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Chapter one: Florence.

"It's beautiful!" Meg said. "I think I've never seen something so beautiful!"

"Oh please Meg! It's just another old painting!" Amy said annoyed by her friend's enthusiasm. They have been in Florence for four days now and she has had enough of museums but Hannah and Meg were exited every time they passed by a new gallery.

"Amy, you better enjoy the tour," Hannah added "because I don't think you'll have another chance…" but Amy interrupted her:

"Hannah, I swear to God if you go with that "it's your last chance" crap again, I won't be responsible for what I do… to both of you!" she said with a warning tone, pointing a finger at them. Meg and Hannah were taken aback by their friend's reaction.

"Are you ok?" Meg asked worried.

"I'm sorry girls" Amy said with an apologetic tone when she saw the worry in her friends' eyes. "I just need to get out of here and breathe some fresh air. Don't worry about me and enjoy the end of the tour. I'll wait for you at the hotel." She finished smiling.

"Ok! Just call if there's something wrong, ok?"

"I will! But I promise I'm ok. I'm just…"

"Bored." Hannah and Med finished for her, laughing. "See ya!" Meg added waving Amy good bye.

Hannah met Meg nine years ago in her first year in Yale University. They were sharing the same dorm. Hannah was studying literature and Meg was studying mathematics. She was very dynamic and ready to enjoy every moment of her life; a little like Amy was before… before he left. Meg's hair were short and bright red, she had wonderful green eyes, she was tall but she was not thin though; she was well-shaped. She often told Hannah and Amy that she loved her big butty. The three of them quickly became friends, and then really close friends. They were doing as many things together as their schedule aloud them. For five years now, every year they visited a new country together during the summer holidays. They have already gone to Brazil, France, Tunisia, Turkey and this year was Italy. Amy was a doctor; she was her father's pride. She was working with him and the doctor Brown. For a little while she worked in a clinic in Utah but she did not like it so she came back to Everwood to work with the two other doctors. Hannah was a journalist in Denver and she was also an English literature teacher at Colorado A&M. As to Meg she was a math teacher in high school in New York. They have little occasions to see each other since they left college, that's why they established these visits; it was a wonderful way to spend their vacancy. Things were going to change though because Meg was getting married in six months so this trip was even more important, that's why it was longer than usual; four weeks instead of two.

Amy got out of the Bardini museum and began to walk down IL Ponte alle Grazzie; leaking an Italian ice cream.She was enjoying every moment.Florence was her favourite city of Italia. They have been to a couple of Italian city before but this one was particular; she didn't know why but she felt relaxed here, like if she was at home. It was beautiful. In two weeks she will to get back to Everwood and continue her life where she left it. She shook her head a little, not wanting to spoil her holidays. She was lonely, sad and even miserable sometimes but she needed to clear her head from all her problems that's why she came here.

The cloudless blue sky caught her attention while she was walking down the streets; she was looking up when she bumped into someone; doping her ice cream on one of the person's shoe.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" she said finally looking down. When she met his eyes, she felt like she was about to collapse.

"Amy?" Ephram asked looking as chocked as she was.

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