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"Inuyasha I'm going to kill your damn brother one of theses days." Rin yelled angrily as she wiped the dust off her knees, and her school uniform. It was a short green pleated skirt and showed off a lot of leg, it made one wonder how the school could promote such a strong abstinence plan while donning such revealing uniforms "How can you live with him without going clinically insane?"

"Ya I know, you just need to learn to stay out of his way. Maybe he will ignore you after a while? But since it is you Rin, I highly doubt it will happen." Inuyasha said as he smoothly walked past her and sat on a bench. the bell rang signaling to people that it was time for the last block of the day. "So what did your buddy Sesshy do to you this time?"

"I walked past him and his cheerleading whore after class let out and he tripped me! All those evil preps just stood there and laughed." Rin was trembling with anger as she kicked a tree. It was large and very old and Inuyasha's favorite one to nap in while he was skipping classes. The tree was actually treated like a lover by Inuyasha. It was awkward to see some of the time. Inuyasha immediately came to his best friends sanctuary he picked up Rin and set her on the park bench.

"Okay Rin, I no your pissed at Sesshomaru but honestly ya don't need to take it out on Charlie okay? He has feelings too..." Inuyasha yelled arrogantly getting in her face.

"Okay you named a tree? Awkward! And I was nearly going to say Sesshomaru is more arrogant that you are but I guess you showed me how wrong I was about you again… Any ways Jaken Takashi is first on my death list, even before your jerk of a brother." she started to calm down as Inuyasha sat next to her. He snapped her bra and she slapped him across the face. Rin and Inuyasha were close the whole gang was close very close. Not sexually close but sleepovers nearly every night kind of close.

"What did he do? did he say you were sleeping with some one gross or worse?"

"I'm sad to say worse," She said bending her head down smirking if any one other than Inuyasha had seen this they would have thought that she was crying or in some serious pain. she had begun to laugh apparently what the toad did was incredibly funny or she was so pissed she was laughing. although Inuyasha didn't really care he only wanted to beat the crap out of that rich piece of junk that his family isn't rich his father runs the Tensaiga's business they make and sell computers and cameras to any one. Being that famous and as extremely good looking as Sesshomaru and Inuyasha are they both are considered the most eligible bachelors in the world. hell they were multi billionaires a couple slots down from bill gates.

"Wow, tell me? I'll kick his ass for ya" Inuyasha had always wanted to kick his ass since the third grade and Jaken being an upperclassmen pushed Inuyasha into the girls bathroom. it was quite funny. Rin was skipped ahead that year and beat the crap out of him on the play ground in front of all the boys.

That was the day Rin said her first curse word it was one of the worst 'fuck' her father was called and the next day she came into school all beat up and wouldn't talk to Inuyasha was way to exited she was thinking he would be obsessed with trying to kill Jaken when she wanted that privilege.

"Okay... After Sesshy tripped me Jaken lifted my skirt over my ass and said 'Damn she don't wear thongs ain't that a shame?' now don't tell me that's not seriously wrong"

"You don't wear thongs? Aint that a shame?" Inuyasha teased getting slapped in the face. He only laughed hard

"why I ought to slice you open and sign you up to be a male cheerleader you... You..."

"Am I interrupting something guys?" Kagome interrupted Rin's beating session on Inuyasha's head. She laughed when she heard the explanation as to why. Kagome pushed Inuyasha off the bench and sat next to Rin. "Nice ... But c'mon were already late for class" she knew the answer they would give, but it was worth trying.

"I'm not going" Rin plainly stated crossing her legs

"I'm not either... its not like I need to take Japanese, it is my own language."

"So umm.. Inuyasha is that why your failing it?" Kagome said accusingly looking at Inuyasha. He only stuck his tongue out and jumped into Charlie... Rin still couldn't believe he named his tree… "Dogs huh? What are you going to do with them?" she asked Rin both started to laugh.

"Right, they only complain all day... although I bet the make nice throw rugs." Rin said. Kagome was laughing her ass off and Inuyasha only whined at the joke.

"Hey" was all he said as he jumped out of the tree and sat close to Kagome. They were so perfect for each other and neither of them could see it.

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