"This is the most garish spectacle I've seen in my existence, and I've lived in Quadling Country with a glassblower, a preacher, a girl with no arms and a mother who thought she was still seventeen."

"Elphaba, quit carrying on. There's no use being so critical."

"I'm simply stating my paradigm."

"Your what?"

"Nevermind, Galinda, it's not something you'd be interested to learn."

"Now, Elphaba, there's no reason to say - oh, look, there's Fiyero. Come on!" Galinda took Elphaba's arm, but the girl pulled back.

"No...I think I'll go find Boq and Nessa to chat to." Elphaba paused a moment, gaze lingering upon Galinda's, beforing abrubtly shooting off into the crowd.

"What -- oh, that woman." Galinda shook her head, causing blonde curls to bounce around her shoulders, slightly limp from the hassle of detangling earlier. "She drives me crazy."

Her eyes searched the room critically, but found no site of Elphaba. For a green girl, she had a way of dissapearing, as if a puff of smoke had come and taken her away.

"Hello, Miss Galinda."

Galinda turned towards the voice behind her, and was met with Miss Nessarose Thropp, Elphaba's lovely - yet crippled and overeligious - sister.

"Oh, hello, Nessa. Elphaba was just looking for you."

"Oh, no, she wasn't. I passed her and she barely took a clock-tick to say hi! But that's Elphie for you. Always in a rsuh with no real idea of where she wants to go." Nessa made a small tsk-tsk noise with her tongue, sounding very much like the older sibling she wasn't.

"Why, that's odd. She said she'd go chat with you and Boq..." Galinda glanced up again, trying in vain to spot Elphaba.

"Speaking of, I should go find him." Nessa smiled brightly, to which Galinda had to hold a doubting frown. "He went to fetch some drinks." Wheeling herself away, Nessa called a farewell to Galinda.

She hated parties. She really, really disliked them. Mass amounts of people, smiling and faking their way through life, pressing their bodies against one another as if they were trying to merge their bodies though ritualistic, animal dance. Sooner or later, people forgot what the party was for, anyway. Lost themselves in the mass, the being of one, each other.

Elphaba didn't take time to wonder what that'd be like.

"Elphie!" Suddenyl, ina flurry of pink skirts, Galinda stood before her. "You did not go talk to Nessa and Boq!"

"Spying on me now?" Elphie crossed her arms over her chest, pushing her mouth into a frown.

"You lied."

"I changed my mind."

"You decided to go hang out in a dark corner instead?"


"Elphie." Galinda pursed her lips, frowning. "You're so difficult."

"The same could be said about you."

"Elphaba, if you could stop being selfish and just come greet Fiyero."

"I thought you said he had plenty of people to meet and greet."

"Ugh! Elphaba!"

"That's a very unflattering expression for you."

"Oh, you! I could just... I could...oh!" Galinda started suddenly, beginning to beat Elphaba senselessly before the green girl could bat an eye.

"Galinda!" Elphaba backed up, ducking slightly to avoiding the slender arms. "Galinda!" She put out her onw hands, holding Galinda at bay by her arms. "I think we should get you a therapist, dearest."

"Elphie..." Galinda was out of breath from hurling herself at Elphaba, her voice was even higher than usual.

"Oh, darling, I am sorry I frustrate you so, but I can't change so readily. I won't. You don't mind so much, now, do you?"

"I...I think you are positively the most perturbing and complicated creature on the face of Oz."

"That's silly. You've not met everyone on the planet, nor will you ever. Tell you what - I'll go and congradulate the birthday boy, but after that I'll have free will about where I go."

"Thank you, Elphie." Resuming her usual grin, Galinda leaned forward and placed a kiss against Elphaba's smooth emerald cheek.

Elphaba was very certain time froze for a split second, and as the kiss shattered and Galinda pulled back, she only wished that it would stop forever.

Galinda turned happily, hyper and bouncy as ever, ready to jet back into the glamarous party world where she belonged - where Elphie would never fit in.

Elphaba's heart broke, for her only though could be that this eagerness was for him. For Fiyero.

Pausing, Galinda frowned and looked back on the statuesque Elphaba.

"Well...are you coming?"