"I fucking hate you!" Rin screamed from her hospital bed. She had never felt a pain more agonizing. She squeezed Sesshomaru's hand like it was a life line. She loathed him for what he had done to her. If only the stupid prick had been able to keep his hands to himself, the she wouldn't be in the mess she was in.

"I know… I know!" Sesshomaru repeated. He hated that Rin couldn't stand him right then. He could only hope that once she could walk again, that she wouldn't be so furious with him. "Just push!" Sesshomaru demanded.

"Fuck you and your god damn pushing!" Rin screamed at the top of her lungs. Sesshomaru shoved another ice chip in her mouth, and imitated the breathing she was supposed to be doing.

"Rin, I think the breathing would help…"

"I think it would have helped if you kept your dick in your fucking pants, instead of mine!" Rin hollered.

"Oh, she's a pistol," The doctor smiled at Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru nodded in agreement. Rin was definably a spitfire. "Rin, you're crowning. Just a couple good pushes and the first one will be out!" The doctor encouraged.

"Rin, they're almost here." Sesshomaru said in awe. He couldn't contain his excitement. He had been looking forward to meeting them for months. Rin never really went through terrible mood swings, during her pregnancy. She experienced extreme discomfort, but she graduated top of her class, and fell in love with Cosmetology.

"Get these fuckers out of me!" Rin screamed once more. Sesshomaru knew she was in extreme pain when she said that, she loved those babies more then life it's self. She never called them anything other than her little darlings. Yet here she was 24 hours into labor, and she couldn't stand the thought of them. She gave another hard push. "They better be as wonderful as every one keeps making them out to be!" She groaned in discomfort.

She gave a good hard push, and felt some relief. "There's the head, one more push, and the pup should slide right out." The doctor said softly. She pushed once half heartedly, and it slid Right out. Rin smiled proudly as she heard her first son cry. She was so happy. "Congratulations, I'm proud to present your first born son." The doctor handed him to a nurse to be cleaned up.

"I want to see him, is he okay?" Rin demanded.

"He is perfectly fine, Rin." The nurse said happily.

"You have two more children to go, we need you to concentrate." The doctor said directing her back to the task at hand.

"Oh my fucking god!" Rin sobbed. More tears ran down her sweat covered face. Her hair was clumped together, and matted to her face. She was a mess, but Sesshomaru still saw her as beautiful. "There's still two more! I really hate you, Sesshomaru!" Rin screamed as she felt another contraction wave through her body. She couldn't help but push once more. She was so exhausted, she didn't know if she could push any longer.

"Sesshomaru, there is a man in the waiting room who says he is your father?" Another nurse came in. The island was so closely knit, that every one knew everyone's names.

"Send him in!" Rin demanded. Sesshomaru looked shocked. The nurse only nodded in agreement.

"Are you sure?" Sesshomaru wasn't to keen on his father seeing her in such a state, or any other man seeing her with her pants off and legs open. Rin only glared at him as another contraction rippled through her.

"Hello my son!" Inu Tashio said excitedly. He slapped Sesshomaru on the back and gave Rin a comforting smile. "Hello my darling girl." He said holding her free hand snuggly. Rin however squeezed back with all her remaining strength.

"Kill him!" She demanded. Inu Tashio only laughed at her, and squeezed her hand back. "GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She pushed again.

"I see another head!" The doctor cried in pleasure. This one was coming out a lot easier than the first one had. "C'mon, Rin. Another push and you'll have your second." Rin howled in pain. She kept pressing her bottom down to try and relieve the pressure.

"You can do it, Baby" Sesshomaru said leaning close to her face and pressing his forehead to hers.

"Get that nose away from me, or im going to bite it off!" Rin demanded. Sesshomaru retracted.

"Good idea, son." Inu tashio said till gripping Rin's hand. He was so happy he made it on time. His flight was delayed, and Rin had gone into labor early. He was ecstatic that Rin allowed him to be in the room to experience the coming of his first grand children. "Inu women are deadly when in labor. You're mother broke my hand when she was in labor for you." His father laughed loudly.

"That's an idea." Rin cried out. She clenched Sesshomaru's hand even harder, making him curse.

"Don't give her ideas!" Sesshomaru demanded kicking his father slightly. Rin clenched harder yet as the second child was eased out, and she heard it let out a high pitched whine, just like the first one had.

"Congratulation's on you're second son." The doctor beamed. "And he is perfectly fine" He answered Rin's question before she could even ask it.

"One more, honey!" Inu Tashio said. he was so excited. He was Possibly even more excited than Sesshomaru. "Now might not be the best time to share this, But Kagome is pregnant."

"That didn't take long." Sesshomaru commented laughing.

"Took you less time." Inu Tashio joked. "Rin, how does it feel to have graduated secondary school, before my dear boy?"

"Not the fucking time!" Rin screamed pushing once more. Her body suddenly went limp, and she started shaking. "Something's wrong. She began to panic and press her bottom against the bed once more.

"What do you mean?" Sesshomaru asked.

"it's stuck!" Rin screamed out.

"She's right." The doctor confirmed. "You are going to feel some additional discomfort, Rin."

"Get it out! Please get it out!" Rin screamed unconsciously pushing some more. Before she could protest, the doctor shoved his hand inside her. Rin screamed out in pain.

"The cord is caught around her neck." The doctor said calmly. He was clearly panicking, but he couldn't let Rin see that.

"Fix it!" Sesshomaru demanded. He was growling obscenities. Inu Tashio had never seen his son panic. It was a clear indicator of how much this child meant to him. Less than a year ago, he would have told some one to relax because they had 2 more to deal with any ways. "Please, fix it." Neither one of the kids needed to be told that this was a serious situation.

"I've almost got it turned. Push Rin… PUSH!" The doctor yelled, and she did. She pushed as hard as she could, but to no avail, there was no progress.

"Please save my baby!" Rin sobbed. Tears poured from her eyes. "Maru… Make it okay. Please make it okay. You always make it okay!" She begged. She began to hyper ventilate.

"Calm down Rin, you're not helping any thing by having a panic attack, a nurse said. The nurse began to massage Rin's deflating stomach, it was shrinking back faster than any one had imagined, but there was still enough space to help maneuver the baby around.

Sesshomaru began to cry. Inu Tashio placed a hand on his shoulder in support, and eventually just put it around his shoulders. Another first he had seen of his son. Tears. "Dad…" Sesshomaru said letting tears roll freely down his cheeks.

"Push again!" The doctor said frantically. Rin obliged eagerly, and pushed with all her might. She felt a shift, and didn't wait to be told to push again.

"Here comes the head!"

Rin didn't need to be told to push again. She did without question. She felt the last child slid out of her smoothly. She didn't hear a cry. "Get her to a respirator." The doctor demanded.

"Her?" Rin said scared. She had a daughter… she wasn't crying, did that mean she…? "She is breathing… isn't she?" Rin demanded with tears.

"Wake her up!" Sesshomaru demanded. He forced himself from Rin's grasp and ran over to the doctor and nurse who were hovering over his daughter. Inu Tashio ran over as well.

"Do what ever it takes, Money is no option here." he said immediately.

"What's going on?" Rin demanded. She tried to stand, but found herself unable to move her legs. "What happening to my baby!" She screamed in terror. Sesshomaru and Inu Tashio just looked at them with watery eyes. "No!" She screamed once more, and rolled off of the bed.

"Rin, you can't stand yet!" A nurse said, but Rin just shoved her away, and hobbled into Sesshomaru's arms.

"Rin…" He began.

"Shut the fuck up!" Rin cried and pushed her way next to the doctor. Her baby had a light red ring around her neck, from where the umbilical cord had been around her neck. Rin started sobbing. Her baby girl wasn't breathing. "Wake her up!" She demanded trying to reach for her baby. She was fighting tooth and nail to get to that child, but Inu Tashio just held her still as Sesshomaru hovered over the silent infant with tears in his eyes.

"Jackie," The doctor said sternly. He was working very intently on the little girl, all tones of joking from earlier in the delivery were gone. "If she doesn't calm down, we're going to have to sedate her." He said. He stuck a booger remover in the infant's nose, and squeezed the air filled end to suck out the extra mucus.

"Oh my god. AHHHHH" Rin screamed in pain once more. She doubled over, and she felt blood trickle from between her legs. She cried out in pain once more.

"What's happening to her?" Inu Tashio demanded. Sesshomaru remained speechless. He was unsure of which traumatic event needed to be acted upon first. He had never been more scared in his life.

"Could it be another after birth?" The nurse called Jackie asked. "Her placenta was already expulsed from her."

"Perhaps there is another. Get her on a table, and get her pushing." He demanded still trying to breathe life into the infant girl before him.

"I want my daughter!" Rin cried out. Inu Tashio led Rin back to the table, and helped her back up. She was not happy that she was still having contractions after all her children were out, and even less satisfied that her daughter might possibly be still born. Rin pushed, but not willingly. Her body wanted what ever was inside her out. After a few pushes, the nurse revealed to her that she did have a second placenta. "I don't fucking care!" Rin screamed flailing her arms once more.

All of a sudden a soft cry filled the room. Rin's breath stopped, and Sesshomaru stilled. Inu Tashio whipped around and sighed with relief. The baby girl was crying. Rin began to sob with joy. Sesshomaru let out a few gut wrenching sobs as well. The doctor just handed the bloody little mess to Sesshomaru. He took her with out question, and looked at her like she was the most precious gift in the world.

"I'm proud to present, your youngest, and first daughter." The doctor said breathing a sigh of relief. Inu tashio was by his son in an instant, and just fawned over her as Sesshomaru UN steadily led himself to Rin.

"Let me see her!" Rin demanded. He sobs were only matched by her daughter's, and Sesshomaru just began laughing in relief.

"You scared us baby girl." Inu Tashio said. He tickled her mucus covered chin. He didn't care.

Sesshomaru handed her to Rin, "She's gorgeous." As Rin held her, she nodded in agreement.

"I told you; I like to make pretty things." Rin said in a soft voice. Sesshomaru laughed and kissed her forehead. He remembered the first time she said that all too well.

"Let's get Mama, and the children cleaned up, and you can all come and see them in her private room." one of the nurses said. Rin was reluctant to give up her daughter so soon, but eventually they reasoned her out of her arms.

"You did splendidly, Rin" The doctor said with a bright smile.

"Thank you so much for saving her." Sesshomaru said. He hugged the bloody doctor tightly, and patted him on the back. The doctor hugged him back and pulled away.

"Trust me, the pleasure is mine. I'm glad I was able to save her too." The doctor responded with a big smile.

"Yes, thank you so much." Rin was still crying. She was just so happy that everything turned out okay.

"I'm defiantly leaving you a large tip." Inu Tashio said making his presence known. He too was in tears. He had monitored Rin's pregnancy from a far for 8 whole months. He was ecstatic that the little tykes were going to be just fine.

"Sir… you don't tip doctors." The doctor said with a bright laugh.

"Well this time you are making an exception." Sesshomaru laughed at his father, but that poor doctor had no idea how serious his father was.

"God, that's such a beautiful, cry." Rin said holding her little girl tight a few hours later. Each of the demons in the room held a baby. Rin kissed her daughter on the forehead, and another tear slid down her face.

"She can cry as much as she likes." Sesshomaru agreed with her and placed one of his hands on Rin's knees. "Are you sure you don't want to rest, Rin?" Sesshomaru asked, sliding into the bed with her. He handed his oldest son to her. Rin passed him their daughter and held her baby boy, who was as quiet as a lamb.

"Hey handsome," Rin crooned. She was content; she smiled at Inu Tashio, who was rocking her second eldest in a very gentle fashion. She was glad he had come. "So… Kagome's pregnant huh? I bet Inuyasha flipped when he heard that one." Rin laughed.

"I think he had a reaction similar to Sesshomaru's." Inu Tashio laughed. Rin recalled how Sesshomaru had flat out fainted. "He didn't come strait out and tell me though. Whereas Sesshomaru came to me the night he found out, with a plan, and the intensity and drive to see it through." Inu Tashio beamed at his son. He was proud of him, and he had every right to be.

"He'll be okay," Rin said with confidence. She ran her hands over her son's fine, thin hair. "They both will." Rin added smiling softly… "I wish they were here." Even though she had doubled her amount of friends living on the island, she still missed her crew. She always would. Sesshomaru just grasped her knee once more.

"What are you going to name these little creatures?" Inu Tashio demanded. He gestured to Sesshomaru that he wanted to hold his grand daughter. Sesshomaru begrudgingly complied and took his second born son. "She is just a treasure." Inu Tashio smiled.

"Takara…" Rin said slowly. In their native language, it meant treasure or precious object. Rin could see the red ring around her neck had faded exponentially, and relief filled her heart.

"That's actually beautiful." Sesshomaru said. Rin gave him a look, which was meant to say, don't under estimate me.

"It's perfect…" Inu Tashio agreed. "You only had boy named picked out didn't you?"

"Yes, the sonograms said there were 3 boys." Sesshomaru said. "But I'm glad we got a girl in the mix."

"Now we have to pick new boys names…" Rin mused. "I vote we keep Juromaru, and Kyo."

"Which one will be which?" Inu Tashio questioned.

"Juromaru, shall be the eldest, Kyo the second." Sesshomaru said. Rin nodded in agreement, and she pressed the call button. A nurse ran in immediately asking if she and the babies were alright. "We're perfect, we've decided on names however." The nurse sighed with relief, and sent the doctor in to fill out the rest of the birth certificates.

"We've figured out, why the delivery was complicated." The doctor admitted. Sesshomaru became quite serious, whereas Rin didn't care as much since all her children were perfectly fine. Sesshomaru silently demanded he continue. "Have you noticed how Juromaru, and Takara are identical? And Kyo has slightly different features? "

"Yes, I have." Rin said with a smile. She was purely excited that she would be able to tell her children apart with out any questions asked.

"It's going to be easy to tell them all apart." Inu Tashio laughed. Rin just giggled, she was getting tired, and Sesshomaru could see it in her eyes.

"You read my mind, dad." She slipped in his new title. Inu Tashio was more than pleased to be considered this young girl's father.

"Continue." Sesshomaru demanded coldly. When ever he was eager for information, or was annoyed he slipped back into his old ways of addressing people. Old habits died hard, but his habits were just plain scary.

"Well, Takara should have been the second born. She and Juromaru shared the same Placenta. Kyo had one all to himself. That's why he isn't identical to the others. He was in a rush to see the world and cut in line so to speak. That's how the cord got caught around her neck." The doctor explained.

Sesshomaru just glared at Kyo, now asleep in his arms. "You're grounded mister." Rin and his father burst out laughing.

"They never cry…" Rin said to Margot. She had been home for a few days and was handling the less than tedious task of feeding her babies. "It worries me a bit. Aren't babies supposed to keep you up till all hours?" Rin questioned.

"Well they're little angels!" Margot said with a smile. She was right however, her children only cried when they needed to be changed was hungry, or something was wrong. "They make me want to have some… one at a time however." Rin laughed.

"Keep your voice down, Sesshomaru is trying to study. His professors told him they would excuse him from classes for the rest of the month, as long as he kept up on his work. It's a real big help." Rin explained. Margot nodded.

"I'll bet. He's going to be a good dad." Margot said with a smile. "Are you still sore?" She asked Rin.

"Yeah, but I don't feel comfortable smoking while the kids are awake. I like to wait until they're in bed for the night… I cant believe they prescribed weed for my pain." Rin said in slight disbelief.

"Well you guys moved to a very naturalistic island. The doctors here don't like prescribing chemicals unless it's absolutely necessary. They believe in herbal elements first because they're far less harmful to the body." Margot said. Rin agreed. Since she stopped taking aspirins and other pills for head aches and illnesses, she felt a million times better. "I've been on the island since I was 12, the first time it was prescribed to me, I was 13 and had broken my arm."

"So young?" Rin asked.

"My parents had to agree to it, but they don't even offer it unless the kid is old enough to be able to get it on their own any ways. Hell, they sell it in vending machines here." Rin stared in disbelief. Margot laughed at her. She was still so naïve.

"I'm going to put these three down for their naps, and make Sesshomaru some lunch. He's been studying for such a long time." Margot smiled.

"I'm gonna run down to the docks and see Raul. His boat should be back soon." Raul was a fisherman, and one of the best on the island. The economy was so good on the island; he made a small fortune doing what he did. With Margot being one of the few stylists on the island, she made a pretty handsome sum as well. "Oh! And when you find a day care or sitter for the pups, my salon would love if you put in an application. Macy, the manager thought you were an absolute Doll, when you were shadowing there."

"I'll defiantly be on top of that." Rin said in excitement. Truth be told, she wasn't sure about leaving her pups with any one but herself, or Sesshomaru. But she had to get a job. She felt like such a bum laying around the house and just soaking up Sesshomaru's money. She wanted to contribute.

"Yes father, I'm glad you made it back alright." Sesshomaru said. He was on the phone with his father; He had just left the night before. Izayoi was being overly protective, and Kagome had fallen down the stairs. Inu Tashio had to return sooner than he was ready for.

Rin slid a few sandwiches on the table in front of her lover and sat on his lap. "Tell him I say hi…" Rin put her head on Sesshomaru's shoulder. He did as requested.

"Thanks for lunch." Sesshomaru said covering the receiver. His father must have put him on hold. "Where's Margot?"

"She went to the docs to see Raul. She left because I put the kids down for their naps." Sesshomaru nodded. He took a bite of his sandwich. It was Rin's chicken salad. He loved when Rin cooked, she had become quite good at it quite fast. She taught herself when she was alone during the days he was on the main land for school.

"They're fine." Sesshomaru confirmed with a full mouth. Rin could hear him being scolded for talking with his mouth full, she giggled. "Well, I have studying to get back to father. I'm sure I'll hear form you relatively soon." They said their goodbyes, and Sesshomaru hung up.

"I thought he wanted to keep contact minimal, to keep accidents from happening?" Rin asked.

"He just wanted to let us know he is home safely, and Kagome is alright, and her pups are fine.

"Pups?" Rin asked excitedly.

"She fell after her latest sonogram. Paparazzi were flashing bulbs at her to much, it made her dizzy I suppose." Sesshomaru explained about her fall. "But she's having twins I guess."

"Multiples must run in your family." Rin said. "I'm excited; I'm going to be an aunt! You're going to be an uncle!"

"Yes we are." Sesshomaru laughed. "Are the kids still being quiet?"

"It worries me how good they are." Rin said truthfully. "I can't complaine, but I thought babies were supposed to ruin your lives for about 2 years, until they sleep through the night." Rin admitted.

"Don't jinx us." Sesshomaru laughed. Rin just shrugged. She hugged him tight and gave him a kiss.

"Thank you; they're the best Valentines Day gift ever." Rin smiled. Rin had gone into labor on the 12th. The boys were born on the 13th, and Takara was born 3 minutes after midnight on the 14th.

"I'd like to say I planned it, but that would be a lie." Sesshomaru laughed deeply. "Truth be told, you weren't bad being pregnant. My father told me Horror stories of my mother when she was with me, and I was petrified."

"I'm glad I disappointed then." Rin giggled whole heartedly. Since they had moved to the island, and especially since the pups were born, both had been all smiles and giggles.

"Yeah, me too!"

"Let me start planning dinner and you can get back to studying." Rin kissed him gently and hopped off of his lap. He gave her a gentle slap on the behind, and took a few more bites of his sandwich. Rin watched him pick up a bright highlighter and continue his studies. He really did work himself silly.

The three children did everything together. They were always hungry together, they always napped together, and they always laughed together. As they grew older the closer they seemed to get.

They were now three years old, and a more darling than ever. It was early in the morning, and she was helping Sesshomaru prepare for his first day of work.

"Mama, can I have that?" Juromaru asked pointing to an orange that was sitting on the counter.

"How do we ask?" She said turning around to grab a knife from the drawer.

"Can I please have that?" He repeated making Rin smiled. She scrunched up her nose at him and quartered the fruit for her son.

"Jay… Can I have some?" Takara asked from behind a chair. She peeked around the corner sweetly as Rin handed him the pieces on a plastic plate. She learned the hard way that the children needed paper or plastic plates…. They tended to use them as Frisbees, along with pancakes and waffles. Rim smiled, neither of her other two children could pronounce Juromaru's name, so the family had taken to calling him Jay, unless he was in trouble. The same went for Takara's/

"Sure Kara!" He gave her one of the quarters and she bit into it greedily.

"Fank you, Jay!" She said with a sweet smile.

"Where's Kyo?" He asked waddling along the hall with his sister. "He'll want some too!"

"Well that's very nice of you Jay man!" Rin ruffled his hair, her kids made her smile more than her lover. "I think he's watching captain planet, why don't you guys go watch with him and eat." The kids ran to the TV room, and Rin giggled as they waddled away from her.

Rin peered around the corner of her bed room, and peaked in on Sesshomaru. He was getting ready for his first day of work. Once again, he defied all statistics, and blew through all of his courses. The poor man spent 3 years working is ass off to half his schooling, so he could spend more time with his family. What surprised Rin the most was that even though he took almost 12 classes a semester, and was away from home for 3 or 4 days a week, he still made time for her and the kids.

Rin smiled to herself. They were good parents, and she was proud of herself and of him.

"Some one's looking good…" She said seductively. He was in a fitted black suit, with a black tie. His hair was still cropped short; it was a style he decided he preferred. He gave her a bright smile.

"Don't start!" He demanded with a laugh in his voice. He straitened his tie, and ruffled the top of his hair. "I don't have time for any of your shenanigans this morning." Sesshomaru was the youngest person to graduate law school, and pass the bar, at almost 24.

"Mama!" Kyo's voice came. He was trying to climb the stairs, but he kept sliding down on his stomach. "Daddy!" Sesshomaru laughed and picked him up.

"What's up little man?" Sesshomaru asked.

"I have to go bafroom!" Kyo exclaimed.

"Well, that sounds serious! Let's go!" Sesshomaru said and took his son to the bathroom. Rin went down stairs and decided it was a good idea to ask her other children.

"Does Any one else need to go potty?" She asked looking at her other two children. They shook their heads in a no like fashion. They were covered in sticky orange juice. "Lets go get cleaned up." Rin said taking them both to the kitchen and wiping their faces with a damp wash cloth.

"Mama, can we play in the water?" Juromaru asked.

"Yes!" Takara exclaimed. She began clapping her hands excitedly. "Please mama!"

"Honey, look out side!" Rin pointed to the large glass sliding door. The sky was a deep grey, and the waves were capped with white water. A tropical storm season was beginning, and Rin wasn't even comfortable with Sesshomaru going out in it, but he couldn't call in on his first day of work. "We can't go out side and play today."

"The lights won't die again will they?" Kyo asked from behind them. Sesshomaru gave him a sad look.

"I don't know sweetie, but if it does, we can light a fire in the fire place and roast marsh mellows!" Rin said. Her children were jumping for joy once more.

"If a fuse blows like during the last storm, just give Raul a call. He knows how to fix them, and since the weather is so bad he won't be on the sea today." Sesshomaru said, Rin nodded.

"Doesn't daddy look handsome?" Rin asked Takara, as she picked her up off the ground. She nodded, and blushed. Takara hid her face in her mother's hair, making both her parents laugh. "Aw, don't hide baby!" Rin said giggling.

"Can we come with you, daddy?" Juromaru asked. Sesshomaru shook his head. He knelt down and looked his sons in the eyes.

"I'll be home later tonight. I need you two to stay here and protect your mama, and your sister from the big bad storm that's coming." Sesshomaru Instructed. The two toddlers nodded and ran over to their mother. They held her legs and Kyo slapped at Takara's feet.

"We'll save you mama!" Juromaru said.

"Kara, Come play with us!" Kyo asked. Takara wriggled from her mother's grasp and joined her brothers on the floor.

"Give me hugs good bye." Sesshomaru said, and all three kids ran into the kneeling form. He hugged all of them and kissed them each on the top of the head. "Go play, and be good." They nodded and ran to the living room.

"Drive safely please." Rin said giving Sesshomaru a hug. "The weather is so bad they closed down the Salon today. I won't be surprised if you get to there and the doors are locked." He shrugged.

"I'll see you tonight," Sesshomaru said leaning down, and kissing Rin deeply. "We can celebrate later tonight."

"Mmmm, can't wait. I love you." Rin said.

"I love you too." Sesshomaru turned to leave and Rin walked back to the living room where her children were jumping from each piece of furniture trying not to touch the floor. She knew it was childish, but she jumped on the couch, and joined in on their fun.

She had never been happier…

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