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Chapter one

The young woman huddled in the doorway and watched the red brick building across the road from her. She watched intently each figure that came and left the building, hoping to spot him, praying she would recognise him. Slowly with fingers tuning blue she pulled the thin trench coat closer around her frail shoulders, brushing at the long hair falling in an unkempt mess around her shoulders. The mass of knotted dark curls her only protection from the biting damp wind blowing around her ears. She shivered, a feeble attempt from a body that had stood too long in the cold winter weather of Washington, a body that had started to slowly shut down from the hardships it had endured living on the streets of too many cities, too many towns. She blinked the water from her eyes, telling herself it was the rain and not the warm salt of her own tears. With a despondent sigh she watched as yet another man walked from the building, opening an umbrella in protection from the icy rain falling from the sky. She shook her head slowly and pushed herself wearily away from the doorway she had stood in for too long; knowing that to stay there any longer would bring unwanted attention on her, attention she knew from experience she could not afford. With heavy steps and a heavier heart she slowly and painfully walked away from the building that had been her last hope. Lost in her thoughts and misery she didn't hear the car careen around the corner, its brakes failing on the slick wet tarmac. She never saw it mount the pavement, its lights trapping her like some grotesque deer. She never felt the cold metal impact her body. As she flew through the air, her only thoughts were of the man she was looking for. The man with no face or name, just a memory etched in her mind, a memory that smelt of freshly carved wood.

As she fell to the wet road, her only image was that of a strange wooden skeleton and the feeling of security as the man cradled her in his arms. As she lay there on the ground she never heard the sound of the car horn blaring, the shouts of the people hurrying to her aid, all she heard was the man from her memory gently calling a name, a name that had no meaning to her, a name she knew was once hers. With that last thought everything went black and the memories ceased as the pain began.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo opened his umbrella as he exited the NCIS headquarters, pulling his coat collar up against the icy wind blowing along the street. He wished to God he hadn't spilled Gibbs's coffee, not only had it gotten him a smack around the head but it had also necessitated the trip out into the rain to procure a replacement. This day had just gone from bad to worse with each breath he had taken today, he thought sourly, as he started to walk towards the coffee shop. No way could it get any worse though he consoled himself as he turned to cross the street. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind though than a car sped round the corner, hitting a large puddle as it passed by him, spraying up a mountain of thick muddy water from the street. Tony stood frozen in time and space as the water seemed to hit him with full force in slow motion. As he stood there dripping with filthy water he turned just in time to see the car mount the pavement, it's headlights highlighting a figure in the centre of its beam. Without thought he threw down the umbrella, shouting a warning as he sped across the road in a vain attempt to prevent the inevitable from happening. He watched in horror as the person was thrown into the air, landing in a sprawled heap on the wet road, and the car screeching to a halt some distance away. He heard others approaching, and barked an order for someone to call 911, seeing the security guards from the NCIS building he shouted at them to get Dr Mallard. Not bothering to see if they obeyed, knowing instinctively that they would, he crouched down on the rain soaked road and checked for a pulse.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Abby Sciuto, a forensic analyst with the NCIS stood in her basement lab and sucked from the large cup of Caf Pow that had mysteriously appeared on her desk ten minutes ago. Her dark eyes twinkled as she thought of its delivery. Gibbs had yelled at her earlier and this was as close to an apology as she would ever get from him, but it was all she ever needed. Gibbs, otherwise known as Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was her boss and lover. As a Boss he was a terror, he demanded the impossible, expected miracles on a daily basis and never told you what a great job you were doing. But you always knew by the little things, a Caf Pow, or a slight smile in his eyes, or just by the way he didn't kill you that he was pleased with you.

Now as a lover, he was something else entirely, she thought with a huge impish grin. He was incredible, gentle and patient, but still Gibbs, just a different Gibbs, She grinned at her convoluted thoughts, slurping loudly at the dregs of her drink.

"Hope that grin means you have my results" A voice growled in her ear, causing her to splutter her drink all over the floor.

"You made me lose my drink" Abby howled, staring in dismay at the last of the brutal caffeine drink sparkling in the dim lighting of the lab before looking up into the blue eyes of Gibbs.

"That was the last of it" she told him, as she shook the empty cup at him, the ice cubes rattling in the bottom. Gibbs stared at her silently, before his hand reached out, snatched the cup and threw it smoothly into the trash can in the corner.

"You drink too many anyway" he told her, his eyebrow raising slightly "My results" he continued without missing a beat.

Abby narrowed her eyes slightly, her chin rising in defiance as she spun towards her computer. She grinned as she felt her long jet black pigtail catch the side of Gibbs's face. The grin fading as she yelped in pain, as the same pigtail was gripped in his hand, halting her forward motion abruptly.

"Don't do that again" he warned her softly as he used the pigtail to pull her against him. "You wont like the reprisal" he whispered softly into her ear, letting go abruptly and stepping away, his action almost sending her crashing to the ground.

"Don't bet on it" she taunted him, her eyes wide and flashing before she once more moved to her screen. Before she reached her destination, she heard a loud screeching from the small windows looking out onto the street above her lab. The screeching was followed by the loud and continuous sound of a car horn. By the time she had turned to Gibbs in concern, he had already made his way to the doorway of her lab.

"Get Ducky" Gibbs barked, not breaking his long smooth run to the stairs that would take him to street level.

Abby spun round, her finger hitting the speed dial button that would connect her to the NCIS medical examiner Dr Donald Mallard, aka Ducky.