Game Face

This is my first Gargoyles 'fic... I'm a huge fan, though. (Sure do miss them.)

Just a small reflection from Elisa. Enjoy -- and if you do, let me know:)

They say that you can't help who you fall in love with.

That it can't be held against you.

There are always those people that will hold it against you, of course -- ex-lovers, jealous friends...

But you always let the good outweigh the bad. You're in love.

There are thousands of cliches -- thousands of little sayings about matters of the heart and blah, blah, blah.

But the truth is that those cliches exist for a reason.

Can a person really be held responsible for love? For what they feel?

When they feel the touch of that one person -- that one person who completely takes their breath away, makes their knees go weak...

I suppose we're moving back to cliches.

I remember spending so much of my life -- going from relationship to relationship -- ranging from meaningless to meaningful... trying so desperately to define love.

What it was. What it wasn't.

But the truth is that there aren't words that can really describe it. It's something you feel.

It's almost absurd... when I really stopped looking -- stopped searching, burning and desiring for the definition...

What it was... what it wasn't...

...that's when I found it.

In every look. In every touch.

The warmth that comes from those looks. Those stolen glances.

Accidentally touching their hand... and moving it away as slowly as humanly possible.

It's that natural shelter.

The comfort that you find just knowing that they're there.

The trust.

The trust that maybe shouldn't even exist -- but somehow did from the very beginning. From day one. That natural bond.

Nothing makes sense until you see them. Hear them. Feel them.


You know...

Years and years on the force -- pain, suffering, training -- situation after situation, partner after partner... loss after loss...

The give and the take.

The law makes sense. I can make it make sense. I can always find an answer. Something left to give.

And here I am, standing on top of a castle... waiting.

Waiting for you.

For the answer to the question I'll never ask.

You're a gargoyle. I'm a human.

They say that you can't help who you fall in love with.

That it can't be held against you.

Well since they know so much -- I wish they would figure this mess out for me, Goliath.

Sun's going down... any minute you'll wake up, shards of stone flying every way imaginable... the rest of the clan following suit, their overdramatic screams echoing through the night.

And you'll do what you do. Protect and serve. Sure, you guys are a little different from the NYPD -- what with the wings, swords and tails...

But with the same heart.

So if our hearts are so similar...

Who am I kidding?

It'll never happen.

The question that I'll never ask.

I love you, big guy.

Game face, Elisa... here we go.