Galinda, just come out already!"


"Galinda, please, it cannot be that bad."

"What do you know!"

"It's your hair, dear, relax."

"But it's ... it's ..."

"Less than perfect?"

Galinda then let out a very inelegant wail that caused Elphaba to hastily back away from the bathroom door, rubbing her temple and silently praying for mercy. There would be no reasoning with the petite blonde woman tonight - or ever, really.

"Should I get Pfanne and Shenshen?" Elphaba questioned through the door that seperated her from her distraught friend, tone ultimately and characteristically annoyed. "Maybe they can-"

"No!" Galinda's high-pitched cry - unfortunately unmuffled by the door - had such a definitive tone Elphie gave up on trying to think of a solution.

"At least let me see." Elphaba said, exasperated. She was generally not a gregarious person and had no really desire to go to the party, but she figured it would be a nice favor to Fiyero to drag his girfriend there on time. Besides, she hadn't gotten him a present for his birthday and figured she'd just say this was it.

"Absolutely not."

"Think of Fiyero, Galinda. He'll be upset if his own girlfriend doesn't show."

"There'll be plenty of people there for him to meet & greet, he won't even notice."

"I think he will."

"Well, he can wait five frickin' minutes!"

"...So this'll only take five minutes?"

She was answered with another wail.

"Galinda, darling, if you don't come out, I am very certain I will break down this door."

"Don't you dare!" Galinda hissed, and Elphaba heard the abrupt swihsing of cloth and a disconcerting crisping noise she could not identify.

"Maybe I can ... help." Elphaba replied wearily, entirely convince anything she did would only make it worse.

"Don't make me laugh!"

"Now, now, sarcasm doesn't go with that pretty voice."

"Shut up, Elphie."

True to Galinda's wish, Elphaba walked back across the room without another word. Pulling her magick book from her worn satchel, Elphaba sighed, kneeling on the ground. Galinda could be so difficult.

"I hear those pages!"

"If you don't want me to do it, come out."

"Fine." Galinda's tone was anything but pleasant, however seconds later the brass doorknob twisted and the hinges squeaked open.

It was difficult for Elphaba not to laugh.

Galinda strongly reminded her of a Shitzu puppy. Her blonde curls were half-straightened, falling in bunched-up waves over her wide, distressed etes. A small section fell down her back, while the rest was heaped atop her head in a giant, overbearing mass of curls.

Forget puppy. She looked like her hair was trying to eat her.

Standing slowly, Elphaba bit her tongue in order to contain laughter or even the hint of a smile.

"Oh, Galinda, what did you try to do?"

Galinda gave a squeak and wheeled around, coming to an abrupt halt as Elphie reached out and snatched her arm.

"Oh, stop that, you finnicky thing." Elphaba chided her friend, dragging her gently over to her bed. Pushing Galinda into a seat on the edge of the comforter, Elphaba reviewed the blonde mess critically.

"We can fix this." She said decisively, after a few minutes. Thankfully, Galinda didn't catch her skeptical expression.

"Really?" Galinda asked meekly, slightly hopeful - as if she wished very much to believe Elphie but could not bring herself to do it.

"Darling, it's really not so bad." Gently, Elphaba swept the hair off Galinda's face, staring down into the smaller woman's eyes. "We'll make you pretty again." She smiled, a gin of no real pleasure. "For Fiyero."

Before Galinda could respond, Elphie dropped the curtain of hair and set to work on unraveling the heap on Galinda's head.

Exactly 15 minues and a screaming fit from Galinda later, Elphaba was nearly finished.

"I'm sorry ... this last curl ..." Elphaba grimaced, and gave a rough tug on the tangled strand, causing Galinda to squeal.

"Oh, dearest, your eyes are watering..." Elphaba said tenderly, brushing back the hair from Galinda's face and joining it with the slightly poofy strands in the back. Softly, her fingers brushed away the pain-induced tears from rosy porcelain cheeks.

"Is it over?" Galinda asked miserably, abrubtly leaning forward and resting her head against Elphie's chest. Shocked by her actions, Elphava hesistated before gently beginning to stroke Galinda's hair.

"Yes, Galinda, you're alright." She murmured, lowering her lips to place a gentle kiss on top of Galinda's head.

"Well, good." Galinda pulled away suddenly, looking a bit flustered. "Wouldn't want to keep ... Fiyero ... waiting."