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Let me say something here: 1. I don't have word, so I can't tell if I made a spelling mistake unless I spot it myself. 2. Itachi isn't evil. A shock, I know, but in my fic he's Sasuke's twin brother. And this is a Itachi x Naruto fic. Yaoi. Boy x Boy. whatever, if you don't like that kind of thing, then turn away, though I don't know why you'd be looking at this fic to start with. There will be hints of Sakura x Sasuke, but not much. Oh, and the students are all 16 or 17. And yay for easter holidays. I don't know most character's surnames and even if I did, i doubt i'll be able to spell them , so no surnames in this fic. Oh and people swear too. A lot.


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(btw, i'll start this off in Itachi's Pov)


The alarm was beeping loudly in my ear.

"Fuckin' Hell..." I turned over and held the pillow over my head, trying to drown out the siren.The stupid thing wouldn't shut up, so I grabbed it and threw it straight across the room. I heard someone enter and switch it off.

"get up, Itachi." I knew it was Sasuke by the cold tone of the voice. "Or you'll be late for school"
"Fuck off, Sasuke." I growled back, I hated school, and I hated getting up.

"Wake up, you lazy bastard" Next thing I knew, I was lying in my middle of the floor, looking up at Sasuke. He'd dragged my out of bed!

I stared at Sasuke and got up and walked slowly out the door and to the bathroom "yeah, yeah, i'mm a lazy ass, I know." I shouted back to him before shutting the door. I stared at myself in the mirror for a while, before I took off my boxers and stepped into the shower, I let the heat of the water run all over my body, turning slightly red from the heat, i climbed out the shower, wrapped a towel around me, grabbed another one, and i rubbed my hair as I was walking down the room. I past Sasuke while heading back and he laughed at me.

"You look like a lobster!" He managed to say.

"Oh ha ha..." I threw the wet towel at him and shut the door when I got in my room. I dropped the towel around my waist and walked to my draws, I pulled on a pair of boxers. I pulled on a black shirt, grey jeans and a grey head-band. I walked downstairs and went into the kicthen.

"Hey Sasuke!" I yelled "What's we got in for breakfast?"

"Whatever's in the fridge, dobe." He repiled.

I'm no idiot... I snapped out of my thoughts, and looked through the fridge. I ended up having pizza. cold pizza.

I finished that off, put my trainers on, grabbed my mp3 player + earphones, my bag and I headed off to school.

I was listening to ├ćnema by Tool and I wasn't watching where I was going, Sasuke and I never walked to school together, he was too much invovled with his friends, especially a pink-haired girl called Sakura. Ugh, what does he see in girls anyway? I had my eyes closed, so when I hit something hard, i was suprised, I opened my eyes and I saw I had walked into a lamp-post.

"Ouch..." I grumbled.

I stood up from where I fell, wondering how the fuck I had managed to walk inot the damn thing in the first place. Grr... I sighed and continued on my way.

Naruto's Pov.

Aw man, where the hell am I? Damn moving, i'm lost! Hey, maybe he can help me...

I ran over to the raven haired boy with the pink haired girl.

"Hey, excuse me, can you help?" I wasved my arms around as skidded to a stop beside beside him.

"heh..." I stratched my head. "I'm a little lost, can you tell me where Ayhama High School is?"
"Hn." The guy said. Then he pointed. "Take that road, turn at the 4th right, then the 2nd left and you'll be able to see it." he said in a monotone voice.

"Thanks, by the way, i'm Naruto!" I said before i ran off. 4th right, 2nd left, 4th right, 2nd left...

I turned to the 4th right, then the 2nd left and as the boy said, I saw the school. The Boy... Shit, i forgot to get his name! shit! cursing my idiot for a mind, i walked up to the school, where I saw another boy who looked like the one who looked like the one who gave me directions. Hm, i wonder if they're related? I walked towards him, but I stopped when I saw earphones and that I could hear his music from where I was standing. Wow... I walked behind him for a while, not wishing to intrude in his personal space. I noticed something about this guy that I didn't about the other, this guy certainly seemed, well hot. Yeah, you know yourself too well, Naru, you like guys, no mistaking that, but that doesn't say that this guy does, though he isn't walking with anyone, and he might have a girlfriend, or if he likes guys, a boyfriend. And... why am I talking to myself? I snapped out of my thoughts long enough to see a trail of blood along the floor Huh...? I looked at the guy in front of me, and ran up to behind him.

I walked behind him and I could hear him mumbling to himself, he seemed to be going on about lamp-posts and how they seem to appear out of no-where. I thought that was strange. I saw him hang his earphones around his neck, so I thought I would talk to him. So I walked up to beside him.

"hi there." I said, smiling.

Itachi's Pov.

"Hi there."

I looked beside and I saw a guy around 17 trying to talk to me. Well, no need to be impolite Itachi, that's Sasuke's job. "Hello" I said back.

The guy beamed, happy that I said something back "I'm Naruto!" He said. Unusual name... I thought.

"I'm Itachi" I said and we shook hands. I felt a wave of electricity pass up my arm. Whoa, what was that? We talked for a while as we walked.

"hey, do you have a brother? I met a guy with a pink haired girl back there." Pink Haired. Everyone calls her that.

"You mean Sasuke? yeah, he's my brother. He was with Sakura." I explained.

I looked at Naruto, he was dressed simply enough. He has a orange pair of pants on, a navy shirt, an orange hooded jacket and a elctric blue head-band. What caught my attention was his hair and eyes. He had bright blond hair, short a spiked, that shined like the sun. Like the sun? what the fuck? and his eyes, contrast to my dark brown / black ones, his shone the bluest sapphires. Wow... I blinked and looked away when i realised I was staring.

We reached the school gates, where we parted, as Naruto has to go and see head-master Kakashi. I made my way to first class. I had Art. Not one of my greatest subjects, but I liked it anyway. a good thing was that the teacher never shows up sometimes, so we can get on with whatever we wanted to. I walked in and sat down in my seat.

I pulled out a pen and was drawing when I heard someone shout my name "Heey Itachi!" I looked up suprised. And I saw Naruto, I waved to him and he took a seat next to me.

"Where's the teacher? He should be here by now..." He asked me.

"hm, the teacher sometimes doesn't show up." I replied.

"Oh. So what do you do when he's not here?"

"Whatever we wnat to." I said.

"Do you's paint?" He asked.

"Some do, if you're looking for paints, they're in that storage room over there." I pointed.

Naruto proved a few thing to me in them two minutes about himself. It's not impossible to jump over a desk, he's fast and... he has a nice ass. Hm, Itachi, Stop Staring! I turned my attention away as he came back with paints, paper and brushes. He sat quietly painting for a while. Until...

I looked at him and end up with a line of green paint being painted down my nose. What the hell?

"heh, sorry Itachi" he apologised, but I could tell from the grin on his face that he did that on purpose. I twitched, grabbed a brush, stuck in some purple and drew a line across his fore-head.

And so a Paint fight began.

I drew various lines on his face and he on mine. then we abdandoned the brush and attacked each other with hands on hands.

By the time we had done our faces, hands and arms were covered in paint. Yet, I hadn't had this much fun in a while.

"hah, Itachi, you are really wierd looking all multi-coloured like that!" Naruto laughed.

"As are you, Naruto, as are you." I smiled in reply.


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