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Chapter 10

more than

Sasuke stopped, "Just drop it will you?" he didn't even look at Naruto when talking to him.

"What thing? That Hinata dumped you?" Naruto started snickering.

'She isn't even my real girlfriend. Just rub it in Narutard.'

Sasuke was about to walk away when he suddenly felt a tug on his shirt. He turned around and was surprised to see Hinata.

"Sasuke, c-could you help me put the necklace on?" She gave him a small smile.

"Sure." He returned the smile. He knew Hinata had only accepted the necklace because of what Naruto did to him, but it was o.k. because Hinata accepted the necklace...for now.

' Thank you Narutard.'


Sasuke looked down into a blushing white eye girl. He could notice the difficulty she had to keep eye contact with him and that made him smile. She slowly lifter her clutched right hand up to him and open it, revealing the necklace. He smiled and then looked at Naruto from the corner of his eye. Naruto was frozen up, mouth wide open and his index finger pointing at them.

"H-here." Sasuke looked back at Hinata and took the necklace out of her hand, once more caressing her hand as he took hold of the necklace. His smile grew even more when he noticed her blush go deeper.

"Turn around Hinata." Sasuke ordered and Hinata obeyed. He slowly put the necklace on her, making sure Naruto watched. Oh, and he did. Naruto was now pouting, stomping his feet several times like a little kid and then crossing his arms over his chest with a big frown.

Sasuke turned Hinata slowly toward him, so that they could be face to face. He looked down at her, while she kept on looking into his chest. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head up, making her look at him.

"Hinata...do you want...do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"I-I..." She looked at Naruto for a brief momment before looking at Sasuke once more. Her eyes darted down. 'Naruto...Sasuke. I don't want to humiliate Sasuke in front of Naruto, he did try to help me get Naruto.'

Sasuke noticed her hesitation, he furrowed his brows and looked at the reason to her hesitation. 'Naruto.'

Naruto noticed Hinata's silent to Sasuke's question and a small smile formed on his face. Naruto closed his eyes and laughed, "Hehehe," both Sasuke and Hinata turned to look at him. "it seems Hinata doesn't want to be your girlfriend anymore. Well, Sasuke, I guess you just have to be happy with just being friends with Hinata. It is way too obvious that Hinata doesn't want to be your gi-"

"You are wrong Naruto...I-I...I do want to be Sasuke's girlfriend once more...but...but...I just..." Hinata looked back at Sasuke as if asking for help. She didn't know what else to say...what excuse to give Naruto.

"Sigh, Hinata..." Sasuke paused for a momment to think on a perfect excuse as to why she had hesitated. "...Hinata. Look..."

Naruto narrowed his brows, hunched and looked back and forth from Sasuke to Hinata. 'There is something fishy going on.'

"Uhh...Hi-" Sasuke was quickly cut off by Hinata, catching both Naruto's and Sasuke's attention.

"Sasuke, I-I will not date you unless you ask my father." Both males opened their eyes wide. She noticed their reaction and tried to make the story more believeable. "I...what I mean...what I mean is that I don't want to pass through the trouble of dating you, yet not having my father know. Risking every day of him finding about our r-relationship by someone else but us. I...I mean...we will get in trouble and I don't want that. I-"

"You mean to tell me your father never knew about it? But how? --- You guys have been displaying yourself in the whole town...yet your father doesn't know about it?" Naruto gaved them an incredulous look.

"Sigh...Yest Naruto." Sasuke decided to go on with the story. "Hinata's father is a really harsh man and who knows if he would allow me to date his daughter...so...so I just started dating Hinata without asking him permission." Sasuke cough a bit to give himself some time to think on some more things to make up. "...So...you don't probably know this, since you are not from a clan like we are but..." By this comment Naruto was now popping a vein on his forehead, as his eyes started bulging. "To date someone, we have to ask that person's father permission. Only with the father's blessing can we start dating...and maybe later on...Marry."

"WHAT!" Naruto was shocked by the last statement. "You are going to marry Hinata? But you are dark, weird, a loner, quiet, a loser, and-"

"Naruto please stop." Naruto stopped blabbering and looked at Hinata.

"I am sorry Hinata. I guessed I got kind of carried away. I am sorry if I offended you in any way by offending Sasuke." Naruto started scratching the back of his head as he looked at Hinata. "Hahaha, I guess you really love Sasuke and he loves you back."

Hinata gasped as she felt a warm embrased. She looked at Sasuke, whose face was not visible since he had hunched, sinking his head on her neck.

"Oh believe me Naruto...I love this girl more than you can imagine." Hinata started flushing. 'Why am I blushing? I know he is just saying this as an act, to fool Naruto...yet I can't help it...he is so believable.'

"Ah...more than I like Sakura?" Naruto asked out of curiosity.

"More." Sasuke answered with so much passion in his voice.

"Huh? More than I love Ramen?" Naruto asked.

"...Much more." Sasuke said, inhailing Hinata's scent afterwards.

Naruto blinked more than once, looking almost like a flirty girl. "Ooooo...I see...well...I guess I am not needed here...so I'll leave you two...alone. BYE!" Naruto quickly started running away. 'Oh, I can't wait to tell Sakura about this...I wonder where she has been lately, I haven't seen her in a while. Is she hiding from me?'

Sasuke continued holding Hinata in a hug as was drifting into fantasy land every time he smelled her scent, never noticing that Naruto was long gone.

"Uh...Sasuke?" Sasuke didn't gave any signs that he had heard her, so she tried again. "Sasuke...Naruto is gone, you can now let go of-"

"I love her more than my own life." His hold on her tighten as if he was afraid that she might escape from him if he let go of her.

"SASUKE!" Hinata yelled brought Sasuke back to earth. He snapped his head out of her neck and looked at her for a while before Hinata spoke. "Sasuke, Naruto is gone. There is no more need for you to keep on acting."

Sasuke let go of her and decided it was better not to say anything. He just looked at her.

"Uh...Sasuke...I have to go home. See you later." Hinata started heading home, but then she sensed that Sasuke was fallowing her a few steps behind. She stopped, without turning back, she just stood there waiting for him to reach her side; once he had reached her side, they started walking toward the Hyuuga complex in silence.


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