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Zelos would never get tired of watching Lloyd work magic.

Though Lloyd couldn't use techs like 'lightning' and 'fireball,' the brunet could tap into the Eternal Sword and channel energies that would tear the average Joe to teeny-tiny little pieces. Lloyd's wings would appear and unfurl, the air around him would glow a light blue, his hair would rustle like the wind was whipping through it, and the expression on his face as his eyes closed was one of pure relaxation. Instinctively, Lloyd knew what he was doing.

He was beautiful.

A loud whistle from a nearby angel startled Zelos, though Lloyd didn't seem to notice. Turning to glower at the whistler – Dhaos – Zelos was disgruntled to receive a smirk and shrug in response.

"Damn, you've got quite the catch there, Chosen," Dhaos said unrepentantly.

"What he means is... humina, humina, humina," Damia said brightly, having decided to be social with Zelos since he had wings. "It's a shame you two won't come with us. I bet watching you and your boyfriend make out is really hot."

"It's creepy," Seles spoke up. "Zelos is my brother; Lloyd is my brother's boyfriend. Please find a new topic." She shuddered, but Damia just smirked.

Genis groaned and watched Seles warily. "I think you may have just unintentionally egged her on," he muttered, fully prepared to hold Seles back if the strawberry-haired girl got overly riled. Fortunately that was when Lloyd finished working his magic.

"It's finished," the brunet said as the glow faded away from him and his wings vanished away leaving behind a few feathers and innumerable sparkles. "The teleport should work fine for the next three hours, but then the magic will start to fade. None of you have to leave, you know," he added, giving Dhaos a look that said he didn't like the idea of sending all the angels away.

Dhaos shrugged. "We want to go. I know you wanted to make this a world for everyone, but we forfeited our place here a long time ago when we tried to make ourselves better than the rest of the world. Don't worry about us."

"Alright..." Lloyd nodded. "We'll stick around until everyone's ported up. If anyone decides to return, all they have to do is use the communications room to contact me and I'll reestablish the transport link."

"We understand," Damia told him. "Have fun shagging like rabbits with your boyfriend tonight," she added cheerfully, hurrying away from Seles, who was being restrained by a resigned looking Genis.

"Calm down, Seles. Take deep breaths. Imagine you're in an empty field of flowers or something equally relaxing," Genis drawled.

"How about a field of flowers where I stand triumphantly over her dead body?" Seles growled. "First she acts all superior and condescending and now she makes comments like that to my brother and Lloyd..." there was a distinct 'grring' noise coming from the young lady's throat.

"Eh, I've heard more creatively lewd comments," Zelos observed in amusement. "Hell, I said most of them."

Seles stopped struggling to free herself from Genis' grip and hung her head in mock-shame. "My brother, the philandering pervert... at least you've finally begun to give up some of your ways."

"I'll keep him in line, Seles," Lloyd promised, sliding an arm around Zelos' waist and meeting the redhead Chosen's cerulean eyes with an amused, and very love-struck, gaze.

"You're likely the only person capable of it," Seles agreed, giving the two of them a hard look. "I still think its weird that the two of you are the two of you... but I stand by what I said the other day at the hotel. It's kind of cute, seeing how happy you are together."


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