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Full Summary:

Syaoran Li threw his fiancé, Sakura Kinomoto out of his life when he thought she'd betrayed him with someone else!

Six years later, and Syaoran learns that Sakura was innocent! His cousin and currently arranged fiancé, Meiling Li lied!But alsohe learns that Sakura was pregnant!

However, Sakura wants nothing to do with Syaoran. He can't get her back, for she has a new man in her life now!

What's Syaoran going to do now…? How is he going to get his Sakura back?

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The Other Man

The crystal Moon shone brightly across the darkness of night, as the frosty stars burned dimly for midnight was approaching the city of Hong Kong.

In the middle of the city of Hong Kong – sirens screeched out loud, police forces, ambulances, fire brigades and hundreds of people crowded around the most horrific car crash in time!

People of authority lines the streets like stitches, as the dead, injured, lost and survivors of the car crash scattered everywhere. Medics, doctors, fire rangers, police, families, friends, and even ordinary strangers all tried to help the authorities sort out this awful mess!

But… in the distance… a dark figure stood there watching the catastrophe and grinned wickedly. "Another one down…. two more to go." And walked off, smiling at his sick victory….

The night went on as the authorities tried hard to sort out this terrible mess.

Syaoran Li, one of the richest men in the world, leader of the Li Clan and owner of the Li Empire was present at the car crash site.

He received emergencies calls that his arranged future wife to be was caught in the car crash – Meiling Li.

Syaoran drove to the private hospital that he ordered Meiling Li to be escorted to, and now he was there. He reached Meiling room without much trouble, and went in – to find her asleep.

Meiling Li was definitely asleep. Syaoran looked at the woman he knew all his life, and never loved more than as a cousin. The car she was in crushed her whole figure. Her face had horrible cuts and bruises. He instantly knew that there was little chance that she would survive….

As midnight passed over, Meiling woke… her ruby red eyes searched the room she was in, and rested on the dark figure standing by the window. She instantly knew that it was him….

"Syaoran…." Meiling's voice was very weak, she didn't even recognise her own voice!

"Are you alright?" His voice came from the window, as she felt his eyes snapped to her.

"For now… yes. But – but – " Meiling was breathing swiftly, trying to speak.

"Stop, Meiling. Just rest." Came a strong firm order.

"Listen to me, Syaoran…." Meiling Li whispered urgently, the pain from the car accident rapidly stabbed her injured body. She felt she had little time….

"Not now, Meiling. Just rest!" The voice answered back a tired, but firm reply.

"No! You and I know that I don't have much time!" Meiling rasped out painfully.

"Don't talk like that Meiling!" The replying voice ordered firmly again.

"But Syaoran, I have to tell you something! Its about – " Meiling tried again, pain spread through her body as she tried to sit up.

"Enough!" Syaoran's voice cut through the room like a blade. He took long strides next to Meiling's bed, and pushed her down softly. Then he spoke in a much calmer, but still firm voice. "Meiling, you have just been pulled out of car accident! Just rest, ok?"

"No! I need to tell you something! Syaoran, I'm not going to survive! You and I know that! Stop refusing me!" Her voice was like a final plead, and sent pain bombing on her lungs for air.

"Alright, Meiling. But only a few words." Syaoran sat down on a chair next to Meiling's bed. His attention focused on his dying cousin, and arranged fiancé.

"Sakura Kinomoto…." Meiling spoke her name out like curse.

"Excuse me?" Syaoran's face darken with an anger expression, his eyes grew cold and empty. His mouth pressed into a thin line.

"You – you know that night? That night when she left?" Meiling hesitated a lot knowing Syaoran never spoke about Sakura Kinomoto or that awful night.

"Yes." Syaoran's voice was tight, under control and full of anger and hatred. "Why are you talking about that woman now, Meiling?"

"Because she is innocent!" Meiling's voice rang out into a deadly silence. "I lied to you!"

"Innocent…? Lied to me…? Meiling, what the hell are you talking about?" Syaoran tried to hide the shock in his voice, but couldn't quite do it.

"I lied. She wasn't – wasn't the one in the photos, Syaoran. She never was with that man… never in the photos… never like that." Meiling took a deep breath and continued slowly. "I set it up, with your sisters… to get – get her out of your life."

Silence. A silence that stretched out uncomfortable settled in….

"Why?" The word painfully escaped Syaoran's throat – a throat that tightened with a wild melee of surging hot emotions. "I loved her, Meiling."

Syaoran rose to stand up. His hands clenched tightly turning white, barely able to control the burst of violence erupting inside him. If Meiling wasn't half – dead already, and if she wasn't lying helplessly on the hospital bed….

"Why?" Syaoran harshly cried. The old powerful anger and hatred turned on, and was building…. Struggling to understand what Meiling was saying, what she meant, where this was leading….

'Meiling, and my own sisters!' Syaoran thought angrily. The woman, his own cousin and arranged fiancé that he trusted! And his own sisters! His own flesh and blood! He trusted them before Sakura Kinomoto… because they were family! Family! And family honour meant that his commitment and trust went to them first!

"What satisfaction could it have given you? Destroying my love and my trust for her…." Syaoran tightly threw at Meiling. 'That stabbed me so deeply in my heart… I never let any other woman into it.' He thought savagely afterwards.

"I love you, Syaoran! I wanted you!" Meiling choked out painfully, the pain yet relief of finally confession dug deep in her.

"What about my sisters?" Syaoran asked her, ignoring her outburst of love for him. His voice under tight control again – masking his emotional state. 'If she really loved me, she would have wanted me to be truly happy.'

"Aunt Yelan wanted her out." Meiling replied quietly. "So, your sisters helped me to get rid – rid of her." Each word caused her relief but then pain, emotionally and physically.

"Mother…?" Syaoran questioned with disbelief coursing through his tensed up body.

"Aunt Yelan thought Sakura Kinomoto is never – not suitable for you. She – she had already wanted you to marry… me." The reasons of the truth about Sakura Kinomoto felt like hot stabs to Syaoran's heart.

"I was… jealous of her, Syaoran. I saw you fall in love with her. You loved her. I wanted you… to turn to me… fall in love with me…." Meiling breathed out softly, guiltily.

Syaoran only shook his head, not knowing how and not wanting to answer. His troubled mind was spinning wildly, trying to put the pieces together….

"Doesn't matter," he finally growled out, dropping back onto the chair under the weight of crushing despair.

Six years has passed since then, and life has moved on. No way in hell, Sakura Kinomoto would ever consider getting back together with him… after the way he'd brutally sliced through everything she'd said, and rejected her.

"I forgive you and my sisters, Meiling." Syaoran continued but he voice was forced under control again. "I'm sorry that things… have come out the way it is…."

Syaoran had to bear with this… his cousin and now in his mind ex – fiancé was slowing leaving him…. Let his cousin be at peace with herself now… and his sisters are at peace in their graves now….

"Its not your fault, Syaoran." Meiling whispered gently, at last she was accepting fate. "But there's only more thing I got to tell you – "

"You'd said enough." Syaoran cut in tersely, wanting to block out thoughts of Sakura Kinomoto and trying to save Meiling from any more extreme distress.

"No, please listen…." Meiling's crimson jewelled eyes begged patience. And Syaoran waited, hating the way Meiling dragged in more air in effort to say more.

"Sakura… was – was pregnant…."

"What?" Syaoran felt his whole world turned completely inside out, and his troubled mind spun again. 'She couldn't of been pregnant! She didn't look pregnant! It was our first time for fuck's sake!'

But Meiling eyes told him another story and the certainty in her orbs was undoubtedly real! This made him ask bizarrely. "How do you know?"

"Her stepmother came to Aunt Yelan… with proof." Meiling replied at once.

"Why not to me?" Syaoran continued.

"The bitch was… after money." Came her rasped reply.

"Did she get it?" Syaoran's deadly curiosity made him speak.

"Yes. I don't know if Sakura – Sakura gave birth… but you might be a father, Syaoran." Tears filled her eyes, she closed her eyelids as her breathed in deeply and choked out. "I'll never be a mother."

"Don't give up, Meiling!" Syaoran commanded. "Don't you dare give up! You're my cousin, my fiancé – damnmit!"

"I was… never… never your fiancé." Meiling returned back as her body flooded with pain. "I was… just… just – your cousin."

"Then stay here and be my cousin, Meiling!" Syaoran noticed her eyes growing dull, her face filled with pain, and her body was going horrible weak. He reached out and grabbed Meiling's fragile hand, willing his own powerfully strong life – force to go into the broken, injured body on the hospital bed.

Meiling smiled a weak, faint smile.

Syaoran simply looked at her, knowing what would inevitably happen… he placed a genuine smile on his despairing face.

Meiling drew in a last breath and she spoke her final words between them….

"Find… Sakura."

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