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The air was warm and a breeze blew through the garden. There were a few heat bugs buzzing and a couple birds chirping in the trees. The sky was blue and only a few clouds were speckled here and there. It really was a lovely day.

Her little green eyes looked around at this peaceful world and she took it all in. She sat in her mother's lap and was quite comfortable. She was just getting used to this new world around her, and she liked it as much as she was timid about it.

A green butterfly landed on her nose and for a moment she didn't know what to do. She wasn't sure what this creature was or why it was perched on her nose, but she liked it and she let out a giggle. After a few seconds it flew off of her nose and morphed back into her father. She was a little shocked, but smiled at the sight of him.

"I hope you realize how lucky you are," Raven said to her daughter. "Not many fathers can give actual butterfly kisses." She looked up to Beast Boy and smiled.

"I think she knows," said Beast Boy gently taking his daughter out of Ravens lap and lifting her into the air. He lay back on his back and made funny faces to her, making her giggle and laugh.

Raven smiled and crawled to her feet. She had been sitting on a blanket with her daughter, enjoying the quietness and allowing her child to get used to the outdoors. But now that her father had her, Raven could stretch her legs and get some tea.

Beast Boy's arms finally got tired and he lowered his daughter onto his chest. She got comfortable and plopped her thumb in her mouth, ready to fall asleep. Beast Boy kissed the top of her head and closed his eyes. He gently rubbed her back and soon she was fast asleep.

Raven came back out and saw the two quite relaxed as they lay on the ground. She smiled and walked over to them, sitting back down on the blanket. She sipped her tea and saw Beast Boy open his eyes and look over to her.

"Comfortable?" asked Raven.

"Yes," he said with a grin.

She smiled back and took another sip of her tea. She closed her eyes and let a warm breeze kiss her cheeks. She sighed happily and felt her mind center. "I swear, she's on your chest more than mine."

"Well, maybe I'm just more comfortable," said Beast Boy.

"Excuse me, mine give off a steady supply of food," said Raven. "I think I win."

Beast Boy laughed and slowly sat up, keeping a hand on his daughter's back so she wouldn't move at all. She twitched a little bit, but went right back to sleep. She had light skin and the soft hair on her head resembled the violets that grew in the garden, with green stems and all.

"She's so beautiful," said Raven softly as she scooted closer to Beast Boy and softly ran her fingers across her daughter's head, admiring her little ears that were hinting towards pointed.

"Are you surprised?" chuckled Beast Boy.

"A little," she said. "I mean, with our unstable genes who knows what could have happened."

"Well, I think the balance is just right," said Beast Boy looking at the sleeping baby on his chest. "She's all of our good points wrapped into one."

"So… she's got your good looks and my intelligence?" she asked with a smirk.

He smiled and slowly took the babe off of his chest. He laid her down on her back on the blanket and she didn't wake for a moment. "I think she looks like you, actually."

"Well that's a shame," she sighed.

"Oh yeah," he said sarcastically. "It's a shame that our daughter resembles a goddess that walks the Earth."

Raven rolled her eyes, while smiling, and tackled him. Now he was back on his back, but this time Raven was lying on his chest. "A goddess?" she said with a smile. "You only use that sort of talk when you want something."

"No, I already got all I want from you," he said casually.

"Oh, is that so?" asked Raven with an evil smile. She crawled off of him and sat up. "Good, now I can finally get my bed back."

"What?" asked Beast Boy, sitting up.

"Well, if you don't need anything else from me, then you can go right back to the Titans tower," she said plainly.

"You want me to leave?" he said, disbelieving.

"Well I certainly don't want you mooching off of me," said Raven, taking her daughter and standing up. "I'll go pack your things up."

Beast Boy quickly scurried to his feet and followed her into the house. She went to the nursery and placed her daughter down so she could sleep. Then she headed over to her bedroom and took out a suitcase.

"Okay, okay!" he said grabbing the suitcase. "Uncle! I'm sorry."

Raven smiled and crossed her arms. "So, you haven't gotten all you've wanted from me?"

"How could I ever get enough of you?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close. Raven tried to keep her attitude, but couldn't help but smile. He kissed her sweetly and she practically melted in his arms.

They had been waiting for this for so long; to finally be together. Their daughter was four months old now. She had basically been a normal infant, keeping them up at night. But she was an easy baby and they were thankful for that. And now, as she slept, Raven and Beast Boy had a chance to be alone and enjoy these precious moments together.

"Beast Boy, will you ever get bored with me?" she asked hesitantly. "Like, how you got with Terra?"

"How could I," he said and kissed her again. "You're the spark in my life."