Gar hated winter. It was so cold, and damp, and cold, and wet, and cold.

There were animals that could stand cold temperatures – even extremely cold temperatures – but not as many as liked warmth. And even with Sakutia, Gar was still warm-blooded – and had a body temperature higher than even most metas, let alone normal humans – and thus, loathed the cold.

He was buried underneath three fleece blankets, two layers of flannel sheets, and a down comforter, and he was still shivering. He wrapped himself up in his covers, burrowing deep inside them like a caterpillar in its cocoon, and moaned miserably. The thing he hated most about being cold was that it always brought to mind the tried-and-true method of warming up, preferred by both animals and humans – sharing body heat with another living being.

And the lack of anyone to cuddle with always reminded him that he was alone, which just made him even more miserable.

Gar buried his head in his pillow and curled himself into a fetal position, trying to shake off a chill that was all-too internal. Even reminding himself that he was only physically alone, and only for the moment, didn't help to warm him up.

The muffled noise of a door being slammed – the door to his room, in fact – caused Gar's pointed ears to perk up and towards the sound. There was a soft buzzing, and the familiar sound of a spandex uniform being removed at superspeed, and just as quickly replaced with something soft-sounding (most likely cotton), before an extremely warm body phased through his bedcovers and wrapped itself around him without even a by-your-leave.

Not that Bart needed to even ask with him. That's what being boyfriends was all about. And Gar was warming up nicely now that Bart was in bed with him.

Gar closed his eyes, opening them again once he had a cat's night vision and risked a glance down at his sleeping mate. Bart was cuddled against his chest, curled around him like two mated squirrels sharing each other's tails for warmth. He was snoring softly in those cartoonish intermittent bursts he favored, and vibrating ever-so-slightly. Gar was the one who could turn into baby animals, but Bart had him beat in the cute department.

In less time that it had taken him to blink, Gar had gone from being cold and miserable to being warm and…wanted.

Gar loved winter.