Dark Hearts

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Scene Change

"Italics" Mind Speech

This is set just before the Pharaoh's Memory Arc….

Blurb; Yami has actually been evil all along and now he's taking over the world! Will Yugi and Ryou be able to stop Him? And what about Kaiba!


Chapter 9- Desperate Solutions

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To UnseenWater- Okay Yugi still has powers because he's Yami's Hikari.

See Yami had powers other than the ones he got from the millennium Puzzle, if anything the puzzle just busted his powers.

So because Yugi is Yami's reincarnation he has similar powers and because they are Yami and Hikari, they share a channel which also allows them to use each others powers.

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"Yami what are we going to do?" asked Yugi looking at his other half "I mean you took over the world, so a lot of people are after you, how are we suppose to fix this mess?"

"Don't worry, I have an idea" muttered Yami in reply running his fingers through his Hikaris perfect hair "But for tonight forget about all that, just give me tonight"

Yami smiled as Yugi lay back down with him. He had to fix this, for Yugi, he'd never been so determined or sure of anything in his life.

Once everything was sorted he'd be able to have a new life with his Hikari…


Ryou stared around the room glancing at the sleeping Bakura beside him and Malik and Marik across the room on the couch

Ryou gasped quietly….

He wasn't sure what it was but he suddenly had this wonderful feeling that everything would be alright; that Yugi was safe, that Kaiba would be safe….It was a brief paradise of contentment that allowed Ryou to sleep soundly for the first time in 18 months


"You're going to what!" screamed Yugi the next morning

"It will be fine, sweet one"

"Don't you 'sweet one' me! This is nuts!"

"They fear me"

"You're tempting fate dangerously"

"Trust me"

Yugi sighed….

"I do"


Joey snored loudly muttering about a giant donut before-




Joey, Ryou, Bakura, Marik, Malik and the others rushed outside with the hordes of people to see what all the commotion was about

There in the black sky was an enormous ball of blinding white light.

It slammed into the desert sand in a fury that caused many to avert their eyes.

Once the dust cleared, they stared in wonder at the sight around them…

The sky, the tormented twisted sky, was blue! Glorious Blue again!

All the black ruins around them had disappeared till it was as if the war between them and the Pharaoh had never occurred…

And in the impact zone of the orb was Yugi and an unconscious Kaiba….

Before Joey could stop himself he burst into tears and gave a cry of victory, which before long was joined by a thousand others around him


Yugi sat around with his friends watching the news reports with large smiles on their faces.

"Yugi what happened!" asked Malik, barely able to contain himself

"Yeah buddy how did you put everything right again?" joined Joey

Yugi smiled softly, hiding his eyes

Ryou watched quietly, there was something Yugi wasn't telling them, something hidden underneath all his joy…

"Yami is dead," replied the Hikari causing the others to gasp quietly "In dying it reversed the spell over Kiaba's life force, hence him returning from the dead

And with Yami gone the shadows went too, therefore, fixing all the damage that was done and returning the sky to normal"

"How did he….?" Whispered Bakura unable to let himself say the words he barely believed

"I don't know" replied Yugi emotionlessly, "Guys we should be happy, everything's better now"

"Yeah, right" muttered Malik

"So Malik, how did your Yami come back? What have you guys been doing while I was gone?" asked Yugi smiling brightly

(And very suspiciously…)


Joey took a deep breath staring at the door to Kaiba's room, it was now or never.

Walking over he tapped lightly on the door waiting for an answer.

He was met with a very surprised Kaiba

"Wheeler? What on earth do you want?"

"Listen Money Bags, I'm gunna tell you somethin' and you aren't gunna interrupt me or make fun of me got dat?"

"Ah, Okay sure"

"You're a good guy," started Joey "and I have to say it wasn't the same without ya', guess you could say I almost missed ya' but don't let it go to your head!"

Kaiba stared at the almost shaking Joey and smirked

"I Love you too Joey"


6 Months Later

Yugi climbed off the horse and made his way through the ruins of Kul-Elna

Once he reached the stone stairs leading into the depths of the earth and the memory door to the afterlife, his hands where shaking like leaves in the wind and his breathing unsteady

Did their plan work?

Making his way into the chamber he let out a long deep breath staring at the large doors baring the symbol of all the millennium items, the eye of Ra.

Put down his lantern he sat quietly on the ancient stone waiting patiently.


Three hours later he was starting to get worried, when the large gateway started to open

Once the light faded there in the door between one life and the next, in all his leather glory and mounted on a red motorcycle, stood Yami the Pharaoh of Egypt

"Hey Gorgeous, you miss me?"



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