He watched impassively, curious but refusing to show it. The girl sat calmly, apparently oblivious to the world as she sketched, back resting against one of the columns decorating the Coliseum. He was tempted to flick his sword and disrupt the girl's drawing, but he stayed his hand. Better to have nothing to do with her. Or anyone, for that matter. As long as he wasn't fighting them; then he could get to know them as much as he wanted, which wasn't usually enough to prolong a fight. He liked to finish them off quickly. Weak opponents just wasted his time. He stared at her a little while longer, then strode off. His black wing and cloak rustled in the light breeze; the strong sunlight made his long silver hair shine as brightly as his long sword.

As he walked away, the little artist looked up. Her bright blue eyes glimmered with secrets; she smiled as though she knew something no one else did. Quietly and unnoticed, she trailed him into Olympus Coliseum's huge arena. Again unnoticed, she sat with her legs neatly together on one of the sandstone block steps that served as seats, and watched again through wisps of her silky blonde hair. Her white shift shimmered slightly in the light; that same small smile played about her gentle lips as the warrior with no expression began practicing again, sword slicing air all about the Arena. Her sketchpad sat on her lap; her pen was still.

She was going to follow him, and watch, until he took notice of her.

Yes, I know. This one required an absolutely insane mind to even conceive. I thought it was quite amusing, myself. It's only 263 words long. Probably even one of my shortest drabbles ever. And Sephiroth x Namine. Sort of. There wasn't even really an implication in there... but the thought was there, and that's what counts. :shakes head: I honestly don't know what's wrong with me lately. Don't even ask. Ahh, Andy's online- I'm gonna go yoink another bees icon so I can write another bees fic. xD Reference to Marluxia Does Not Like Bees there.


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