Chapter Seven: No Place Like Home.

Danny awoke to a small, green room. It was somewhere in the ghost zone, that's all he knew. He didn't know where and he didn't know who it belonged to. He just hoped he was safe. He was on a quite uncomfortable floor and looked down at his legs. Jeans, he was human. The reason he was on the floor was because humans sunk through everything in the ghost zone. Everything except the floor. Danny stood up and transformed into Danny Phantom.

"Ah, I see you have awoken." Came an old voice.

"Clockwork! But how, why?" Danny asked.

"You need to remember, you are my responsibility now, and I won't let anything happen to you. I got a message from your little friend Sam so I went to find you, luckily I got there jus in time, skulker was about to kill you. I snatched you and flew you to my personal lair. Isn't it cosy? I decorated it myself!" clockwork explained.

"wow, thanks clockwork, I owe it all to you. Yes, it is quite cosy. Can you help me get back home?" Danny asked.

"I'm sorry Danny, I can't. I am forbidden to do that. You will need to find your own way home, I suggest you start as soon as you can." clockwork informed him.

"oh, alright, I will be off then. Thanks, bye!" Danny said.

"that's alright." Clockwork laughed.

Danny waved to clockwork and changed back into a human. He didn't feel like flying at this moment, maybe later. If he was human, the ghosts couldn't touch him and he would be safe. Danny walked past skulkers lair and saw skulker sulking on the edge. His face brightened when he saw Danny.

"ah, whelp, I see you are back!" skulker laughed.

"no, I'm going home and there is nothing you can do about it." Danny said as he walked right past him.

"listen to me, you aren't going home because I am going to finish you and put your pelt on my wall." Skulker threatened.

Danny just smiled and kept on walking. Skulker didn't know that ghosts couldn't touch humans in the ghost zone; it might be a little fun. Skulker threw himself at Danny and went right through him. He tried again and again and again but always failed.

"why… cant… I… touch… you?" yelled skulker, still throwing himself at Danny.

"face it skulker, I'm not just a ghost, I'm human. The ghost zone isn't the place for me, I just sink through everything." Danny laughed.

"why you little whelp! I will get you for this, mark my words! I WILL GET YOU Danny PAHNTOM!" yelled skulker.

By now all the ghosts that were passing by were looking at skulker trying to get Danny.

"he isn't the ghost boy, he's human, why, he looks like my grandson." Said an old, wrinkled ghost.

"HE IS THE GHOST BOY! TRUE, HE IS!" yelled skulker.

Skulker fired his gun at the old ghost that stood at the front of the crowd. Danny ran over and pushed her out of the way. for some reason, ghosts couldn't touch him but he could touch ghosts. Danny was punching skulker and he walked back and was about to start again. He power walked towards skulker. The old ghost floated in front of Danny which made him stop.

"now, let me get a good look at you. Is that you, Danny? Danny, Fenton, is that you?" asked the ghost.

"GRANDMA!" yelled Danny.

He tried to throw his arms around her but he fell through.

"oh, right." Danny said to himself.

He transformed into Danny Phantom and hugged her. she returned the hug but pulled away very quickly.

"you, are dead? You are Danny Phantom?" asked Danny's grandma.

"I'm not dead, well not fully. The ghost portal my parents made half killed me. and yes, I am Danny Phantom, people say I am bad, but I'm a good ghost, honest." Danny told her.

"oh, sweetie, does Jack and Maddie know?" asked his grandma.

"no, only Jazz, Sam and Tucker know. It is hard to tell them because they are ghost hunters and I am a ghost." Danny informed her.

"well, where are you going?" asked grandma.

"well, it was my sixteenth birthday a few days ago, I got transported into another dimension, a ghost brought me in here, I passed out, clockwork saved me and now I am heading back towards the Fenton portal." Danny explained.

"can I come with you? It would be nice to see little Jackie again." Sighed grandma.

"sure, it wont be far, but for now I am going to stay human but, please don't tell them, I want to tell them myself!" begged Danny.

"sure thing, lets get going." She said.

Danny transformed into his human half and they continued walking (or floating in his grandmas case) towards the portal. After about half an hour they saw the Fenton portal straight ahead. They walked up towards it and noticed it was closed.

"what are you going to do, the portal is closed?" asked grandma.

"I have a button to open it; I always keep this near my just I case." Danny told her.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a button thing. He pushed the big, green button and the portal opened.


On the other side of the portal, Maddie and Jack Fenton were looking around for the Fenton Thermos. They made sure they shut the ghost portal the other day, just in case ghosts came out, Jazz had told them it was a good idea. Hey, she was smart! They were shocked when the portal slowly opened. The only people who had the buttons were in their family. just then, Danny walked out chatting to an old ghost. he looked ahead of him and jumped when he saw his parents.

"DANNY! YOU'RE OKAY! WE WERE SOO WORRIED!" Maddie squealed as she threw her arms around Danny.

"be careful, ghosts are very dangerous." Jack whispered in his ears.

"hey mom, hey dad, hows it going?" Danny asked, sounding casual.

"we are soo glad you are back!" Maddie squealed.

Jazz, Sam and Tucker had heard all the noise and came running downstairs.

"DANNY!" they all squealed and hugged him.

"I missed you soo much!" Sam cried.

"um, Danny? Why did you bring a ghost with you?" asked Tucker, pointing at the lonely ghost standing next to him.

"oh, mom, dad, Jazz, ITS GRANDMA!" Danny yelled.

"MOM!" Jack yelled.

They all hugged. They went into the lounge room to discuss what had happened in the past year. Grandma told them how she finally met Danny Phantom and he was actually quite nice and protected her. (it was true.) when she had finished a figure appeared in front of all of them. the colour and details slowly appeared and Danny recognised her instantly.

"Sabrina!" Danny yelled.

He hugged her and was glad that she was okay.

"Danny, I'm so glad you are safe! When that ghost took you off and you both disappeared, I was kinda worried. I called Sam instantly and then she told me not to worry about it, she would deal with it." Sabrina explained.

"who are you?" asked Maddie.

"oh, I'm Sabrina, I'm a witch. I accidentally brought Danny to my world and my magic got taken away, well some of it." Sabrina explained.

"oh, well, please don't do it again." Maddie said calmly.

"have you told them?" Sabrina asked.

"nope, not yet. Can you, it is hard to think of the words?" Danny pleaded.

"sure, guys, listen up. Danny's half ghost." Sabrina said as if it were nothing.

Maddie and Jack were totally shocked. They were the only ones too, because everyone else already knew. Danny sat down and told them everything about all of his adventures. They listened and reacted quite calmly.


"Sam, I love you and I have for a long time." Danny told her.

The two were sitting on the roof in the dark. They had a long day and wanted some time to talk in private. Sabrina had left and Danny's parents were still discussing Danny's ghost powers.

"I love you too Danny." Sam said.

They leaned together and kissed, their first real kiss as a couple. It was an unforgettable moment that they shared.

"how sweet!" Tucker laughed.

"TUCKER!" Danny and Sam yelled.