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The Other Man

Chapter 13

The night was cool… the dark air was fresh… the moon glowed creamy silver and the tiny stars twinkled lightly outside. It was the perfect moment for something… something special to happen….

Night was beaming when Syaoran finally reached the master bedroom… he looked around feeling overwhelmed… deliciously overwhelmed….

Finally! Finally, he's got her back… so why in Heaven's name was he feeling so God – damn nervous?

Sakura was nestled snugly in his warm, strong and tight embrace. She felt so safe, so protected and so loved… that she closed her emerald eyes shut the moment Syaoran swept her up and away!

'This is… heaven….' She thought blissfully, feeling like she was flying… letting the world's confusion, her troubles, her heartache, her urgently protesting mind behind as this wonderful feeling consumed her. 'Heaven… so why do I feel a bit – ?'

Syaoran gently walked into his room. 'The plan worked.' He looked down at Sakura, who had her angelic face tucked against his neck, breathing in his scent, feeling his warm skin…. 'Oh, I can't believe it worked… this is too good to be true….' Syaoran's thoughts amazed him.

He walked forward, and viewed his big king sized bed with sheer longing. The sexual tension was mounting here, and he clutched Sakura closer to him as he lowered her to the inviting bed… slowly, gently, achingly….

"Sakura…." He whispered her name that turned into a deep sigh as he lay beside the angel, pulling her firmly to him and trapping her with his powerful arms.

"Syaoran…." She whispered back in a trance, her small hands and arms stole around his neck and pulled him on top of her!

Emerald meet Amber, as Sakura's eyes glazed over and matched Syaoran's with naked desire, hot passion and forbidden true love, and at last… Syaoran cupped her beautiful face and lowered his until their lips were inches apart… and….

Bliss… Their eyes fluttered closed, as their lips pressed together passionately, moved urgently and desperately clung to each other. Little moans of pleasure escaped to be heard, heightening the arousal of their clothed bodies.

Utter delight filled Syaoran and Sakura, as they kissed with passion – their lips swelling by the exquisite pressure, and heat. Syaoran took control of the kiss and quickly built up the pleasurable sensation that crashed through them.

The kiss was explosive!

Their lips did the erotic moving, tongues did the passionate dancing and breaths meltingly blazed the already heated temperature! Syaoran touched every sweet place in Sakura's mouth, sliding his tongue along, on top, under, around hers… imitating what he ached to do later….

Sakura understood in a throbbing heartbeat, and when Syaoran let her take control, she imitated his kissing actions, which made him go dizzy like she was… who knew a kiss be so… so… so… erotic? Passionate? A simultaneous thought flamed in their hearts. 'So… heart breaking….'

Syaoran slid a strong hand, cupped Sakura's face and titled her head to one side, releasing her blood-red lips a bit for air, as Sakura gripped and played with his rough messy chocolate brown sexy hair, massaging his head seductively.

He used his free hand to open some buttons on her elegant green shirt, and continued to kiss her with a new strength, as he slowly let the tips of his fingers finally touch her skin. 'Ah…so soft….' Blushing as he continued to touch, and slowly explore… feeling a certain part of his anatomy turning hotter and hotter… harder and harder… bigger and bigger….

Sakura felt her arousing anatomy rock into outer space as she felt Syaoran's skin touch hers…. Her moan was swallowed down by Syaoran, just before he broke their erotic kiss, and let his delicious, hot mouth and tongue trail and explore as his fingers just did….

"Ah… oh, no, Syao – " Sakura moaned, her eyes closed. But Syaoran's deep and husky voice broke through and repeated….

"Syao…." A secret smile crossed his lips, and he gave Sakura a pain-filled-pleasurable love bite as a sign of proving his total possession, and intention. "You haven't said that name in… such…such a long time…." He continued to slide his feverish kisses and sucking licks down her skin, each time pausing to linger and just feel her body. 'A real woman… no longer the teenager I knew….'

"Syao…." Came out a mindless moan of pure longing, sending hot chills up and down Syaoran's spine. He wanted to feel her skin completely with his own, so he lifted himself up, and smiled dangerously down at the blushing woman under him.

"Sy – Syao – ran?" Sakura's throaty gasps rang out as Syaoran firmly grabbed her small hands in his larger ones, placed them on the openings of his shirt, felt his raging heart beat heavy for a moment, and then forced her hands to rip his shirt open! 'Oh – oh my God!'

Sakura nearly fainted!

Syaoran rested her hands at his narrow hips, yet her eyes were locked with his – those amber pools burning with desire, desire for her… only her – "Sakura… touch me…." Came the slow, rough command, which brought her eyes to rest on the now exposed, sexy torso, which made her cheeks flame red-hot at its awesomeness.

Syaoran was a real man now… all male… all masculine… all Syaoran… all of him was hard looking, but his skin felt so soft and smooth… big muscles, which were tense at the moment, never looked more appealing that Sakura felt her mouth water…. 'He's… so… big… I mean… board… muscular… and….'

A board muscular chest, which expanded with every deep breath Syaoran took, was no wonder to Sakura as to why her feminine body was responding in the most outrageous ways! She couldn't help but squeezed her legs together.

Powerful arms were resting on either side of Sakura's head, and the shirt gave enough view to see those hard, board, robust shoulders, which she knew the world, Heaven, Hell and/or anything could be supported by the them.

'I made love to this man…?' Sakura thought's were so heated, that they were reflecting in her eyes… and Syaoran responded…going down to kiss her as he read the second, more maddening message in her eyes…. 'Make love to me, Syaoran…please….'

Their kiss took on a new sensation now, the sexual heat erupting between them intensely, filling them with urgency to make love. Syaoran's was still lowering himself onto Sakura… he badly wanted his chest to touch and crash hers… so, he took off his shirt roughly, flung it behind him – couldn't care less where it landed – and gathering a shivering Sakura in his arms, and firmly embrace her. Tightly.

"Syaoran!" Sakura moaned in surprise as Syaoran gave a deep groan, yet that swiftly became moans of pleasure, while the man himself started to rub his chest sensationally, erotically against hers….

"Sakura… hug me…." Sakura did, and sighed. "Tighter." Her arms closed round him more. "Tighter." They gasped at her strength, because Syaoran shivered in her arms. "Tighter…."

Sakura's full, soft breasts were being squashed, and cuddled against Syaoran's muscular chest. She felt like crying out to him to stop moving and moaning against her, but she couldn't… wouldn't… won't – she – she wanted, needed more!

'This is it….' Syaoran thought as he pinned her to the bed, and started to unzip his jeans, and roughly push up Sakura's fishtail, black skirt. So when he finally looked down at the erotic image in front of him, he nearly fainted!

Sakura was looking up at him, cheeks flushed red with passion, her eyes were the darkest of emerald with desire, her small hands resting by the sides of her head, her shirt open fully, her black satin bra enclosing two delightful, arousing promises, and finally… her sexy skirt now rested on her upper thighs, so one more push up and it'll uncover….

Syaoran was panting now. His strong hand shook slightly, he gritted his perfect teeth, bit down hard on his lower lip almost tasting blood, and let his palm slowly slide up Sakura's leg – "Oh…." – and reached for black skirt to push it up, and then all the pleasure would be –

"Why this door not open?" Came a sleepy, yet lively childish voice. (Evil Laughs!)

"Maybe it's locked, Ryo?" Answered another, as he tried the door handle.



'Uh oh….' Sakura and Syaoran froze, and then looked at each other. Syaoran's hand was a centimetre away to pushing the skirt up…. 'Oh, my God….' Their thoughts mirrored perfectly. 'The twins!'

Sakura pushed Syaoran off her, jumped off the bed and gasped in horror at her reflection in the mirror. 'Half nearly naked?!' She buttoned up her ceased shirt like lightening! 'Dear, Lord… what – what did – did I do?'

'For God's sake, what bloody luck do I have?!' Syaoran was even worse; he flung his shirt on, zipped up his tighter jeans with great difficulty and ruffled his messy hair back into place, but made it worse. 'Stupid penis of mine!'

"Mum, Dad, are you in there?" Ryu called out.

"Yes – yes." Sakura replied shakily, taking a deep breath to speak again.

"We'll be out in a minute." Syaoran took over instead, his voice was oddly clam, but in no way to what he was feeling – that's for sure! "Mum was just helping me."

"Helping you?" A flushed faced Sakura mouthed angrily to him, feeling rage speedily taking over sexual desire.

"What can I say?" Syaoran mouthed back helplessly, feeling sexual desire flaming more at her being angry. "We were about to – to make – "

"Don't ever say it!" Sakura snapped.

"Don't say what, Mum?" Ryo asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Sakura glared at Syaoran. 'He was seducing me. I can't believe myself! What the hell was wrong with me? Again?!' Sakura was about to go to the doors and open them, but the wheels in her head began to turn. 'Was… was… this a set up?' She shook her head. 'No, no… he couldn't possibly do that…!' Sakura looked at Syaoran, her eyes changing to a different green, a scary one. 'No, he wouldn't… but… then why…?'

"Ummm, Sa… Sakura…?" Came a soft inquiry at her suspicious expression.

"Why do you look so smug?" Sakura voiced the sudden thought.

"Ah – huh?" Syaoran made his flushed face go blank. 'Shit, shit, shit!'

"You – " She breathed. "You didn't plan this… did you?" Sakura asked quietly.

"I…." He hesitated. 'I can't lie… but I already have….' "…did."

"You – you are – arg!" Sakura ran to the doors, and wrenched them open. "Boys, we're leaving!"

"What? No, wait!" Syaoran cried, following her.

"What for?" Sakura cried back angrily.

"Mum, Mum, what's wrong?" Ryu asked, looking from one parent to another.

"Nothing, we're just leaving." Sakura walked past her twins, to get everything from the twin's bedroom.

"No, please Mum, no." Ryu piped up. "I like it here with Daddy."

"So do I!" Ryo confirmed.

"The answer is no." Sakura disappeared into the bedroom.

"Sakura… don't do this… please." Syaoran said hurrying to the twin's door. "I can – I will explain – "

"I don't need you to explain anything!" Sakura walked out, her arms full with clothes. "I figured it out myself, thanks."

"No, it's not like that." Syaoran said urgently. "Its – Tomoyo's plan – I – but, then – "

"Hiiragizawa's plan?!" Sakura gasped, outraged. "Of 'course!" She smiled bitterly, remembering countless 'plans' that Tomoyo and the rest of them did together. "Prefect, just prefect!" 'Funny that I'm again the certain of the plan.'

"Wait – no, that's not what I meant!" Syaoran tried to reach for her, but Sakura moved quickly to the twins with a fierce warning flaming in her green eyes. To hell with the sexual tension now, angry was completely taking over.

"Boys, I don't want to stay – " Sakura stopped. " – we should go – we got school tomorrow, right?"

"We want to stay with Daddy!" The twins shouted.

"Daddy has lots of work to do, and we need to go to school." Sakura bent down in front of them. "I am not repeated myself."

The twins looked crossly at their Mother. However, Ryu simply took hold of his brother's hand and pulled him to stand next to Syaoran. "We don't want to leave Okaa-san, Otou-san is here!"

Sakura stood up. "You want to stay with him?" Flames increased in her eyes as if she was accusing Syaoran for the mess, which she was. "I'm sorry, but you two can't." Shaking her head, she calmly said. "I'm not allowing both of you to."

"Sakura, look – " Syaoran started, but the twins cut him off.

"Mum please – " The twin's argued.

"Mou!" Sakura slowly walked up to Syaoran, completely ignoring him – but felt the unwanted electric desire pulse frantically – bent down and gently pulled the twins in front of her. 'I have to make them understand….'

She was about to calmly tell them that they couldn't possibly stay with Syaoran. 'Because he a supposedly ill and a conniving bastard.' But, what she saw next nearly broke her heart into pieces.

Little tears were threatening to fall from those cute eyes, and big sad faces were avoiding her gaze. Sakura sighed softly, felt defeat settle in and placed a hand on their heads. 'Do you really want to stay here with – well, with your Father?' The whispered question was even heard by Syaoran, who held his breath.

Simultaneous tiny nods of 'yes' confirmed it.

"Mmm… I see." Sakura smiled sadly, mentally cursing Syaoran furiously. "I'm sorry…." She wiped a thumb across her boys' eyes, and kissed a cheek each. "You both can stay – " The twins bowed heads shot up to look at their Mother, astonished. " – under one condition."

"Which is?" Syaoran piped up, also crunching down to the twin's level, and hugged them both from the back, showing his possessive side. Sakura had to do a double take, and then she just stared. 'They look so alike….'

"That the twins go to bed right now, and do not wake up until Mummy tells them to, ne?" Sakura tried for a neutral smile. The twins looked uncertain. "Come on, we have school tomorrow!"

"Hai, Okaa-san." The twins nodded again, and silently walked together into their bedroom.

"I'll come in a minute." Sakura said in soft tones behind them.

But just as the boys entered their bedroom… "Wow! Yes, we did it Ryo!" Ryu shouted.

"Mum actually said yes!" Ryo rejoiced as well, and laughed together with his big brother.

Sakura and Syaoran stared at the twin's bedroom in amusement. "Huh… like Father like sons…." Syaoran looked at Sakura, feeling very tired all of a sudden, but even after all that… he still desired her like hell.

Sakura knew that she had to completely ignore him, knew she had to stop this – this unwelcoming lustful desire before she gets hurt, badly – but first some stricter rules. "Li."

'Back to square one, no, make that a minus infinity.' Syaoran cursed himself under his breath. "Sakura, please call me Syaoran."

"I completely refuse." Sakura said simply. "And that's Kinomoto to you, Li." She stressed their surnames. "Right, I'm setting down the rules to make things between our arrangement very, very clear." She paused for effect. "Crystal clear."

All Syaoran did was gulped…. 'Aw, shit.'

And the new rules begun….

"First rule – surnames. Use them." Sakura then rethought a bit. "Only circumstances of first names being used are whenever we are with the twins."

Syaoran said nothing, but frowned deeply.

"Second rule – do not ever touch me again." Sakura looked him straight in the eyes, and drove in her point. "Forget we ever did anything intimate with each other." Soon after, a hurtful thought attacked Sakura. 'You don't know it… but you make me feel like that vicious whore now….'

"Third rule, don't ever call me again." Syaoran's eyes guilty shifted, and he couldn't look at her, remembering his phone call to get her here in the first place! "I'll call you when necessary."

"Fourth rule. Sunday is the only day you have." She gritted that one out. "Don't ever try to pull any other 'plans' just to get the twins or me near you – " She referred to his, no, and Tomoyo's 'planned' sickness. " – again."

"Fifth rule. Don't get involved in my personal life ever again." The warning was said softly, but there was a clear threat. "The twins are what concerns us both. Nothing more, nothing less."

"But – " Syaoran felt the protest burst out. 'I've got to tell her about the fucking dirtbag – whore Arai!' " – can we please talk about this? I – I have to tell you something – " Sakura's body language expressed rejection, but nevertheless Syaoran continued. " – something very important, its about – "

" – about if you break these rules, or push your luck, Li… consider yourself going to court with me." Sakura sent him one final look with pure loathing, which made his protest to burn up and die. Turning her back on a shocked Syaoran, she then walked into the twin's bedroom, and closed the door firmly behind her.

The room went very quiet. Syaoran could feel his heartbeat, and hear it beat frantically. He stared at th twin's door, wishing Sakura would just come back out and talk to him… he knew that any 'touching' was out of the question, yet that didn't dampen his hungry…. He knew he was in the deep end now.

'Fuck, what did I do?' Syaoran breathed painfully. 'Can it get any worse?' His eyes closed shut. He slowly slid down on his sofa…'Sakura….' …and dropped his heavy, pounding head into his hands.

'The plan… didn't work.'

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