be proof that you're my friend. Even if I don't remember, you'll always have something of mine close by." Yugi smiled. Tamnus' eyes watered again as he bent down and hugged the prince tightly.

"It's my honor, My Prince, to know your kind and gentle nature. I will miss you … so much." Yugi smiled and started to sob himself.

"Me too …"


Later that night, Yugi walked out of the palace, wearing a dark blue cloak. He turned around to look at his home one last time. The Shield of Light had turned to a dark yellow since night time had fallen. The palace was glowing with lights. A tear shed down Yugi's cheek as he walked away from his place of birth.

In the middle of the city, Aslan was waiting for the young prince to arrive. He spotted a cloaked figure. Yugi lowered his hood and smiled at the lion. Aslan smiled back before asking the question.

"Are you ready?"

"No, but let's do this anyway." Yugi stepped up to the lion. Under his mane, a glowing white light sparkled. It was the Key of Narnia.

"Aslan, what are you doing with that crystal?"

"It is the only way you can get to the Earthling World." Yugi bit his lip and threw himself at his family guardian.

"Oh Aslan, I'm going to miss you!"

"There, there, Little One. Everything will all work out in the end. Now, off you go. And remember, Yugi. I will be watching over you." Yugi felt comforted after hearing that. He took the crystal and put it around his neck.

Suddenly, he was not in Narnia anymore. He was in a place filled with pools; a feeling of sleepiness came over him. Then, a white hot pain shot through out his whole body. The prince clutched his head and gritted his teeth, trying to keep from screaming. Slowly, his form began to shrink. His skin was becoming softer, and his face was getting rounder. Not only was he traveling through worlds, but he was going back in age. Aslan took the opportunity to add a power to the crystal. It took him back to the age where his powers began to develop the first time around, the age of two. This way, the false memories in his developing mind would be much more effective. His toddler body fell into one of the pools. In his mind, he heard someone say 'Farewell, Little Prince'.

All of a sudden, he fell onto hard concrete. It was raining and the toddler's clothes were too big for him, so he was naked and cold. The only thing he wore was the crystal. He wanted to cry. The small child heard footsteps approaching him. He wrapped the large cloak around his tiny form and prepared for the worst … but it never came.

"Oh my, what's a child doing out in the rain at this time of night?" It was the voice of an old man. Yugi was too tired and cold to fight back, so he did nothing as the old man picked him up. "What's your name, Little One?" The small boy's bottom lip quivered.

"I no know …"

"Where are your parents?" The boy shivered again. "Do you have any parents?"

"I no know …" The old man pitied the child.

"Well, I'll take you home, get you warm, and something in your stomach." Yugi was grateful that this man had found him. It was as if he had just woken up. He was too tired to think right now, so he just lie his had on the man's shoulder and fell asleep.


End of Chapter.