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You still love him?

Chapter one

He knew her as Hinata the girl who had a crush on Naruto. Her face would completely turn red when he was around. She would stutter more than usual and sometimes...Faint.

She was interesting to watch...to observe while nobody notice.

She had been in his mind for quite a while. He didn't know why. Everytime he was saw her or was near her hewould feel weird...he would feel his heart beat faster and his body tempeture rising. He would always be able to control his outer emotions. He was good at hiding his feeling. If anybody saw him next to Hinata, they would swear that that Uchiha boy had no interest in the girl and saw her like any other girl. THEY WERE WRONG.

He saw her on the training field...she was crying bitterly. She was not training at all. She had just gone out there to cry and not be bother.

He started walking toward her. She heard him but paid no attention to him, she just got up and started heading the other way, leaving Sasuke alone in the field.

"You are crying for that Baka aren't you?" sasuke's word stopped Hinata." I saw what happened today..I-"

"It is none of your business" she said without stuttering but full of sorrow.

"hn...I guess you are as stupid as you look..." sasuke said in a mocking way "why cry for a guy like him anyway...he is not worth your cries...He doesn't even know you exist."

His words were more painful than being stab.

"Hmm...I..." she wasn't able to say anymore.

"You stilllovehim after knowing he only likes Sakura? hmp...Why? are you that stupid?"

"I love him...h-he...h-he is the one t-that gives me c-confidense...and the only one t-that s-seems to care for m-me...I-I know h-he w-will never n-notice me." her stuttering came back.

"Hmmm...you should not suffer for him..." sasuke stayed quiet for a while and looked at the ground for while, thinking.

"Look...don't get the wrong idea or anything alright!" Hinata looked at him wondering what he was about to say.

"Look...I can help you with Naruto...I know a way he will notice you"

"Y-you do?"

"Yes. But you have to do what I tell you"

"Uhh..well...I-I don't k-know...w-what will I do?"


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"I'll help you win Naruto's heart...lets make him jealous...since he is always competative with me...he will surely go after you when he knows we are dating."