Not Pirates, Treasure Hunters

Part 4 of 4 in a saga

A One Piece Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah

NOTE: This fanfiction is part of a saga. There are original characters that appear in this story that were developed in the first three stories in the series. It's not necessary, but if you prefer to read in order, please read "A Pirate Is A Pirate", "A Pirate's Life For Me - We Need A Musician!" and "The Pirate King Is Dead" before reading this.

Chapter One

Bright yellow, sharply pointed leaves fell gracefully onto a wooden walkway. Five year old Tashiro no Taka stood and watched the path that led to her dojo home. "Okaa-chama," she called, turning her head of sea-green hair but not her eyes toward her mother. "Otou-chama is late."

"He's probably training somewhere. Don't worry. He won't miss dinner," her mother replied from the practice room behind her. She called out another command to the group of students she was teaching. Their voices answered "hai! Tashigi-sensei!" and she went to her daughter's side. "Why don't you go try to catch him by surprise?" Tashigi suggested with a sly grin.

"Ok!" the little girl called Taka chimed, ran into the dojo and collected a small, pink katana. "This time I'll really get him!" She ran down the path and disappeared into a swirl of colorful leaves.

She wasn't able to surprise her father as he headed home from training under a waterfall all day, but just being around him made the little girl completely happy. He was everything to her, not just father, not just sensei. Everything. When she woke the next morning and found he had left in the night, never to return, Tashiro no Taka was devastated.

Her mother was sullen and quiet, but tried to pretend as if nothing had changed. Taka did not weep. She never asked why. She trained and prepared herself for the day she would meet her father again.