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January 30 2008

In the cool, emotionless and forever tranquil void of space around the first Lagrange Point around the planet Earth, a Terran Navy shuttle drifted slowly but steadily to its intended destination.

In the shuttle's crapped passenger bay, Captain Rodger Collingsworth of the Terran Federal Navy, formerly of the Royal Navy sat in one of its few seats. He stared intently with his hazel eyes through the shuttle's four-inch thick glass-like viewing window into the nothingness between the stars.

Before his eyes, suited spaceyard workers in zero gravity attire and their comrades in thickly armored spacecraft construction vehicles hovered around 30 massive metal constructs in various stages of completion and readiness.

The one closest to the shuttle was in its final stages of construction and its launching and immediate subsequent commissioning would be in the very new future. The name TFNS Heihachiro Togo and its hull classification BC- 4were painted clearly on its hull for all to see. This was to be his new command.

As the fourth ship of the Daedalus-class and the first of the Second Flight of hybrid Battlecruisers/Carriers, it represented the pinnacle of Terran engineering and determination to fight the war against the Ori. At 335 meters long and requiring over 1,000 personnel to operate, it was two meters longer than an American Nimitz-class aircraft carrier and was one of the biggest vessels ever made. Armed and equipped with numerous electromagnetic railguns emplaced on various places along it hull, with BSGM-109 (1) missiles equipped with naquahdah enhanced nuclear warheads, and with sixteen F-302 Mongoose (2) strike fighters stationed in its port and starboard fighter bays, with the addition to shields and hyperdrive technology given by the Asgard, one of their alien allies; it was by far the most technologically advanced and deadly warship ever to be produced by Terran hands.

As he admired his soon-to-be command, he began to reflect upon recent events over the last couple of months that seemed centuries ago. Six months ago if someone had told him that he would be commanding a space Battlecruiser with the latest and greatest technology in order to fight a race of enigmatic aliens and their followers, he would have assumed that the person had too much ale to drink in the pub and would have dismissed it as drunken nonsense.

At forty-one years old and already a Captain in the Royal Navy, he was widely regarded as one of the Navy's rising stars and a likely candidate for Flag Rank. As the Captain of the HMS Turbulent, a Trafalgar-class nuclear attack submarine, he was an expert tactician and commander who was widely admired by his superiors, colleagues and subordinates alike. In 2003, he and his crew participated in Operation Telic and had been one of the first in the history of the Royal Navy to fire the BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles in anger against enemy targets in Iraq. After returning to England after completing his mission, he and his crew had earned a commendation for their work.

Despite his professional career, he was a bachelor who currently had no time for a relationship due to the constraints of being a naval submarine captain. However, he did have two teenage nephews and one niece still in primary school from his brother's side of the family in Devon and treasured them dearly, spoiling them rotten with gifts and presents every time he visited on occasion and thus was their favorite if only Uncle.

Life was good. Until the Ori came.

He had been on shore leave in London when the attack came and could only watch helplessly unable to do anything as the aliens attacked his home.

Earth and its allies fought fiercely against the Ori, throwing everything they had against their foes. F-302s crewed by Russian, British, French, Chinese, Canadian and American pilots in dispersed airfields around the world and the severely wounded Odyssey with the survivors off of the destroyed Korolev with the addition of a hastily assembled fleet of Asgard, Tok'ra and Free Jaffa vessels did their best to fight off the alien threat.

They had driven them off, but at great cost. The death toll was an appallingly high number of 60 million more than the total amount of Soviet deaths both military and civilian during the entire Second World War. Luckily for him, his niece and nephews were safe, and were in their respective boarding schools. However his brother and sister in law were not so fortunate and were taking a short holiday on the continent.

The cities of Seattle, San Francisco, Rome, Shanghai, Damascus, Prague, Jerusalem and Sydney had been wiped off the map and smoking craters now occupied where the once great cities as if they had never existed. Others such as New York, Dresden, Shenyang, and Cairo still stood but were mere shadows of their former selves.

In the following wake after the battle, the governments of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the People's Republic China, and the Russian Federation were forced to reveal the existence of the Stargate program to the public.

The public's reaction was at first of disbelief, since they believed that they were the only race to inhabit the universe, thus dismissing the existence of aliens. The fact idea that Earth or anyone else for that matter possessed interstellar warships that could travel light-years in just mere minutes was absurd to most of the public since NASA; the world's leading space agency stated that even a return to the moon would be implemented in 2020 at the very earliest and that a flight to Mars would be far off into future and would take months if not years to complete.

However soon disbelief turned into something entirely different. Rage. Humans are a temperamental lot, often deciding what to do based on their emotions as opposed to pure logic. Right now they were furious. Extremely so.

With sixty million of their fellow citizens were dead and with countless others were wounded in varying degrees. The people of Earth had one thing on their mind— revenge.

In addition to being one of the most violent of all emotions hate is also the most unifying. For the timeless maxim "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" did not come out of nowhere.

In response to the attack, the national governments of Earth faded into the history books and the Terran Federal Republic was born out of the military coalition between China, France, Canada, the UK, the Russian Federation, and the US. Immediately during its first convention, its delegates unanimously voted upon a formal Declaration of War against the Ori.

The newly formed Terran Federal Military had made construction of the BC-304 Daedalus-class Battlecruisers its utmost priority, increasing production of these ships from 3 a year to 30 thus raising production by 1000 percent.

Quickly, the newly formed Navy announced that was looking for personnel both officers and enlisted to operate them. They didn't need to ask twice.

Collingsworth, like countless millions of other naval personnel had jumped at the chance to be a part of the force that would avenge his loved ones and would have done anything to be a part of it. Hell, he'd even accept being busted down to a Sub-Lieutenant if it would guarantee him a billet.

However it didn't need to come to that. After seeing his service record, the Navy had decided to send him to the newly created Starship Prospective Commanding Officer's school located in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in the Japanese islands for further evaluation and training.

Leaving his brother's children in the care of his elderly parents, who were more than glad to take care of them. He took the first flight to Hokkaido on the first plane available. And for the last four months the recently promoted (3) Rear Admiral Paul Emerson, the former Commander of the Odyssey along with a cadre made up of survivors of the Daedalus and Korolev had been ruthlessly teaching he and sixty other Commanding Officer candidates how to operate a Battlecruiser in a zero-g environment.

Collingsworth had thrown himself at the task; devoting his mind, body and soul and every second of every day of every week to learning all the instructors had to offer. His efforts had paid off and had graduated at the top of his class. The brass, impressed with both his record and conduct decided to reward him with command of the Vigilance the first ship to come off of Terran yards after the attack.

"Attention. We will be docking with the Vigilance shortly. ETA five minutes or less," the pilot informed shuttle's occupants, bringing the Captain's mind back to the present and to the task at hand.

"Captain, Terran Federal Navy arriving!" the Marine sentry announced loudly on the ship's communications network as he entered the wardroom aboard the Vigilance.

The Vigilance's senior officers and chiefs quickly came to attention behind their chairs as their superior officer, and soon-to-be Captain came through the hatch.

"At ease ladies and gentlemen," he quickly ordered the crew, his clipped formal English accent coming more and more apparent, a sign that he was either stressed or in deep thought. He really wanted to get this over with the formalities and get to work and familiarize himself with the ship and its crew.

He quickly walked to the end of the table and reached into one of shirt pockets and brought out of sheet of paper and addressed the officers and chiefs assembled. "Ladies and Gentlemen lets make this quick so we can get down to business, here are my orders." He began to read "From NAVPERSCOM (Naval Personnel Command) to Captain Rodger Collingsworth, TFN. You are hereby ordered to report for duty as the commanding officer of TFNS Heihachiro Togo, BC-4. You will relieve the acting commanding officer and will retain permanent command of the vessel until further notice.' "

He then abruptly spun on heel and turned to face the starship's temporary commanding officer, a Japanese man in his late thirties or early forties, wearing rank tabs on his collar and three golden stripes on his sleeve that identified him as a Commander.

Collingsworth then executed a stiff and formal salute. "Commander Fujimaki, I am ready to relieve you, sir."

Fujimaki then saluted back in the same manner and replied in a slight Japanese accent, "I am ready to be relieved."

"I relieve you sir," Collingsworth said as he saluted the Commander for the last time, as he officially became the senior and commanding officer aboard the Vigilance.

"I stand relieved," Commander Shiro Fujimaki formerly of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force replied formally as he for the first time saluted his commanding officer, thus completing the formal change of command ceremony.

"Mr. Fujimaki, effective immediately you are now the XO aboard this vessel. Ms. Williamson as of now you are the Chief Engineer," Collingsworth said as he addressed the Commander and the Australian officer, wearing the insignia of a Lieutenant Commander right next to him.

"Aye aye, sir," both said simultaneously as they were given their new orders.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he said, now addressing the entire ship's company of officers and chiefs. "Now that the formalities are now over, let's get down to business. I want a full status report on every nook and cranny aboard this ship."

Quickly his subordinates got into their seats and awaited further instructions from their CO.

"Commander Fujimaki what is the overall status of the Heihachiro Togo?"

"Currently the hull is 95 complete. All officers and senior enlisted personnel except for the embarked fighter group have arrived. 85 of the enlisted personnel are also currently on board. The rest of the enlisted personnel will arrive shortly within the next week. The ship is scheduled to be launched and immediately commissioned within two weeks at most and will be ready to commence naval operations, sir," Fujimaki replied in an efficient businesslike manner.

"Excellent job Commander." According to his personnel file, Fujimaki been the executive officer of a Kongo-class destroyer and was a fourth-generation naval officer whose ancestors had served in the Imperial Japanese Navy since the Battle of Tsushima under Admiral Togo and later on in the Maritime Self-Defense Force. However despite his family's excellent record and heritage as Naval Officers, he had not seen actual combat before and this worried Collingsworth. He then turned to the department heads aboard the starship. "What is the status on the weapons?" he inquired of the officer in charge of the weapons on board.

"Port railguns have completed construction. Starboard railguns are 70 complete and will be completed within the next week," Lieutenant Commander Andres Drossier replied. A former weapons officer on a Rubis-class nuclear submarine, he had seen combat in both Bosnia and Afghanistan and according to his personnel file was cool-headed and competent, traits that were essential to a good naval officer.

"And the BSGM-109 missiles?" Collingsworth knew that the railguns were most likely to be effective against any small fighter craft employed by the enemy but according to initial combat reports submitted after engaging Ori capital ships, the railguns would have little or no effect against the Ori behemoths.

His only hope against any enemy capital ships that he would most likely encounter would be in the form of the new missiles, which had a bigger naquahdah-enhanced nuclear warhead than its predecessor the Mark IV. Hopefully these new missiles would be able to crack those damn near invincible Ori shields.

"Currently the launchers have been completed. However the missiles are at this moment stationed dirt-side and will arrive within the next week Mon Capitaine." The Lieutenant Commander replied using the newly formed Terran Navy slang for objects that were stationed on planet as opposed to space.

"How's the main reactor functioning?" Collingsworth asked his chief engineer.

"The naquahdah reactors have been put in and are functioning at 100 percent capacity sir," Lieutenant Commander Jessica Williamson replied.

"Have there been any problems at all?" Collingsworth asked concerned about the safety of both his ship and crew. He had been around reactors for the majority of his career in the Royal Navy and knew what untold and nightmarish horrors could happen if a reactor began to malfunction. The reactor aboard the Vigilance utilizes an experimental reactor made by Terran engineers just a couple of months ago, thus was many times more powerful than any plutonium or uranium isotope based reactor made him very nervous. The fact that the reactor was based off of alien design did not reassure him the slightest.

"None sir, not at all," Williamson reassured him.

"Good. Let's keep it that way, Commander. Lieutenant Van Gelder what is the status on the RADAR and LIDAR systems?" Collingsworth asked the officer in charge of all of the combat systems aboard this ship.

"The LIDAR system has been installed and is working perfectly. Currently we still have some bugs in the LIDAR system but the problems are expected to be resolved within the next week sir," Erik Van Gelder, the combat systems officer replied.

"Status on the star charts navigator?"

"Star charts have been fully installed in the navigational database and are working perfectly Herr Kapitän," Lieutenant, formerly Stabskapitänleutnant of the Deutsche Marine Hans Krieger replied.

"Perfect. Major Sook, the condition of your detachment?"

"My men are perfectly fine. Every single member of the detachment knows the layout of Vigilance perfectly and they are ready to give any unwelcome visitors a warm and friendly reception," Major Sook Jin-Tae replied with a cold smile that fooled no one.

Collingsworth shivered momentarily at the Major's statement and couldn't help but feel the slightest amount of pity to those stupid enough to board this ship. The South Korean Marines had a reputation of being one of the most deadly fighting forces in the world and Major Sook was no doubt a direct and perfect personification of this.

"How about your equipment?" Collingsworth wanted to know if the Marine detachment needed anything. If the shit hit the fan and his ship was boarded by hostiles, he wanted the Marines to have the best equipment possible at their disposal.

"Currently we have been issued with Heckler and Koch MP-5 submachine guns. The weapons are fine weapons, however ballistics tests indicate that they do not have adequate lethality to breach the personal armor of either Jaffa Warriors or Terran ground personnel short of using hollow point ammunition or emptying half the weapon's magazine. Although we have not seen examples of Ori personal armor, I would like to be on the safe side and replace the MP-5s in the armory with the newly issued MP-7 Personal Defense Weapons, which has better stopping power and a bigger magazine than the former," the South Korean replied.

"Permission granted. Do whatever you need to do in order to keep any sudden 'guests' off of our property.

Collingsworth turned to the officer in charge of the fighter group "Commander Kearns, the condition of your embarked F-302 Mongoose squadron?"

"VF-84 is currently stationed on Luna at the moment and are finishing their space combat training. They'll be ready to join us and begin flight operations shortly after commissioning," Commander William "Dog" Kearns replied. A career naval aviator, he had logged thousands of hours flying F-14s, F/A-18C/Ds and later the F/A18E/F Super Hornets over the last twenty years. Throughout his career, he had seen it all from participating in Operation Desert Storm as a young Lieutenant (j.g) to serving as a Top Gun instructor at NAS Fallon to finally becoming a squadron commander serving in both Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He was one of the best there was and according to comments from his peers knew and believed it. Hence the call sign "Dog" which was God spelled in reverse.

"Master Chief Molotov the status and morale on the enlisted personnel?" Collingsworth asked the senior noncommissioned officer in charge of all personnel serving aboard the ship.

"Captain the men are performing admirably and are willing and ready to fight. It would be safe to say that most of them are chomping at the bit to kill those alien zasranecs." The senior NCO smiled as he reported to his Captain while using his native Russian to mark his hatred of the Ori.

"That's good to know Master Chief." Collingsworth paused and addressed the assembled officers and the senior NCOs. "Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your time. We'll reconvene at 0900 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) tomorrow. Dismissed."

As they all left the wardroom, Collingsworth couldn't help but to feel a sense of satisfaction. For the first time in a year, things were looking up.

Authors Note: Shinobi wizard chapter five will be coming out soon. I haven't abandoned the story but the rate of writing chapters has slowed down due to SAT I Reasoning and AP tests coming out soon.

I also need a beta reader for this story. Knowledge of Stargate SG-1 Series and Atlantis with the addition of modern military systems and units is required.

(1) The Daedalus, Odyssey and the Korolev were equipped with the Mark IV naquahdah-enhanced nuclear missile. It was clear that the missiles were useless since they couldn't pierce the shields of the Ori Battlecruisers in 'Camelot,' in Season Nine so logically the USAF and later the Terran military would probably make a newer and stronger missile in the hopes of inflicting damage against the enemy since the Mark IV's effect on the enemy is equal to blowing a spit ball against a tank

(2) The US military has a tradition of naming its aircraft and vehicles with nicknames and since the series did not mention a moniker for the F-302, I made one up myself.

(3) I know that Paul Emerson is a Colonel in the USAF the series but in the story I made it so that the Navy not the Air Force would operate any vessels in space. Thus I gave Emerson a Naval Rank as opposed to an Army/Air Force/Marine Corps stylized rank.