Dark Hearts

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Scene Change

"Italics" Mind Speech

This is set just before the Pharaoh's Memory Arc….

Blurb; Yami has actually been evil all along and now he's taking over the world! Will Yugi and Ryou be able to stop Him? And what about Kaiba!

Chapter 1; A King or a Demon?

Yami smirked watching Tea' rant about their latest victory like she had helped in some form, it was enough to make the ex-Pharaoh puke.

The Dark spirit thought about how clueless Tea', Joey, Tristan and the others where to his true intentions. Even sweet, unfortunate little Yugi had no idea what his other half had been working towards all these years and the Ishtars had been so brainwashed with the idea of a glorious saviour that they wouldn't realize their impending doom until it was too late…

Dartz had said it best when he called Yami 'A corrupt and Evil Pharaoh who bought destruction to all of ancient Egypt'

That's right, Yami had been the one to bring Egypt to its knees and he was bloody proud of himself. Though he was never corrupt, he was a god on earth he couldn't be considered corrupt, some people just disagreed with his views. Those people usually ended up missing a limb or two however.

5000 years ago Yami had seen the evil, pathetic nature of mankind and sought to use his shadow powers to destroy the entire world and start again with the best of the best by his side as he ruled as the immortal Pharaoh over all of earth.

However this was not to be, despite his luck in escaping death he had been trapped in the Ra-Dammed Millennium Puzzle. After he was released he swore that once he had his own body he'd rip the damn thing apart piece by piece until not even Yugi could put it back together again!

So that was the truth, now with the help of his loyal servant Bakura he was so close to possessing his own body. All he needed was his true name to unleash all his power and start Armageddon.

Yes you heard right, his loyal servant Bakura. In all his life, though the tomb robber proved irritating, he was incredibly useful in helping along Yami's plans. Over the past three years he had helped Yami destroy his competition and earn Yugi's unfaltering trust.

The Pharaoh chuckled softly casting one last twisted smile over the scene between Yugi and his friends. Soon so very soon, he kill them all, except for Yugi of course,

he couldn't wait.

Yugi rolled over onto his back and sighed glancing at his alarm clock, the neon number 4.30 stared back.

"Something wrong Hikari? You haven't been sleeping very well lately," Came the Pharaoh's comforting voice in his mind.

"No it's nothing Mou Hitiro no Boku"

"Are you sure? You seem upset about something"

"I just..." Yugi paused, it was pointless to try and hide something from Yami, he'd just find out sooner or later "I've been having these horrible nightmares"

"What are they about?"

"About Ancient Egypt, it's terrifying, every time I can see the city begin destroyed and all these people screaming...they...they call me Zork..." replied the High School student quietly.

After a few minuets Yami didn't reply, but Yugi could feel him blocking his emotions from the mind link. The teenager started to worry that he'd upset his Yami and tried to reach out to the Pharaoh with his mind


Yugi felt his entire body tense up considerably as Yami tried to take control. This hadn't happened since Yugi first put together the puzzle and understandably he was worried but before he had time to consider what was going on he was out cold and tucked safely inside his soul room while Yami took over.

"Dammit" hissed the spirit throwing on some clothes and making his way down stairs and out of the shop into the night…

Ryou Bakura sat by his window shaking slightly. It was so quiet, it had been for awhile and frankly it was starting to really worry him. What was his crazy, blood thirsty Yami planning? Bakura never stayed quiet for long unless he was working on something especially evil.

The teenager sighed, he wished his mother was still alive…if she hadn't died none of this would have happened and he'd be at home with his family. Ryou felt tears welling up…if his mother was still alive, his farther wouldn't hate him…

"STOP IT!" screamed Bakura in his mind "Don't be such a miserable cry baby! It sickens me! How did I ever get stuck with such a pathetic host anyway! This must be a curse for all my evil deeds...Hahaha...Ra has a cruel sense of humour..."

Ryou sniffed, stupid Yami, the only thing Bakura was good for was tormenting him and stealing shiny things!

"You're a jerk! How'd I ever get stuck with suck a horrible Yami! Why don't you do me a favour and go polish something shiny! That should keep you amused!' Shouted Ryou across his Mind

For a second, Ryou could feel Bakura's surprise but it was quickly pushed aside as he realised his Hikari had insulted him. Ryou waited to feel his Yami's wrath but nothing came, just an eerie calmness floating across the plain of their joined minds…

"Do you hate me?" asked the Yami "Such a pity we can not get along, you are after all my reincarnation..."

"I'm not like you" replied Ryou softly. He didn't want to test how far he could push Bakura tonight. Why was his other half begin so placid? Why wasn't he yelling at Ryou and beating the crap out of him in their soul room?

"No," came Bakura thoughtfully "No, you're not... I like it that way..."

Before Ryou could fully comprehend the sentence Bakura had lock himself away in the confines of his mind again.

Yami stormed down the streets of Domino angrily. Who in Ra's name had given Yugi those flashbacks! Once the Pharaoh found out he'd rip their soul apart piece by piece!

Grunting to himself the Pharaoh considered that possibility that the images came from the Millennium Puzzle. That only seemed to make him angrier as he turned the down an alley way making his way to Kaiba's house. He had to act quickly before the others got suspicious.

Tonight Yami would get his own body.

I was going to leave it here but I think I'll keep going

Domino Museum was deserted. Not surprising considering it was 5am in the morning when Yami finally made his was up its front stairs to the entrance.

The Pharaoh smashed the glass without hesitation. He'd put his plan into action tonight, so there was no point in laying-low any longer.

Making his way through the building Yami killed several guards before finally making it down to the stone tablet in the basement of the Museum. Once he reached the relic he spat in distaste. This piece of rock was the last remaining evidence of his fall from power. He'd make sure it was destroyed.

Pulling out the god cards he used them to pull on the powers of the shadow realm. This ritual should tell him his true name, releasing his powers, and pull the life force from another to form his own body.

The Pharaoh smirked as the tablet started to glow with an un-holy light. The victory he was about to take over a life long foe would be very satisfying.

Seto Kaiba sat at his computer typing quickly. Over a few minuets he started to feel very tired and was forced to clutch his head as the screen of his computer started to blur. Feeling dizzy he tried to pull himself up but simply fell limp on the floor as his vision started to darken.

He felt a sickening feeling in his stomach as his heart started to slow. Not matter how hard he tried his body seemed too weak to move anymore.

Memories flashed before his eyes as the oldest Kaiba tried to remain conscious despite the increasing effort it was taking to breathe.

The next thing he knew Mokuba was beside him in hysterics crying his eyes out as he begged for Kaiba to tell him what was wrong.

Seto however couldn't make out the frantic words, the only thing he could hear was insane laughter echoing off the walls of his skull as Seto Kaiba's heart slowed to a stop….

End of Chapter 1

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