Once We're Gone

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Authors Note: (Began revisions 9/18/10) I'm just going to say it right now…turn back. Don't go anything further. I started this story during my freshman year of high school and I am cringing as I'm re-writing it. BUT I do owe a duty to all of my wonderful fans and reviewers who have been BEGGING me to do something with this for four years now. So friends, this is for you :) Thanks for being the anchor to the ship that is my writing hobby!

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So yeah, I haven't really written a KH story in like 3 years, but my recent victory with KH2 has motivated me to write about this great game again. It was such a fun game to play and I literally couldn't keep my hands off it. The game has still left me much in awe as it did when it first showed the amazing beginning CG. And that feeling of awe has inspired; inspired me to write these familiar characters we all know and love during post-KH2. I became infatuated, (of course, in a platonic sense) with the new characters of Roxas and Naminé. They just captivated me and I wished that they had more appearances in the game. And the returning characters of Sora and Kairi had mesmerized me as well. Those two truly have something special and they both transcend the typical main couples in games. So therefore, this piece is about all of them.


I HIGHLY suggest that if you have not beaten the game at ALL, Do not read this story, lest you desire to spoil yourself.

QUICK SUMMARY: What happens to nobodies once they've become whole again? And what effect does that have on the beings that they are merged with? SK RN

So on a final note, enjoy, be merry, and review!

Chapter 1: Back Again

"This is real…"

Those same words Kairi had used before upon their reunion, applied to the thoughts of Sora, who was surveying The Secret Place. Riku and he had just returned from defeating Xemnas within the realm of Kingdom Hearts. Being home, being reunited with his old friends again, being free from having to defend the worlds from the Heartless, it was all…surreal.

He smiled tracing his fingertips across the cavern's walls. Sora blissfully remembered the summers he and his friends used to spent drawing on those very walls. He kept trailing his hands till something caught his eyes…

A picture…

A silly, childish drawing to others, except for Sora and Kairi who knew the true meaning of such a display. Bending down to examine it, Sora noticed a new addition to the picture, which was of him and Kairi. He himself had made one the previous year, by drawing a papou fruit extended to Kairi. A slight chuckle had escaped his lips.

She had done the same thing for his picture.

"You did say you were always with me,"

Sora turned around to the female voice and grinned. "I did indeed say that," he replied. Kairi had a serious look upon her face, which didn't seem to change with Sora's lighthearted comment. Moments before, during Sora and Riku's return, she was nearly bursting with happiness. Sora's face saddened a bit. "…what's wrong Kai?" he asked getting up.

"I just can't…believe…your back." Kairi stated. Sora looked surprised. Kairi's statement seemed to belong back at Organization XII's complex, when they were first reunited. "After all this time…" Kairi continued getting teary-eyed. Sora extended his hand to touch her shoulder but she smacked it away.

"Don't touch me,"

"Kairi!" Sora exclaimed in shock. Kairi started to breathe heavily.

"Please, don't…" she begged.

"Why?" Sora breathed. The red head bit her lip. "C'mon Kairi, you know you can tell me anything," he whispered.

"I don't want you to touch me, because I know I'll break down and cry and look absolutely pitiful and defenseless in front of you," Kairi responded. Sora's smile returned as he approached her again.


"I don't mind seeing you cry Kai. Because…I like being there to comfort you,"

He finally pulled her into a tight embrace, and Kairi's tears began to fall. Sora just held her as her sobs became louder and her crying damped his shoulder. "Oh Sora…Sora!" she exclaimed.

"I'm not going anywhere else for awhile Kai, not for a long time. Even if I do, I'll take you with me," Sora promised her. Kairi's weeping started to die down a bit.

"Do you mean it?" she whispered.

"I do…"

A few moments later, Kairi's tears ended. She was about to pull away but Sora continued to keep her close.

"Can I…hold you a bit longer?"


"Because if I'm not," Sora began to grin, "I'll be the one crying," he told her.

"Are you making fun of me?" Kairi asked.

Sora's grin grew bigger. "Quite the contrary, Kai. I like holding you. It makes me feel like I'm where I belong again," he said.

"But, you are where-"

"…that's not the point," he whispered. "These past couple of years have so life-changing for all of us. And I know that things can't ever go back to the way they were. But…being here with you, in our spot, makes me remember those times. Even though I'm grateful for what has happened because it's made me a stronger person, I like thinking back to the times when we thought a person's destiny would only intertwine with another's by the papou fruit," Sora explained.

Kairi began to blush. "Would…you ever really…want to share one?" she asked him looking into his eyes. Sora's smile returned.

"Kai, I don't think we need some fruit to be part each other's lives…" he told her.

"I am being serious!" Kairi practically shouted. Sora blinked.

"Do you want…to?" the Keyblade Master queried.

Kairi turned redder. "I…I would like to…one day. I mean, I think we've already proven we don't need it but I guess the little kid in me still likes to think that someday I'd be able to share it with someone," she stated. Sora beamed.

"Kai, I would like to share it with you. One day, some day…" he said, "Maybe next year, or in a couple of months, or maybe…"



Kairi revealed a papou fruit that she had brought with her. "I've wanted to do this for a year…no, perhaps even longer. You've always been the guy I favored. Over Tidus, Wakka, and…Riku," she breathed.

"Kairi…" Sora whispered.

"What I'm trying to say is…I've always liked you more than a friend, Sora," Kairi said. "…and I always…will. And this," she lifted the fruit to him, "…is something that I believe confirms that," Kairi finished.

Sora examined the young woman in front of him and smiled. "I wouldn't want to share it with anyone else," he said ripping the fruit in two and handing Kairi the other half. Kairi chuckled a bit as she received her half. "One," Sora began,

"Two…" Kairi continued.


They said it in unison, and ate the fruit in unison. For a second it felt the world around them stopped and the only thing real was each other. Moments passed, and the papou was swallowed. Sora and Kairi kept smiling at each other.

"Those things taste pretty good," Sora stated.

"Yeah," Kairi agreed almost in a daze.

"Too bad their meant to be eaten once with the person you're entwined with!" Sora joked.

"Oh you!" Kairi said smacking him playfully. Sora grabbed her arms and swung them over his shoulders, as he began to lean on hers.

"I wish I could say I love you…" he whispered.

Kairi's eyes widen.

"But this feeling…I have for you, is somewhere in between crush and love. I don't know what to call it. But I know it's something that I don't have with anyone else…and I don't want it with anyone else. Someday I know it'll turn into love, when we're older maybe," Sora rationalized.

"Sora," Kairi murmured in his ear.

Sora pulled apart from Kairi and started heading towards the door. "Sora?" Kairi questioned, repeating his name.

The Keybearer turned around and gave off his goofy grin. "Do you think my mom will be mad at me?" he asked chuckling. Kairi laughed.

"Knowing your mother Sora, most definitely..." She said walking towards him. They both laughed walking out of the cave, hands entwined.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Naminé."

"But if nobody tells him, Roxas will…"

"I told you we'd meet again…"

"We're not supposed to exist…"

"Now I know what you meant…"


Roxas squinted as his eyes slightly opened to see the blazing sun overhead. He tried moving his fingers, and discovered they were traveling through sand. "What…" he murmured slightly. "…Where AM I?" he pondered slowly getting up.

"You're awake!"

Roxas turned to his side seeing Naminé kneeling there smiling. His eyes widen. "Na…Naminé?" he asked in disbelief. "How…what…I thought…we…you…me…Sora and Kairi…" Roxas muttered out random words but Naminé understood what he meant.

"I'll explain everything in a little while Roxas, just trust me for now, okay?" she said.

Roxas still had a confused look upon his face but nodded. The two got up, and Roxas examined his surroundings. "This looks like…"

"Destiny Islands?"

"…yeah. But, why?"

"This is the place where nobodies, ones like you and me, go when we are merged."

Roxas looked completely flabbergasted. Naminé only smiled. "Right now we're one with Sora and Kairi," she started to say, "and while we are part of our counterparts, we exist within a certain part of the realms of their minds. And when Sora and Kairi are together, this place becomes a place where we can see each other again," Naminé explained.

And clearly, Roxas inherited Sora's naivety.

Shaking her head and grabbing Roxas' hand, Naminé said, "Here, let me show you." She then started taking off and Roxas, who was confused as ever followed hoping Naminé would clear this up.

At least, better than she had tried to anyway…

Well there you have it! Chapter one finished. Not really much of anything right now but getting the story set up for the actual plot. All of you right now are probably thinking "What the HECK is she DOING?" but patience my friends, patience. A good story unravels along with time.

I figured it was best to start off with some Sora and Kairi smut. It kind of bugged me that Kairi was less emotional then I had expected. (But then again, she did forget who Sora was for like half the game)

It's mostly going to a Roxas/Naminé story, but like I stated in the beginning, it's a story on how nobodies and their counterparts are affected by the other.

So thanks for reading so far, and I hope all of you will continue to read and review :-).

REVISED: 9/18/10