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Chpt 12

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"With your acting and all...I liked it and was pleased. Although I would much rather have you with no acting at all." He got closer to her and leaned down toward her ear, whispering. "Maybe we can try another time, and perhaps then...you might find me quite more pleasuring." He then moved back and disappeared in a flash. Hinata blinked repeatedly, and then rubbed her eyes, looked around, yet there was no one around.

"...phew..." Hinata straighten her messy midnight blue hair as she started heading back home. 'I can make my own happiness? Hmph, easy for him to say.'



Naruto walked into the Uchiha district and headed toward the compound that belonged to Sasuke. Hinata had left in such a hurry and such a horrible state; he was worried. He knew he had done something wrong but didn't know what; he needed to know if Hinata was alright. As he walked, he passed an abandon Uchiha police station, another abandon pharmacy, a small empty house and finally he reached his destination. He walked up to the front door and knock several times, until somebody slowly opened the door.

"What do you want Naruto?" Sasuke asked with a frown on his face; he was not pleased at all to see him. Naruto was once Hinata's boyfriend and so, he didn't want Naruto near his house but specially, near his wife.

Naruto gaved him a weak smile while he scratched the left side of his head, just above his ear. "Eh...hey Sasuke...uhm..." Naruto leaned toward the right just a bit, trying to peek behind Sasuke; hoping he might see Hinata but nothing. As soon as Naruto noticed Sasuke growl under his breath, he composed himself again. "Sasuke...has...has Hinata come home already?"

Sasuke scowl deepend, he did not like the fact that Naruto was outside his compound asking for his wife. The nerve! "Why should you care?" Sasuke hissed at Naruto; he needed to let him know that he wanted him to back away and to leave his wife alone.

Although, his dear blonde hair friend didn't get the hidden message. "Huh? Oh...uhm, well. Hinata came to my house this morning and -" Naruto was cut by a slamming door. Sasuke had shut the door on his face, leaving him speechless. "Geez! What is your problem Sasuke-bastard! I just wanted to check on Hinata and see if she was doing alright." He tried knocking on the door again but this time the door didn't open again, so at the end, he just gaved up and went back home.


Sasuke was angry, really angry. His wife had gone to her ex-boyfriend's house and he was not feeling that confident anymore. Sure, Hinata had been more loving towards him and seemed to start loving him back...yet...he couldn't help but feel insecure. "She went to his house...why? ---Did she sleep with him?" An image of Hinata in Naruto's arm appeared in his mind; he slightly shook his head, trying to get rid of the image.

He decided that he needed to clear his mind, so he went to the backyard and trained. His training would consist of beating a pole, as he imagine the dobe's face on it. Now that, was sure to calm him down a bit.


Hinata was walking through the busy streets of Konoha, still thinking about what Itachi had told her. She was surprised that Itachi had known she was faking; Sasuke and even Naruto never even seemed to realized that. When she had gone to Naruto, she was hoping that maybe, she could hurt Sasuke but failed completely. Well...fail...not really, since she did get to sleep with Itachi and that would be even worst than sleeping with Naruto. Yet, she was afraid...afraid that Sasuke or anyone would find out, since Itachi was a missing nin and he had killed mostly his entire clan. If Sasuke knew that she slept with Itachi, he would definately have no mercy with her, compare to what he would do if she had slept with Naruto. So, in a way, she knew that she wouldn't be in so much trouble if she had slept with Naruto...but Itachi was something else. If she told Sasuke and he told the Hokage or the people...she would be punished or perhaps banished. No, she definately couldn't tell Sasuke about this.

She suddenly stopped her walk as a though came to mind, 'What if Itachi returns to Konoha and tells Sasuke?' She dropped her head and sighed, "My life just keeps on going from bad to worst and its all my fault." She resumed walking afterwards.

As she walked, some people were given her weird looks; she didn't understand why, that is until a young guy had the nerve to tell her. Even though, he was mocking her, but at least she got the point. "Hmph, rough sex, huh? You might want to take a shower and change clothes." With that, the young guy left her as he laughed.

Careful that nobody catched her, she tried sniffing her jacket. The only smell she could smell was sweat and dirt...there wasn't anything wrong with that! Suddenly she caught the smell of something, it almost went unnoticeable by her but it was there...something she recognized. The same scent that filled the room after being intimate with Sasuke, that scent that would get stuck in Sasuke's, as well as her body until a shower was taken. Her eyes widen. She had, in a certain way, become accustomed to the smell that it became imperceptable to her. She had been walking around town with that scent and to make things worst, she saw her reflection on window of a store; she was a mess, her capri pants were rip a bit on the side, the back of her pant as well as her top was somewhat torned.

She needed to get home quickly, she needed to get away from all this people, she needed a shower badly and clean clothes; she needed to get home quickly. She started running fast toward the Uchiha district, hoping not to encounter Sasuke on the way or at home.


Hinata had finally arrived home and didn't see any signs of Sasuke in the house. She gaved a loud sigh and headed toward the room; she immediately grabbed clean clothes and headed toward the shower. She needed to get rid of the evidence of her 'crime'.


Sasuke was in the backyard training when he felt Hinata's presence enter the compound. He felt her go around the house; probably looking for him; then finally settling in their room.

'So she is back.' A scowl adorned his face as he remembered Naruto's visit earlier. 'I need to clear this out...but...I just need to be a little bit discreet about this. I have to find if she is hidding anything from me. I'll find a way to trap her and catch her in a lie...if she is lying to me.' With this in mind he headed inside.


As he made his way to their room, he started thinking on how to catch her in a lie. He started plotting how he would approach the subject.

He slidded the door open and entered the room, slidding it close once inside. He started walking towards the bed and sat on it, facing the bathroom door, waiting for her.

After a few minutes he heard the water stop running, then some shuffling, some silence, then some more shuffling and finally the door opened. Before Sasuke stood a clean and startled Hinata with a towel wrapped on her head.

"S-Sasuke...ah...when did you get here?" She asked as she tried to relax a bit.

"I was here all along." He simply stated as he continue watching her, which of course made Hinata nervous.

She diverted her eyes toward the side, "Ah."

There was silence in the room for a while and Hinata was feeling uncomfortable.

"What did you do today?" Hinata's head snapped towards Sasuke's direction and she looked at him for a while, almost afraid that he might know something.

"...I..." She knew she needed to evade his questions and be careful in answering. If she was not careful she might say something that will incriminate her. "I went around town and did some stuff."

'Stuff? Like what? Go to Naruto's place? Sleep with him?' Sasuke's eyes narrowed for an instant before returning to normal, Hinata noticed this and became suspicious. 'Does he know something?'

"Hn." Sasuke looked indiffent and didn't say anymore.

"...Why do you ask?" Her question caught his attention, as he turned to look at her with a small scowl plaster on his face.

"What, don't I have a right to know where my wife is? Or with who she is?" He spat out, only to realize he had spoiled his plan to subtly catch her lying. When Hinata's eyes widen in realization, he knew he was screwed.

"Ahh, so you are jealous, eh?" Hinata gaved him a playful smile. 'Oh and here I thought he knew something about Itachi. Crazy me.'

Sasuke didn't answer, he just stayed quiet and looked away.

Hinata walked up to him and sat next to him on the bed. She laid her head his shoulder, giving a small sigh she asked, "Sasuke...are you afraid that I might run into somebody else's arms, when I have you?"

He tilted his head towards her, "It might happen."

Hinata gaved a low laugh, 'If you only knew it did happened. I can't believe it, if you are suffering right now with doubts, I bet you would suffer more if you knew the truth. Sigh, too bad that I can't tell you about Itachi.' Her hands wrapped around Sasuke's arm, "Sasuke, don't be foolish."

"...Naruto came looking for you."

She stayed quiet for a momment, she didn't know if Naruto had told Sasuke about her going to his apartment. She could lie and pretend she was surprised, but then again, if Naruto did tell Sasuke, then he would call her a lier. No, she couldn't take that chance.

She leaned away from him, causing him to turn around and look at her. His dark eyes locked with her pale ones. They looked at each other for a while, until Hinata silence.

Looking straight into his eyes, she said in a sad tone, "I didn't sleep with Naruto, if that is what you are worry about."

Sasuke's eyes widen for a momment, only to blink them back to normal. The way she had said it made him feel...guilty...like he had been accusing her unfairly. His eyes darted away from Hinata's. He couldn't look at her straight in the eyes. He had been assuming things, doubting Hinata before asking her and hearing her side.

"So your the jeolous type, huh?" She asked in a playful tone, trying to catch Sasuke's attention. Yet, Sasuke didn't turn towards her. To him, her tone, although playful, was mocking. It was as if she was mocking him...pointing a weakness and laughing in his face.

"Tell me Sasuke..." her tone turned serious, "is Naruto the only one that makes you feel uncomfortable? Jealous? Is he the only one you fear could rip me away from your side? ... Is it because we used to date?"

Sasuke slowly turned to her, "No." She looked into his eyes, waiting for him to explain. "I...-Sigh-...I am jealous of every guy. You are very beautiful and unique. I just...sigh..." Sasuke rolled his eyes in desperation. How could he explain what he felt without making himself look more pathetic. Impossible.

He soon snap out of his trance as he heard Hinata laugh. "So...do you also think I slept with Kiba?" Hinata asked in a playful tone, trying to relax Sasuke.

He looked at her for a while before raising a brow and asking, "Did you?"

"Nope." She beamed.

There was silence for a few seconds, only to be fallowed by a question, "Shino?"

"No." With her playful tone, he was finally starting to get the hang of this 'game'. He gaved her a small smile, "What about...Neji?"

Hinata's eyes widen, "Huh, no...nada." She then gaved a small laugh.




"Uhm... No."


- They continued their little 'game' until mostly every male in Konoha was mention.-

"No Sasuke, I have not slept with any of those guys. Satisfy?" She asked with surety. She had not lied and she knew well that he noticed this.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "Hmph. Fine, so now I know you haven't slept with any of those guys. Yet, what about Sakura, Ino or even your sensei?"

Hinata's eyes almost bulged out, "WHAT???"

Sasuke just shrugged, "Who knows. I just have to make sure I didn't end up marrying a lesbian."

"Sasuke!" Hinata gaved him a playful hit.

He gaved her a small smile before becoming serious, causing Hinata to do the same.

"It is good to know that you are mine and only mine. --- It should always be that way." Hinata blinked a few times. His voice seemed to be sending a warning; telling her to stay loyal to him or else. "You are mine."


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