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They went into Hondo's office, and Hondo gestured for Boxer to sit. Boxer shook his head.

" Sit!" Hondo commanded him.

He sat.

Hondo pulled up a chair and put a hand on his young friend's shoulder.

" Boxer... Talk to me."

Boxer looked at the ground, " Hondo... I don't know if I can do this."

" Sure you can kid. You're strong. We both know that."

" It's just... I can't believe I didn't notice that something was up with TJ. I can't believe there was something up with TJ in the first place!" He was shouting now. He looked down at the ground, " Sorry."

" S'okay." Hondo was being uncharacteristically gentle.

" No! It's not! Don't you get it Hondo? What TJ did, I... He betrayed you, he betrayed me... I just can't... Why'd he have to shoot himself Hondo?"

Sorry this chapter's a bit short. I'll do better next time.