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Summary: Set in the Geo-Force AU and inspired by SPD, a re-watching of Forever Red and my mind wandering over the question of where exactly did Omni come from.

AN: This story is set in Geo-Force's reality and uses that timeline (obviously, since Tyler is in it). It takes place somewhere around or right after chapter 31 of Power Rangers: Geo-Force. One other thing that's been altered, other than the timeline, is the Aquitarians . . . they actually look more like amphibians than humans with some weird thing over their head and eyes.

Future Red

Chapter 1: The Mission

Tyler Forge, Geo-Force Red Ranger, was fairly certain his head was about to explode. As Earth's extraterrestrial, otherwise known as Xeno, population had increased, aspects of other races educational systems had been integrated into Earth's. This is why Tyler was sitting at his computer staring at a series of Aquitarian trans-quantum math problems and waiting for his brain to self-destruct.

Being tired didn't help either, and Tyler wondered how Zordon's team, the original Rangers, managed school and Rangering. But, then again, that was over a century ago, and school curriculums were a lot easier then, he finally decided.

He leaned back, stretched, and sighed while staring at the half-finished painting on the easel in the corner. Taking a break from math to work on it was tempting . . . except that his last "break" to make a few quick brushstrokes had evolved into an hour-long distraction. And, while Tyler's father Aaron was becoming more accepting of the idea of Tyler shooting for art school rather than the SPD Academy, he was still quick to point out that even art schools had academic admission requirements. Tyler sighed again and refocused on his math, only to be interrupted by a beeping from one of his desk drawers.

Tyler opened the drawer and discovered that the beeping was coming from the modified cadet Patrol Unit that SPD Commander Sky Tate had given him. The purpose for the gift was to provide the Geo-Force Rangers a secure way of contacting him. Tyler pulled out the small, rectangular device, and hit the button that activated the communicator, "Sky?"

"Hello Tyler," came the response. "Are you free to talk?"

"Yeah, you're only interrupting an impending aneurism."

"Excuse me?"

"Math homework."

"Ah, I see," the former B Squad Ranger chuckled. "Tyler, I need to ask you a favor. Can you be in my office at 1300 hours tomorrow? Sorry, I mean one o'clock."

Now Tyler chuckled, "I know what 1300 hours is Sky. You only had to deal with my Dad for a couple of Academy training courses; I've had to deal with him for fifteen years. But, anyway, 1300 is kind of a problem, I have school tomorrow."

"I know. I've already spoken with your father; he'll take care of it."

"Okay, then 1300 it is. Just make sure that the cadet at the door knows not to hassle me."

"Actually, I need you to teleport directly to my office. There's something going on that requires we work secretly . . ."

Haylun, the Red Ranger of Aquitar, had decided that he did not like Earth. Even though all he had actually seen of it was the view out the window on his orbital descent, followed by a heavily secured shuttle hangar, followed by the secret briefing room he was now in, he definitely did not like this planet. After all, how could the air on a planet covered in over seventy percent water be so dry?!

He was just thankful for his Aquitarian Defense Command uniform. The black, skin-tight garment, with the red accents indicating his Ranger status, held moisture against the skin. However, that did little for the skin on his head and hands. He was certain his usually deep indigo skin and striking yellow markings had faded due to being dried out.

For a moment he contemplated pouring a glass of water over his head, but instead pulled out his Doron Device, what humans would call his morpher. While its chronometer converted Terran time to Aquitarian standard, Haylun thought about how humans referred to his team as the "Storm Rangers." It was true, Doron did loosely translate, very loosely, to storm, but it meant so much more than that. To an amphibious species, weather was extremely important, as even subtle changes could affect their biological homeostasis, so it was no surprise that the Aquitarians used their weather as inspiration for their Ranger powers.

Haylun was pulled from his thoughts as the briefing room's door opened and a human woman entered. She was tall, with large, gray eyes and striated hair, alternating between a deep brunette and a golden blond, held back in a tight braid. If the hair wasn't enough to mark her as likely Karovian, the light gray uniform with its short jacket and tight red shirt, and the morpher strapped to her left wrist definitely marked her as the Karovian Red Astro Ranger.

Alanya Tian had been scowling for the last several hours. But then, being woken up by her commanding officer in the middle of the Astro Megastation's "night" and told she was to leave for Earth within the hour, with no information as to why, in a cramped un-marked shuttle tended to make her cranky. It didn't help either that, when she arrived in Earth orbit and transmitted the security code she had been given, her shuttle automatically slaved itself to a ground computer and landed her in some kind of hidden hangar in the middle of nowhere.

Now she had just been shown to a briefing room by a heavily armed guard in an all-black SPD uniform . . . black meant SPD Special Ops, not a good sign for what was going on. A worse sign was who was already occupying the briefing room, a tall indigo Aquitarian wearing a red accented ADC uniform.

Alanya entered the room while the guard remained in the hallway. Once the door closed, she looked at the Aquitarian and said, "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're Doron-Sena Red."

The Aquitarian seemed to smile, at least Alanya thought so, it was hard to tell with them. He then spoke, "Yes. I am Haylun. I am impressed; you used the proper term for my team."

"I met your current White several years ago when I was still a rookie," Alanya explained. "I noticed that Selphim's blue markings turned purple anytime someone said "Storm Ranger." After finding out that the color change is an Aquitarian reaction of annoyance, I decided to learn the right term."

"I thank you." Haylun paused a moment, and then said, "And your uniform obviously makes you the Red Astro Ranger."

"Yes," Alanya replied, extending her hand, "Alanya Tian."

Haylun just stared at the hand. Alanya looked at him quizzically, then understanding dawned on her face, "Oh, sorry. It's probably horribly dry in here to you isn't it? Shaking my hand would probably feel like grabbing steel wool."

Haylun seemed to smile again, "Yes. I am hopping that whatever it is we are here for begins soon. Otherwise I will be forced to douse myself with a pitcher of water."

"So, you don't know what's going on either?"

Haylun shook his head in negation. He was about to speak when the door opening again interrupted him. The newcomer was a tall human male with blond hair and blue eyes that could not seem to settle on a shade, but appeared to keep shifting. His garments made why obvious, as his black tunic was trimmed in red and featured a red, five-pointed star over the left breast. On his belt was a gold buckle inscribed with the symbols of the five Zeo sub-crystals circling the King symbol of the gold energy. All this clearly indicated that this was the Red Zeo-5 Ranger of Triforia.

Falon Shan was almost relieved to be away from Triforia, despite not knowing why Warrior-Prince Trine, the Gold Ranger, had ordered him to travel secretly to Earth. Just being away from the Royal Court was a wonderful thing. It had been a great honor to be the one chosen from his generation to take up the power of the red Zeo sub-crystal, but the Courtly responsibilities that came with it had really begun to wear on him.

However, after the computer-controlled landing in a fortress-like facility deep in one of Earth's deserts, and then the escort through the base by a heavily armed guard, he began to be more concerned about how serious the situation really was. His concerns became even more concrete as he was shown into a briefing room that was already occupied by two individuals who, judging by their uniforms had to be the Karovian and Aquitarian Red Rangers. Their expressions suggested they were thinking much the same thing.

"Three Red Rangers summoned to a secret facility . . . I have a bad feeling about this," Falon remarked.

"As do we," replied the Aquitarian.

"Well, regardless, that is no reason for me to forget my manners," Falon introduced himself with a bow, and his new companions introduced themselves as well.

Dramlin Zell, SPD Alpha Squad Red-1 Ranger, had never before been in the high security area deep beneath Terran Division Headquarters. However, now, here he was, passing through yet another security scan after receiving an urgent summons and authorization from Terran Commander Sky Tate. The Commander had not given him any indication of what was going on just saying it was urgent.

Dramlin smoothed his two-tone hair, a deep, almost black, brunette on the top and auburn at the temples as the scan ran. Security scanners always made his scalp itch. It was a common problem for Karovians, something about the scanner frequencies interacting with their telekinetic abilities.

The scan finally finished and he was admitted to a rather barren, domed chamber that resembled an old subway station. Across the chamber was a bullet-shaped vehicle in front of a large iris-door. Standing next to that was Commander Sky Tate and two figures in deep crimson cloaks, their faces hidden in the shadows of their hoods. Dramlin approached the Commander, stopped, and saluted, "Ranger Dramlin Zell, reporting as ordered sir."

Commander Tate returned the salute, "Right on time Ranger. But," he said, indicating the vehicle, "we need to depart immediately."

A door opened in the side of the vehicle and Sky gestured for the two cloaked figures to enter. Once they were in and seated Sky and Dramlin boarded. Sky took a seat at the controls, while Dramlin took a seat opposite the cloaked figures. He wondered who they were, and something about the design of the cloak was gnawing at his memory, but since the Commander had not introduced them, or explained who they were, Dramlin was left to assume there was a reason for it, or that he did not have a "need to know."

Once the door sealed itself the vehicle's systems powered up and Dramlin thought he heard the whine of a magnetic propulsion system powering up. He was certain of it when the vehicle lifted a few inches off the floor and moved towards the iris, which was now opening to reveal a tube-like, metal tunnel. Once inside the tunnel, the iris closed and Dramlin felt a soft lurch as the vehicle seemed suddenly to accelerate, after that, there was no sense of movement. Which, since this appeared to be a magnetic transit tube, was not surprising. They were likely traveling at just under Mach 1. After a few minutes there was a slight sense of slowing then light as another iris door opened. The vehicle passed through and came to rest in a nearly identical chamber to the one they had started in.

The first thing Dramlin noticed as they disembarked was several well-armed guards in black SPD uniforms . . . SPD Special Ops. As the guards approached, Dramlin turned to Sky, "Commander?"

"This is a top secret SPD facility," Sky explained. "I'm sorry Ranger, but that's all you can know."

"Understood, sir," Dramlin replied.

The four were lead by the guards through a series of hallways to a briefing room. When the door opened, Sky entered first and Dramlin could hear the Commander say, "At ease, Rangers."

Dramlin entered and saw an Aquitarian and a Triforian, both wearing red, and . . . Alanya? The two Karovians, both Red Rangers, exchanged a glance, but were unable to say anything to each other as Commander Tate was speaking again.

"Falon Shan, Zeo Red-5; Haylun, Doron-Sena Red; and Alanya Tian, Astro Red, this is my Alpha Red-1 Dramlin Zell. Now, please be seated so we can begin the briefing."

Once everyone was seated, including the two cloaked individuals, Haylun spoke up, "Commander, may we have the honor of knowing the two others who sit with us?"

"In a moment, Haylun. But first, let me get to the reason you have all been summoned here," Sky responded. He then pressed several buttons on the table's control panel. Over the center of the table a hologram displaying data on the Troobians appeared. "As you all know, roughly 14 years ago the Troobians appeared out of nowhere and began attacking inhabited worlds. Under the command of the so-called Emperor Grumm, they cut a bloody path through the galaxy, finally being defeated here on Earth. It was during that final battle that we discovered that the true force behind the Troobians was an entity called Omni." The image changed to that of a large, brain-like creature with a single prehensile eyestalk. "Since the end of the war we've uncovered that the Troobians were a fairly technologically primitive race until the arrival of Omni. Apparently, as a species they were highly susceptible to Omni's telepathic control. However, the strain of that control is why they usually used Krybots and mercenaries to do most of the actual fighting. We've also discovered where Omni came from. It was created by Dark Specter."

A series of glances passed around the table. Even a century later, the name of Dark Specter was not one spoken without caution. His forces had nearly conquered the entire galaxy in the Second Galactic War. Even though he was killed in an act of betrayal, his forces would have won had it not been for Zordon of Eltar's sacrifice.

Falon asked, "To what purpose?"

"We're not sure," Sky replied. "And the captured Troobians, who were much more cooperative after Omni was destroyed, and who provided us with much of the information we do have, were not able to answer that. All they know is that Omni appeared on their world and took control well before the war. Whether Omni was a failed attempt to create a source of fighters, similar to using Divatox to bring the pirate clans under Dark Specter's control, or was a long term back-up plan, we may never know. However, that type of speculation is best left to theorists. What we do know is that after the war, the surviving Troobians were cleared by the Galactic Court and repatriated to their homeworld, the location of which is secret due to potential retaliation. Roughly six months ago, they contacted SPD Galactic Command and provided us with evidence that, just prior to their initial attacks, Omni spawned a copy of itself and that copy was sent, along with a large portion of the Troobian population, to another planet."

Now Alanya asked, "If they were being so helpful, why didn't they tell us this earlier?"

Sky's tone conveyed a slight annoyance as he replied, "Because they didn't know. Omni had erased the information from their minds. Remember, this entire race was under its telepathic control for over a century. They only discovered this when they found the construction/launch site where the vehicles used to effect the migration left from. The ground computers there gave them an inkling of what had happened, and they contacted SPD, who in turn contacted your defense agencies. With that information, we were able to figure out where they went." A galactic map appeared, with a small star system in an almost empty arm of the galaxy highlighted.

They all studied the map, and Dramlin said, "Sector 483.7. Makes sense, there's nothing out there but a few low-to-no atmosphere planets and some resource rich asteroids. No one's ever exploited them, however, because of how out of the way they are. That sector's too remote even for pirates to set up bases."

"Exactly," Sky agreed. "And that's why you're all here. You six are to travel to this planet in 483.7," the planet in question was highlighted, "destroy this new Omni, and free the Troobians it's using."

Dramlin, Haylun, Alanya, and Falon all simultaneously asked, "Six?" and looked at the two cloaked individuals.

"Yes," Sky answered. "Allow me to introduce you to your leader for this mission . . ." One of the two pulled his hood back, revealing a dark-skinned human male with dreadlocked hair, "Jack Landors, former SPD B Squad Red Ranger."

Jack smiled at the gaping faces at the table and said hello. Even Haylun looked a little star struck. After all, it was not everyday that one met the Red Ranger who fought the Troobians, then promptly retired to the private sector.

Sky continued, "Jack, who for the course of this mission is being instated with the SPD rank of Lieutenant Commander, brings valuable experience in dealing with the Troobians and with Omni. And, since he is the only Ranger from the war who is not still involved with one of the peace-keeping forces, him vanishing for a little while won't raise suspicion. Since, we can't be certain Omni does not have spies out in the galaxy."

Sky waited for the four current Red Rangers to calm down form their surprise before continuing. "As for your sixth team member, before I introduce him, I would stress that what you are about to learn is classified. I asked him to join this mission due to the curve ball he will be to Omni. We have reason to believe that anything Grumm knew, Omni knew, and that anything the original Omni knew, this new one may know. Because of that, this new Omni will have experience in dealing with your various powers, but should have never seen anything like what this individual will bring to the fight."

The other cloaked individual began to pull back his hood as Sky finished, "So then, allow me to introduce the Red Geo-Force Ranger . . ."

Dramlin jumped out of his chair and said, "Tyler Forge?!?!"