Harper and Rommie were together when Trance came onboard. "Harper, Rommie. Good news. We heard from Beka. She accessed one of her accounts and we're going to go see her."

"What!" They both were shocked.

So, Trance calmed down and gave them the whole story.

"I'm in", Harper declared. "I'll drag her back if I have to tie her up and gag her."

"Now, Harper, be nice."

"He is being nice, Trance", Rommie explained.

"I think he's saying we're both in. So, we'll go and find out what's up."

"O.K. Good. We'll be leaving soon." Trance left.

Harper turned to Rommie. "So, we're finally doing what we should have done months ago when she first left."

"Harper, it hasn't been easy for any of us. Dylan just did what he thought was right."


"Yes. And you know it."

"It just hurts, that's all."

"So, now we'll just go get her. And I do hope we can get her to come back home. We just can't force her. Understand, Harper?"


"Good. Now let's go get ready for our trip."