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To Kyree: The only reason I have Kakashi and Iruka addressing each other as 'sensei' is because they do so in the Japanese anime.

Iruka sat in his kitchen, fingering the dress shirt he was wearing. He'd chosen something that would work for somewhere casual and wouldn't look out of place somewhere formal. He was waiting around for Kakashi to show up, and was worried that the silver haired man wasn't even going to show. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door.

"Finally!" Iruka groaned out loud, walking to the door. He opened it and was greeted by a very amused Kakashi. "Hello."

"Were you waiting for me?" He asked, a clearly visible smirk under his mask. Iruka rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Let's go." The chuunin grabbed Kakashi's hand, realizing just then that Kakashi wasn't wearing his gloves, he looked over the silver haired man and grinned. He hadn't worn anything really remarkable, but Kakashi wearing civilian clothing was remarkable thing on it's own. "You look good."

"Thank you. You do too." He replied, quickly pulling his mask down and kissing the other man. "Shall we?"

"Yes." They walked, hand in hand, to the restaurant. Iruka had no doubts that Gai and Anko would already be seated by the time they arrived. Gai had a knack for making sure someone was on time if he wanted them to be, With the exception of Kakashi, the silver haired man had built up an immunity to Gai's...oddities.

They spotted the pair easily, Iruka waved as they approached. Greetings went all around as Kakashi and Iruka sat down across from each other, Gai and Anko were in much the same position. Silence ensued for a few minutes while they all glanced around nervously at each other, except for Kakashi, he just looked bored as usual.

"So, um...we've had a lot of downtime lately." Iruka commented, breaking the silence.

"A time of peace in which we can enjoy our youth to its fullest!" Gai stated enthusiastically. Anko nodded.

"I haven't had a mission in a few months already." She added, the other two nodded in agreement. Iruka looked over at Kakashi who was unusually silent, he tried to shrug it off.

"It's times like these that I'm grateful I have a steady place in th Academy." He said.

"Yes, I have had much time to train with my youthful students!" Gai declared, grinning.

"I haven't seen Naruto in a while, do you suppose he's still a little freaked out by our relationship, Kakashi-sensei?" Iruka asked, smiling a little.

"Mmm, they've all been a bit strange around me whenever your mentioned." The silver haired man shrugged.

"Your students are not comfortable with your relationship with the youthful Iruka-sensei?" Gai asked.

"Your students know?" Anko asked.

"Uh, yeah." Iruka scratched the bridge of his nose embarrassedly.

"They were witness to our reconciliation." Kakashi said offhandedly.

"Well, if I would have taken you away from where people could hear then that would have been pointless, considering what our fight had been about." Iruka rolled his eyes.

"You had a fight about keeping your relationship private?" Anko asked, raising an eyebrow and Iruka nodded.

"Iruka would you join me to the washroom." Kakashi asked suddenly, standing up.

"Can't you go by yourself?" He retorted, a amused look on his face.

"You know gays always go to the washroom in pairs! Come on." Kakashi all but dragged the chuunin with him.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei! What the hell?" Iruka hissed as he was dragged along. They finally entered the washroom and Kakashi pushed the other man up against the wall, whispering in his ear.

"They can't have a proper date with us around, and I want to spend my last day for three weeks with you alone." He said, his words becoming huskier as he finished the sentence.

"Ka-Kakashi-sensei?" Iruka stared at the back of Kakashi's head in the reflection of the mirror across from them. He watched as his reflection flushed and Kakashi pulled his mask down to lick his ear. "What do you mean? A-are you going on a mission?"

"Yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow." Another lick and Iruka shuddered, clutching at Kakashi's back.

"W-we should let them know w-we're leaving. Uh." Iruka was fighting against his lust, trying desperately to not give in and do that right there. "Kakashi stop."

"We're leaving?"

"We're going to my house," Iruka rolled his hips against the silver haired man's, " To finish this in bed."

"Oh?" Kakashi stared at the chuunin, wide eyed. Iruka smirked.

"Mmm hmm, now go out there and tell them we're leaving." He smiled as Kakashi pulled away and left the washroom. 'I don't think I could keep myself from blushing.'

Kakashi slipped out of te washroom and stealthily walked up to the table where Gai and Anko were. They were leaning over the table, speaking in whispers, the occasional giggle was all that could really be heard nearby. Kakashi smirked and greeted them.

"Yo." He jerked a thumb to the exit, "Iruka and I have to leave now."

"Alright, see you around!" Anko called as Kakashi walked back to the washroom. Gai called something loud and youthful that doesn't need to be quoted as well.

Kakashi entered the washroom, grabbed Iruka by the waist and teleported both of them into the chuunin's bedroom.

"Now where were we?" He asked huskily, pressed Iruka down onto the bed.

"Ah, I think it was right about here." He rolled his hips against Kakashi's, eliciting a moan from the older man.

"Oh yeah, right there."

The next morning Iruka's alarm clock went off, signaling that it was time for him to get up and get ready for school. He didn't feel like getting up though, there was a comfortable weight settled on him in the form of a silver haired jounin. He smiled down at the mop of silver on his chest, not even able to blush over what had happened that night. He laid like that for a few minutes longer, replaying what had happened a few times before attempting to get up. He felt a twang in his backside and cringed, Kakashi lifted his head and smiled.

"Morning." He greeted, nuzzling Iruka's chest.

"M-morning." The chuunin replied, shifting around so he could look straight into Kakashi's face. "I love you."

"I love you too." They grinned at each other and Iruka began to get up and get dressed. "You know, my ass still hurts."

"You asked for it." Iruka rolled his eyes and turned away, not letting the jounin see his smirk. So his ass was stinging, at least he'd given the other man a good smack to leave him sore for a while too.

"And when did I do that?" Kakashi drawled, rolling over on his side.

"Y-you know! When you said...please sensei." Iruka flushed darkly, glaring at the silver haired man when he began to laugh.

"You mean...please sensei...m?" Kakashi repeated himself, causing Iruka to flush even more if that were even possible. He attempted to ignore the jounin as he finished getting ready. However, as he headed for the front door Kakashi appeared in front of him in all his naked glory.

"What about my good-bye kiss?" He asked, the ends of his mouth twitching up into a smirk.

"Good-bye dear, don't be late for your mission, I'll see you in three?" Kakashi nodded, "Three weeks." He smiled almost shyly and slowly edged up to the silver haired man and pressed their lips together. Kakashi slipped his arms around Iruka's shoulders, enveloping him and kissing him thoroughly.

"I'll miss you." He whispered, serious now.

"I'll miss you too, be careful." Iruka replied, his hands still firmly clasped around Kakashi's waist.

"I will." He kissed the younger man, slowly, savoring their last few minutes together.

"I-I made an extra key for you, i-if you want it to, you know, come by whenever, it's on the key rack by the door. Um.." Iruka trailed off.

"Thank you." Kakashi replied, gazing adoringly into the chuunin's eyes.



Iruka hurried out the door, nearly forgetting his bag with all of the school work. He nearly ran down the streets in an effort not to be late. He did take the time to stop and greet Gai on the way there. He was probably on his way to the training grounds to train his students.

"Good Morning, Gai-sensei!" He called and Gai waved back enthusiastically.

"Good Morning Iruka-sensei! Thank you very much for setting the double date! The youthful Anko has agreed to a second date!" He replied.

"That's great!" Iruka replied waving again as he continued to the school. Once he got there he set up the classroom and sat at his desk, waiting for the bell to go. He must have sat there for about five minutes before there was a sudden cloud of smoke in front of him,

"Yo." Kakashi greeted, his eye curving up happily.

"Yo." Iruka repeated dumbly. "Aren't you going to be late?"

"Nah, I had to come and ask you something first." He replied.


"I was thinking, why not get married." Kakashi said, leaning on the desk.


"Yeah, we'll sign some papers, I'll move into your house. We'll sleep in the same bed every night." He leaned forward as he said that, his voice deepening. Their faces were almost touching, "We don't actually have to have an actual wedding, I just want to have physical proof of our love, commitment. Plus it would be cheaper and easier if we lived together."

"Well," Iruka smiled at the chuckling man, a warmth settling in his chest that made him want to get up and squeeze the silver haired man as tight as he could, "I don't think there is anyway I could say no to that."

"I love you." Kakashi said, sounding a little relieved, and pulled his mask down.

"I love you too." Iruka replied as their lips met in a sweet kiss. Kakashi disappeared then, leaving Iruka there, leaning up in his desk and a faint blush on his cheeks. His lips were still parted as his students began to file in, they gave him strange looks as they sat down. It took him a few moments to realize he must've looked a little funny. He grinned at them, on a complete high over what Kakashi had asked. The children saw this look and anticipated one of those days when Iruka would be super nice.

"Good-morning! Get out your homework, I'm coming around to check if you have it done!" He said, still smiling like he wasn't really there.

The class groaned.

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