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'I'm so bored." Thought Iruka, sitting at the missions desk, waiting for a report. Kakashi's mission report was late, as per usual and Iruka not for the first time wished that the jounin would hand things on time. Then he could go home and finish cleaning out his attic. He'd been working on that dusty old room for the past two months. There were generations worth of things in there, his parents' things, his grandparents' things, his great grandparents' things and even some form their grandparents. He'd found a katana, it had been owned by his grandfather and was still in excellent condition. Iruka had taken to practicing with it almost daily.

It was a beautifully crafted, the handle was dark blue like the shinobi uniforms. There were two red jewels imbedded where blade met handle, one on each side. A silver line ran down the middle of the handle, and running up to the blade through the middle of the jewels. It reminded him of a certain silver haired, late jounin.

Sighing again, Iruka laid his head in his crossed arms on the desk. So much for cleaning his attic tonight. He felt like he could fall asleep right then and there. He heard a throat being cleared and jerked his head up. He stared wide eyed at the man in front of him for a moment before his expression turned to a scowl with a blush at being caught falling asleep.

"You're late." Iruka growled at his superior, not caring to seem polite for this tardy, un-responsible jounin. "Your report, jounin-sama?"

"So touchy Iruka-sensei." Kakashi grinned under his mask at the younger man, "Something bothering you?"

"Yeah, you." His scowl darkened and he leaned forward a little, and in an almost seductive voice asked, "your report, jounin-sama?"

"Right here, sensei." Kakashi replied, his voice low and husky. He too was leaning in further. Tan hands ripped the report from his, their faces were so close now, Iruka could feel the heat emanating from the older man. He felt his cheeks burn, what an awkward situation this would be if someone were to walk in at that particular moment. Then his fears were realized.

"Iruka-sensei are you still here? I need to talk to...you...about something?" Another Academy teacher stood red faced in the doorway. She stared wide eyed at the pair that seemed too close to just be having a regular conversation. "I'm sorry to have interrupted you, this can wait until tomorrow."

"This isn't what it looks like." Iruka hastily spluttered, the blush on his cheeks reddening even further.

"Um alright, sorry I'll talk to you tomorrow Iruka-sensei."

"Yeah." He smiled and waved sheepishly at her while she walked out of the door. As soon as she was outside of hearing range her turned to Kakashi, "You didn't have to get so close!"

"You started it!" Kakashi shot back looking indignant, or as indignant as he could with only his one eye showing. Iruka growled.

"You kept, ugh whatever. Look I'm tired and I just want to go home, so good-bye Kakashi-sensei." He waved at the older man, signaling him to leave. And leave he did.

"Alright, good-bye." Iruka thought it could have been a huff, but with Kakashi's bored voice it was hard to tell. Kakashi walked out of the missions room. He briskly hopped up onto a nearby roof and dashed to his apartment. He leapt from roof to roof, feeling in a mad rush to get home.

Upon closing the door to his apartment he fell back against it and slid tothe floor. He dug his hands into his hair and tugged, frustrated with himself. 'Why didn't I stay further away, ruined yet another possibility of...of...something with Iruka.' He sighed to himself. When had he become so melodramatic? Surely Iruka wasn't mad at him, just flustered that they were caught. His mind drifted back to that moment, they had been so close. He could have just tilted his head a little further and their lips would have met. This little crush wasn't feeling as little as it was before.

Pulling himself up he took off his hitai-ate and vest. He stripped out of his shirt and shoes, his pouch and shuriken holster set on the coffee table. Left in just his mask and pants he shuffled into the bathroom straight down the hall. Door locked, he stripped himself of his remaining clothing and turned on the shower knobs to test the temperature. As soon as the temperature was satisfactory he stepped into it and pulled the plain white shower curtain back into place.

'He obviously doesn't like me, one reason is because I'm never really nice to him. Another reason is because I'm always late to hand in my reports' He sighed once again and squirted a bit of shampoo into his palm and scrubbing it into his messy hair. 'I would be on time, but I like to see if he'll wait for me. I like knowing that he is there for the sole purpose of meeting me, even if it's for something as mundane as a missions report.' As he finished washing himself and dressing he grinned. Iruka was such a tease, even if he didn't realize it, he was. 'You can't look me in the eye with that tone of voice and blush like that without teasing me.'

He fell back into his bed with a smile on his face. There had to be some way to let Iruka know about his feelings without scaring the younger man off. But what exactly were his feelings? He liked Iruka, found him interesting, he also found the chuunin to be attractive and every time he saw that blush he had to resist kissing those red stained cheeks. It must be a crush. Kakashi had a crush on Iruka.

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