I can't believe it's been an entire year since I last updated this! Well, I've been getting some requests for it, so I decided to get my ass in gear and try to come up with a plot for this. I think I've got one! I saw the new movie (the prince is so HOT!) and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! I know it's short, but i swear that this chapter is going to set things in motion. This is where things start to take off. So, here's a new chapter for those of you that wanted it.


It had been a few days since Yugi and his friends arrived in Narnia. Since then, Yugi was becoming more powerful every day. He learned how to do many tricks by combining most of his powers. The rest of the gang had a good time either watching Yugi train or going around the market and buying souvenirs for themselves. Joey bought a keychain that looked like the horn of a Minotaur.

"Neh heh, heh, check this out, man." He said as he waved it in front of Tristan's face. The brunette did not look amused.

"Dude, get that out of my face before I stuff it up your ass!" Joey scoffed.

"Touchy!" Just then, Tea came walking in with an enormous amount of boxes and stuffed them into the boys' arms. "What the hell?!"

"What? I needed a dress in every color!"

"Just how many colors did they have?!" Tristan asked, straining a little bit. Tea took a moment to think about that question.

"Mm, about fifty." Joey and Tristan both dropped the heavy boxes.

"Guys!" Atem came running down the road.

"Hey, 'Tem."

"Have you guys seen Yugi?"

"I think he said he was going to spend the day sleeping since Orious gave him the day off." Tea said. After hearing this, Atem ran back to the palace to talk to his little light and find out what had him acting so strangely around him.


Once Atem reached the palace, he closed his eyes and let his connection with Yugi guide him to the Treasure. His senses told him that Yugi was asleep in his room. So that was where he went. When Atem reached the door to his little light's royal bedroom, he slowly opened the door so as to not awake Yugi, who was a light sleeper. Seeing the little Prince sleeping on his bed, Atem could not help but go over and join him on the bed, protecting the smaller as he slept. And protect he did. His stern look would keep away any force that threatened his little light's peaceful sleep. Atem smiled and brushed a bang out of Yugi's face. The small Prince wore sky blue silky pajamas under his velvet blankets.

"You really are a treasure." Atem whispered to himself. Suddenly, Yugi's mouth formed itself into a smile.

"Thank you …" Yugi whispered back without even opening his eyes. When he did open his eyes, Yugi's smile grew a little bit. Atem smiled and caressed Yugi's cheek with his fingers.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you." Yugi sat up and stretched.

"You didn't, I was up." The smile on Atem's face faded and he looked at Yugi with a serious face.

"Yugi …"

"Yeah?" Atem felt a little nervous about asking his following question, but he had to know.

"Why were you acting so weird yesterday?" Now Yugi's smile began to fade. After thinking things over, he realized that he had been acting a little bratty around Atem, but that was only because he did not understand the vision that he had in his dream. He looked at Atem and upon doing that he could not hold it in any longer. His darker half had the right to know, especially if the vision was about him.

"Well, two nights ago, I had a really weird dream." Atem nodded, already knowing this. He wanted Yugi to tell him about it so he played dumb.

"A strange dream? Why didn't you tell me? You always tell me about your dreams, no matter how bizarre they are." Yugi hung his head.

"Well, you were in it and it startled me a little …" Yugi began to twiddle with his fingers, a nervous habit he had had since the third grade. When Atem saw that Yugi started his habit, he knew that it was serious. He swallowed nervously.

"What did I do?" Tears were now beginning to form in the Narnian Prince's eyes.

"Y-you … betrayed me …" Atem's eyes widened. He did not even have to ask how. "T-the Witch … must have … put some kind of …s-spell … on you … because you … you gave me to her …" Yugi buried his face in his hands. Atem was lost for words. What could he say to Yugi? Except for what he said next.

"It was just a dream, Yugi. There's nothing to be scared of." Yugi looked at his darker half. His face was reddened from his silent sobbing.

"… That's not what Aslan said …" Atem's anger rose a little bit. He hated the fact that Yugi went to Aslan to talk about his dream rather then him. It hurt.

"What did he say?"

"Atem, please don't be angry …"

"I'm not angry." Yugi could tell that Atem was holding it back.

"You are; I'm empathic, I can feel your anger …" Atem was really holding it back now. With Yugi having gone to Aslan for comfort and the fact that he was now telling him he he felt, his anger was doubling. Yugi clenched his head. "Please, Atem … please calm down …" At seeing Yugi's pain, Atem tried to lower his temper. The dark sighed.

"I'm sorry, Yugi. I don't mean to be angry, it just aggravates me that you don't trust me enough to tell me when something is bothering you."

"I do trust you, Yami … I just didn't know what to do about this …" Suddenly, all the frustration that Atem was feeling disappeared. Yugi was only a kid with a lot of stress on his shoulders. All the creatures that lived in this magical world were counting on him to save them. He suddenly understood why Yugi went to Aslan first. Because he knew the lion knew more about Yugi's problems then he did. Yugi buried his face in his hands. Atem drew him into an embrace.

"It's alright, Yugi; I understand." Suddenly, the palace began to shake. "What is that, an earthquake?" He asked, shouting over the loud rumbling. Yugi shook his head.

"No, I'd know if it was." Yugi closed his eyes and channeled his senses to find out what the disturbance was. His eyes widened and he gasped, running towards the balcony. Atem wanted to know what was going on. He followed Yugi over to the balcony and almost fell over at what he saw. In the middle of the front courtyard, there was a battle going on. So many of the Witch's minions were fighting against the palace security and army.

"Oh no!" Yugi yelled.

"How did they get through the shield?!" Atem exclaimed. Yugi did not even answer. He ran out of the room as fast as he could. "Yugi, Yugi, wait!" Atem ran after him.


Downstairs, Tea and the boys were cowering in the sitting room. "What's going on, why is this happening!?" Tea asked in a whining tone. Tamnus was right beside her.

"It seems that the Witch has managed to find a way to enter the city! There is a battle going on outside!" Suddenly, they saw Yugi run down the stairs, past the room. Joey stopped panicking for a second.

"Eh? Where's he think he's going?" After he said this, Atem followed Yugi's steps, trying to catch up to Yugi.

"Yugi, come back!"He yelled.

"There goes 'Tem!" Tristan added. Tea gasped.

"They're going into middle of the battle?!" The two boys looked at each other and smiled. Joey was the first to say anything.

"Finally, some action!"

"Time to kick some butt!" Tristan replied. They both took weapons that were held by iron statues and joined the battle.


Outside the palace, the war was getting bloody. Members from both sides were lying dead all over the place. Blood had painted the entire courtyard red. There was so much that the air carried its scent everywhere. Some soldiers were wounded, but not dead. Yugi finally stopped running when he saw the battle in front of him. Atem stopped a few paces behind him. He had seen many battles like this back in Egypt. But he did not want Yugi going anywhere near all the blood and pain. However, before he could stop him, Yugi stepped further towards the battling creatures.

"Yugi, stop!" The Prince ignored his darker half's warning and proceeded. 'It's time to test my powers now.' He thought to himself. Out of nowhere, a very large Minotaur was trampling towards Yugi with a giant two headed axe in its hands. Yugi turned toward it and raised his hand. A yellow glowing aura surrounded the Minotaur as it was suddenly lifted up into the air. The Minotaur made a loud crying sound that bulls make when they are in trouble. Atem gasped at seeing how much Yugi's powers had grown. He was powerful enough to levitate a Minotaur, that probably weighed at least two tons, in the air. The Minotaur struggled to get back onto the ground. Yugi glared at it and with a swipe of his hand, the large beast was sent flying all the way across the court and into the wall, making a large dent in it.

Joey and Tristan finally immerged from the palace with weapons. Joey had a long sword while Tristan held a crossbow.

"What the hell are you two doing out here?!" Atem asked, having to yell over all the noise. With a brave smile, Joey responded.

"We're here to help Yugi fight this fight!" Atem slapped his face. He could not believe how dumb these two were.

"But you don't know the first thing about battles!" Joey gave that stupid smile yet again.

"Has that ever stopped us before?" Before Atem could protest even further, Joey ran over to the nearest demonic looking creature he could find and slashed at it with his sword.

"Come on, 'Tem! Live a little! Here, you can have this." Tristan said. He threw a weapon over to the former Pharaoh and ran off to join the fight.

"What am I supposed to use this for?!" Atem yelled, holding up a ball and chain. Tristan had killed the demonic creature before him.

"Just use your imagination!" He ran off to go fight another monster. Atem looked over at Joey, seeing that he was fighting a dwarf. Atem whispered an ancient Egyptian prayer to himself and then went to kill a monster that was trying to make its way into the palace by climbing up the wall. Atem, with surprising strength, threw the spiked ball towards that creature and hit it, causing it to fall to the ground.

While his friends were helping the soldiers, Yugi took more extreme matters into his own hands. How dare these creatures enter this protected city and try to destroy it! Yugi had not realized it, but now he was thinking like a ruler. He took in a deep breath and blew out as much cold air as he possibly could. The gust of wind was so powerful that it blew most of the creatures back into the hole that they had immerged from. A few monsters were trying to ambush Yugi from behind, but he felt their presence and attacked their minds with a psychic blast. That move, he did not know he had, nor did he care at this point. There were still enemies to defeat. Yugi saw a three Minotaurs about to attach Joey while he was busy with another creature. He closed his eyes and projected another powerful wave of psychic energy towards them, killing them instantly. Soon, the number of enemies was decreasing. The Narnian Army was actually winning against the Witch's minions.

"Yea-hah! We're winnin'!" Joey cheered. Then suddenly, out of the hole in the ground that the monsters came from, the White Witch immerged. She wore a long white dress with white furs around her shoulders like a cape. She was very tall, perhaps a few inches taller than Kiaba. In one hand, she held a sword, and in her other hand was a long wand tipped with a sharp crystal.

Yugi gasped as a memory came back to him. He knew what that wand did; it turned anyone who touched it into solid stone. As this thought came to Yugi, the Witch had used her wand to make her way through the battle. A few soldiers were turned into statues. The Witch made her way towards Yugi with an evil smirk on her face.

"Hello, Little Brother." That greeting pinched a nerve in Yugi.

"Jadas!" He ran towards her as she came at him with the sword. Before the sword could touch him, Yugi surrounded himself with his psychic dome shield. However, the Witch just smirked. She raised her sword again and brought it down harder, smashing the barrier to pieces. Yugi fell back, screaming in pain. Breaking the psychic shield gave him a very big headache. The Witch was about stab Yugi with the blade when a loud yell, followed by a kick in the face knocked her over. Yugi looked up. It was Tea.

"Back off, White Bitch!" Tea brought her ankle down on the Witch's abdomen and knocked the wind out of her. Yugi had no idea how Tea could fight in that dress, but he was not complaining.

"Thanks, Tea!" Tea smiled at him and went to go help the boys. There were only a few more monsters to defeat. Now that Jadas was down to the ground, Yugi prepared a fire attack. A fireball had formed in his hands when the Witch looked up at him with sad eyes.

"Please, little Brother … how could you do this to your own family?" Yugi hesitated. The tone she used was soft and gentle. He was confused. When he looked into her eyes again, he saw a tear run down her cheek. Yugi made the fireball dissolve in his hands with a guilty look on his face.

"I'm sorry, Sister … here, let me help you up." Yugi extended. He did not see the evil glint in her eye. However, someone else did.

"Yugi!" As soon as Jadas' hand touched Yugi's, she thrust her crystal sharp wand towards him, but stabbed someone else instead. Yugi gasped. In front of him was Atem. Atem jumped in front of Yugi to prevent him from being stabbed by the wand. The Pharaoh's eyes widened at the sudden blast of pain in his stomach.

"Yami!" The Witch pushed further into his abdomen and twisted the wand to add extra pain. A blue aura surrounded the ancient one for a second, causing even more pain. Atem screamed for all he was worth. Once the blue aura died down, Jadas withdrew the wand and scurried back towards the hole in the ground. Atem lay in Yugi's arms, blood flowing all over him.

"Tah-tah, little Brother. This was a warning! You should have stayed in hiding!" She yelled before she disappeared into the hole. Yugi was blind with anger. He placed Atem on the ground and went over to the large hole. Using his earth element, he was able to seal it back up. He heard his friends gathering around Atem in worry.

"Oh no!"

"'Tem, you okay?!"

"We need to get him to a doctor!" Yugi ran back over, towering over Atem's body. The ancient Pharaoh's breathing was labored and his eyes were clenched shut. He took in deep breaths.

"Everyone back away!" Yugi commanded.

"Why, Yug'?" Joey responded.

"Just back away!" At hearing the desperation in his voice, the three friends did as commanded. Yugi held his hands over Atem's wound.

"Yami, you have to trust me." Yugi said in a soothing voice. Atem painfully rose his head and nodded. Yugi nodded back. He closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could. After a few seconds, a yellow light formed around his hands. From that light, a few sparkles floated down towards the bloody wound. A warm sensation began to fill Atem's body as he felt his pain begin to wither away. Within seconds, the wound was completely healed, and all the blood was gone. Yugi tiredly stopped his concentration. Atem took a deep breath and stood up, surprisingly without any pain. Tea, Joey and Tristan all smiled in relief. They ran up and all hugged Atem at the same time, making one big pile of friends.

"'Tem, you're okay!" Joey said. Tristan patted Atem on the back.

"How ya feel?" Tea continued to hug him.

"I was so worried!" Atem chuckled.

"I'm fine." They all seemed to notice that they forgot about Yugi. Yugi was leaning over, breathing heavily. Atem scooted over and put his arms around him.

"Yugi, are you alright?" He asked. Yugi looked up at his guardian with tired eyes, but a wide smile.

"I should … be asking … you that …" Atem smiled lovingly.

"You saved my life." The smaller of the two shrugged.

"I guess it's payback for all the times you've saved my life." Joey stood up and gave Yugi a noogie.

"Way ta go, Yug'!" Tristan slapped Yugi on his back.

"Nicely done!" Yugi's smile faded. Atem noticed this.

"Yugi, what's wrong?" It took Yugi a while to answer his dark's question.

"She knew she could get into the city all this time … but she was waiting until I let my guard down. But … why didn't she attack while I was gone?"

"She was not merely attacking you." All five of the teenagers looked to their right to see Aslan sitting in the middle of the court. Yugi smiled.

"Aslan!" He ran over to the majestic lion and nuzzled him. Atem frowned as he felt a sense of pain that was even worse than being stabbed in the gut. He was brought out of his thoughts when Tea asked a question.

"What do you mean that she wasn't really attacking? That sure seemed like a real battle to me."

"Perhaps, but that is not the way the Witch goes about doing things. She does not sneak into her enemy's fortress and attack, she takes all. This was a test." Aslan explained. Joey scratched his head.

"A test for what?"

"She wanted to test Yugi's power, to see if he had grown too much. Now that she knows that the Prince is still vulnerable, we must be on constant guard." Aslan turned his gaze towards Orious. The centaur was holding a bloody sword in each hand. "Orious, assemble as large of an army as you can and always have someone watching the Prince and his friends." Orious bowed.

"As you wish." The General ran off. Aslan looked at the teenagers again.

"Little Prince, do not let your guard down again. The Witch was able to deceive you with your lovable nature." Yugi felt nothing but guilt at hearing this. He could not believe he fell for Jadas' act. "You must never trust her." Aslan's voice had risen and had an even more serious tone to it than usual. Yugi felt a bit intimidated, but he knew Aslan was only trying to help him. Still, he could not help but hang his head.

"Yes, Aslan." The holy lion could sense Yugi's distress and licked his cheek. Yugi smiled.

"Do not worry, Young One. We will be ready for when she attacks next. For Now, you should all get some sleep. It has been a long day and I believe that Atem needs some time to heal fully." Atem, being or royal inheritance, did not like to be ordered around.

"What are you talking about? I feel fine! Yugi healed me." Aslan nodded.

"Perhaps, but you could still open your wound if you are not careful." Atem was about to retaliate when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Yami, please. I know that you're still hurt. You have to rest." Yugi said this with a look in his eyes that never failed to make the darker half give in. He sighed.

"Alright, let's go in …" Joey and Tristan helped Atem to his room with Tea behind them. Yugi, however, stayed a few seconds to talk with Aslan.

"Aslan, I feel as if something is going to happen … Not to me, but to … them." He looked toward the direction that his friends took. "Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to let them come here …"

"Everything happens for a reason, Little One. You must remember that." Yugi nodded.


Later that night, Yugi took the liberty of healing all the wounded soldiers. The dead, however, would be mourned after later. After healing all those who had been injured, Yugi felt so tired. All he really wanted was to lay down and sleep. Just as he made himself comfortable in his bed, a knock came at the door. The exhausted Prince slowly made his way over to the door and opened it. He was expecting Atem, but was surprised when he actually saw his grandpa and Tamnus.

"You look terrible." Solomon said. Yugi gave him a smile.

"You're one to talk." Tamnus smiled.

"I thought you might want some tea to help sooth your aching muscles." Yugi looked at the tray that Tamnus was carrying.

"That sounds wonderful." The two fauns made their way into the Prince's bedroom. Tamnus poured the tea for all of them to drink. Yugi took a sip and found it to be his favorite.

"Cinnamon honey. You never seem to let me down, Tamnus." Tamnus smiled.

"You deserve it after that battle today. I heard you saved the life of the man that looks like you."

"His name is Atem, Tamnus." Solomon corrected. Tamnus smiled nervously.

"R-right …" Yugi nodded.

"I didn't even know I could do that; I sorta just tapped into my ability to heal myself and tried to project it into Yami. I think it only worked because we're still connected telepathically." Solomon nodded and took a sip of his tea.

"I'm sure that's not the only reason. I believe that if you practice that ability enough, you'd be able to heal Joey the next time he gets into a street fight." Yugi and Tamnus laughed. Yugi was happy to finally be able to relax for a moment or two. The energy inside of him was starting to calm. During the fight, he felt his energy blaze in a boiling heat; it felt like anger. He concluded that his powers were mostly connected to his emotions. Now that he was calm, it did not feel so hot inside of himself now.


While Yugi and the two fauns were having a good chat, down the hall from them Atem was not having such a good time. He was lying in his bed, violently tossing and turning. Sweat was rushing down his face. His eyes were clenched shut. From a distance, it would have looked like he was running a fever. The same blue glowing aura from earlier appeared around his body. Suddenly, a deep pain erupted from where he had been stabbed by the Witch's wand. Atem turned over and fell out of his bed. The pain in his wounded area was starting to pound. Finally, not able to take any more of the pain, Atem let out a loud scream.

After his screams had died down, the blue aura that once surrounded his body made his ruby colored irises turn ice blue. His eyes were dilated, as if he was under a spell. Atem slowly rose to his feet. When he did, he waved his arm and with the use of his Shadow Magic, he created a portal. The portal was made out of pure shadow. The spellbound Pharaoh stepped through it. Once he was in, the portal closed itself.


Somewhere far away from Cair Paravel, the Witch sat on her throne in her icy castle. The throne was made out of solid ice. She watched as many of her Minotaurs, dwarfs, giants and demonic creatures worked to ready themselves for another, full out attack on the Prince of Narnia. Her most trusted minion, Morgrim, (I found out I was using the wrong name for the wolf) sat by her side, supervising the work of the others. The Witch twirled her wand in her hand.

"You know, Morgrim, my brother has always had a way of attracting others towards him, but it seems as if he has made friends with a group of humans." She held the wand up in front of her face. "Had that ignorant 'Pharaoh' not stepped in the way, I would have been able to place that spell on Yugi."

"But perhaps it is better that you accidently placed the spell, meant for your brother, on his friend. After all, he's more than just a human." The Witch looked toward him.

"What do you mean?" Morgrim smirked.

"While Yugi has focused his training on his magic, he has not learned how to hold a sword. But this other one, the human, does know how to wield one."

"That proves nothing."

"He also holds mysterious powers; powers of the darkness. I have seen him use them." The Witch raised a brow.

"Powers of darkness?" Morgrim nodded.

"Call him; you placed the spell on him, did you not?" Jadas looked at the wand and then closed her eyes. It began to glow a bright blue color. After a few seconds, a dark spot in front of them appeared. It opened up to be a portal. It was not long until Atem entered the room and then the portal vanished. Atem's eyes were still dilated and tinted blue. Jadas was amused. This could be very useful for her. She walked up to him, almost completely towering over him. All Atem did was stand in the same spot, not moving a muscle.

"Welcome, my servant." Atem fell to his knees in a bow.

"I am here to serve you, my Queen." Jadas let out an evil victory laugh. Finally, she had a spy that could get into the city. The time the war came, she would have the advantage. Yugi and this human shared a very close bond. She knew that Yugi would never be able to hurt him. However, under her control, Atem would be forced to kill Yugi.


End of Chapter