Sabrina the teenage witch + Danny Phantom crossover.

In this story it is Danny's 16th birthday and Sabrina is 15. One day Sabrina and Hilda get very bored. Sabrina decides to conjure a superhero. To their surprise, Danny shows up. Sam, Jazz and Tucker think he is playing a trick and planning to tell his parents. What else would they think when Danny disappeared into thin air? For some reason the Witches Council is testing Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda's magic. They can still make things appear but they can't return people to their home. Danny calls his parents and has to stay with these strangers. Wait, did that cat talk? Ooh lets get to it!

Chapter One: What now?

"Aunt Hilda, I'm bored." Moaned Sabrina.

"Why don't you practice your magic and conjure someone exciting?" suggested Hilda.

"Thanks Aunt Hilda, you always know what to do. Now, who should I conjure?" Sabrina asked her aunt while lying on her bed.

It was an average Sunday afternoon for Sabrina. Valerie was busy spending time with her family and Harvey was angry at Sabrina for an unknown reason. So, Sabrina was doomed to spend time at her house with her two aunts and their cat/witch, Salem. Right at this moment Sabrina was lying on her bed while her aunt Hilda was flipping through her magic book.

"I have a great idea, why don't you conjure up a superhero?" she suggested.

"Happy birthday Danny! I can't believe you're 16 already!" Sam squealed as she handing him a present.

"Thanks Sam, you really didn't have to!" laughed Danny.

"But I did!" she said.

"ok." Danny muttered and opened the present.

Inside was a brand new Playstation 2 and five games.

"Gee, thanks Sam! I really really wanted these! When's Tucker going to be here?" Danny thanked Sam as he looked at the games.

"Hey Dan my man! Happy birthday!" Tucker congratulated him as he walked in.

"Tucker, I was waiting for you! We are going to have SO much fun tonight!" Danny informed him.

"Here, I got you a present. It might not be as good as Sam's but it's the thought that counts, right?" Tucker handed him a box.

Danny opened it and looked inside. All of his favourite comics. Nobody knew him better than Sam and Tucker.

"Thanks for all the presents guys; mom's almost done with the cake I think. Luckily they didn't make it this year, it could be contaminated." Danny let out a sigh of relief.

Tucker and Sam started laughing. A lot of the times Danny's parents made something it would end up alive, or undead. Something like that. Once, the turkey got off the plate and started walking around the table. Luckily Jazz was there to protect Danny. This was before he got his powers.

"KIDS, CAKES READY!" Maddie called out to them from inside the kitchen.

They raced inside and grabbed a plate. It was strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Sam was original and liked vanilla, Tucker liked strawberry and Danny like chocolate. They ate up the cake quickly and the whole family and Danny's two friends gathered around Danny in the living room.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy 16th to Danny! Happy birthday to you! Hip, hurray! Hip, hurray! Hip hurray!" they all sang.

"WOO I'M SIXTEEN! FINALLY! yelled Danny.

Just as he finished this line, he disappeared out of sight.

"Danny?" they all said in unison.

Sorry if you aren't a fan of Sabrina but please, read this. It is going to be very good, and please, if you can be bothered, REVIEW! I know people don't pay attention to the writing but I am begging, I haven't been reviewed in ages, I'm thinking of giving up! 