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Itachi's Pov.

It had been twelve weeks since the first time we met and the first time he kissed me, or we kissed as I kissed him back.

In That time we went out, gone to school, visited each others' houses, discovered we had a similar taste in music, and that we both didn't have parents. His had died in a Train Crash while he was with a friend when he was four. I found it wierd knowing he didn't have any parents, but he shrugged it off, saying he liked living alone.

It was the half term holidays, a whole week without school, which I was glad for. I hated being stuck in there, I liked lessons but sometimes I wish that I didn't have to go at all. But then again, I guess that's the wish of almost every time school student. During school when I had nothing to do, I found myself thinking about Naruto. I found that enjoyed his company more every time i seen him, I didn't know what was going on inside me, or my heart, so most of the time, I shrugged it off. But every so often, I found myself thinking. What if...

"Hey Itachi-San!" I heard someone shout on me, and only one person calls people San or Kun.

I turned around and waved to Sakura as she run towards me.

We were good friends who had grown up together from first school when I helped her up when she fell.

"Hey there, Sakura" I said "How are you?"

"I'm great" She smiled "What are doing later?"

"well, Naruto, Sasuke and I are going to the cinemas. Which reminds me, Sasuke asked me to ask you if you wanted to come with us. Though I would of asked anyways."

The 16 year old looked thoughtful for a minute before replying.

"Sure, I'll go, but I don't why he didn't ask me..."

I looked around before answering.

"To tell you the truth..." I wispered "I think he's a little shy."

She giggled and I grinned.

"What time?" She asked.

"Hm, let's say 5:50 at the ramen shop, ok?"

"Alright then, I'll see you then." She smiled and walked off.

I walked home, opened the door and saw Sauke lying on the sofa, I sighed and slammed the door, watching as Sasuke fell of the bed and landing on the floor.

I cracked up laughing until he grabbed a pillow and threw it at me.

"oh ha ha, very funny." I grinned and stop laughing "oh shush you."


"I asked her for you" he stood up, ran over to be and grabbed my shoulder "What did she say?"

I was silent and I looked at the floor, then I looked up and grinned "Of cousre she'll come!" He shook me, let go and ran up to his room.

I sighed and shook my head. He can be very wierd at times... I headed to my room, and got ready.

Around 5:21 we wer at the Ramen store, Naruto munching Ramen as usual. I sat beside me while Sasuke was pacing back and forward.

"Would you calm down already?" I said in annoyance at him. He hung his head then sat beside me.

We waited for around another 10 minutes when Sakura came around the corner and we set off towrds the cinema. We reached it around 6:50.

"Well, what should we watch?" Sakura asked.

I Looked at the list on the wall, scanning over what was being shown at 6. There were three films. Whispering Moon, which seemed to be about a man who had to leave to study, but found out his friend had cancer and he had returned to see her. Then there was Moving and Losing, it was about someone who had moved away because she was under threat by a family, but the rest of her family were killed because she left, so she went to get revenge. The last was called Icha Icha Passion, which was bout...surely you can guess.

"Why don't see that one?" Naruto said, while bouncing up and down and pointing at I.I.P.

"..." Sasuke was twitched and Sakura had turned a light shade of red. I shrugged. I was used to these kinds of films. Naruto and I watched them a lot. Handy having a perverted friend.

"Sure." i said, and walked up to the ticket booth and bought the tickets for us.

We walked into the cinema, and Naruto instantly ran over to the snacks counter.

Where does he put it all...? I pondered to myself as he ruturned with popcorn, soda, chocolate and sherbet. I grabbed the popcorn so he wouldn't drop it and we headed into the Cinema.

(Some time later.)

We walked out of the Cinema from seeing the film and taking a toilet break before heading back. Amazing what seven soda does to a person. I believe Naruto somehow snuck into Kakahi (Our Head Teacher) 's office and made it into his perverted book collection, starting off his passion for reading them and watching the movies.We had decided to spent some time at Sasuke and I's house, but Sakura had to go home, so Sasuke said he would walk her home. So that left me and Naruto to go back to the house. With this, I felt some sort of feeling inside of me when I thought about being with Naruto in my home like that...

It clicked. I realised what this feeling was inside me. In my Heart...I was snapped out of my thoughts when Naruto poked me in the side.

"Yo Itachi, You okay?" He asked me.

"I'm fine, just thinking..." I looked at him and smiled "Let's get going."

"yeah!" The blonde fuzzball jumped up and down, and ran ahead in front of me. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and followed him.

We reached my home around 12 minutes later, I opened the dorr and let Naruto go in first, after which I followed. I shut the door quietly threw off our shoes and I walked over to where Naruto was standing.

Well, here goes nothing. Time to tell him how I feel. i rubbed my throat, suddenly feeling dry.

I crept up behind him and snaked my arms around his waist, pulling him closer to me.

"Naruto..." I wispered in his ear "I have something to tell you...I...I love you..."

He sniffened before relaxing in my arms.

"I love you too, Itachi..." He shifted around in my arms to face me bofore kissing me deply, I kissed him back, begging for enterance to his mouth, which he granted, I explored his mouth as much as I could, the taste of toffee popcorn still there. I ran my rans up and down his sides feverishly, not being able to get enough of him, I ran my hand under his shirt, over his toned chest, feeling his soft skin under my palm... I wrapped my other hand around his neck, drawing him closer to me, the musky scent of him that I adored reaching my nose. I shuddered and ran my hand over his chest and around to his butt, which I gave a light squeeze. He squeaked and a laughed a little, and kissed him again, closing my eyes as I did so, I heard him let out a soft moan, I ran my hand from his butt down the side of his hips, slowly tugging at his pants.

He looked at me with lust-filled eyes.

"Is this what you want, Naruto?" I asked him.

He didn't even pause to think. "Yes."

I smiled and pulled off the pants leaving him in the middle of the floor, he tugged at my shirt, and he pulled it off me, moving his hands lightly over my chest, I shivered at his touch, I tugged on his shirt, pulling him towards my room, which was on the ground floor. By the time we got to my room, there was a line of our clothes leading to where we were, leaving us both completly naked, I scanned over his toned body, taking in every detail of my lover. I opened the door and pulled Naruto in with me. My room was simple enough. Built in cupboards on one side, wooden floor, the walls painted a light navyish blue, shelfs and bookcases filled with books and litle items, my bed covered in a dark blue satin sheet, the bed itself King Sized, being from a well off family has it's advantages. Naruto looked around in awe, before I picked his already hard self up and brought him over to my bed, I lay him down on the solfly, being hard myself, I was nervous as this was my first time with anyone, but I hoped I wouldn't let him down. I smiled and ran my tongue over one of his nipples, licking it, making it hard, he groaned and shifted under me as I mover to the other one, making it hard also, I moved my hand up and down his hard member, earning gasps and groans from him, I saw beads of sweat forming on his body alraedy "Ahhh...I-Itachi...Please..."

I moved my hand faster, occasionally playing with his balls too.

I sped my hand up as he groaned loudly, and he came over my hand. I licked his seed off my hand and smiled at him, he was covered in sweat, as was I, but our night wasn't over yet. It was my turn to feel pleasure.

He looked up at me, and I smiled down at him.

"The night isn't over, my sweet'll have to relax..." I said as I ran my finger over his entrance, he squirmed as I inserted my finger into him. slowly, teasing him as he tried to push on it.

"Don't be so hasty..." I said, flicking my tounge over the top of his member, I took him into my mouth as I inserted another finger into him, stretching him out so he was prepared for what was to come. I moved my head up and down, swirling my tongue around, earning gasps from him. I inserted a third finger, the last, thinking he was stretched anough, I let his member go and positioned myself. I heard him whimper from the missing heat.

"Ready?" I said.

He said nothing, spread his legs fully, and kissed me hard, rubbing his hand down my side.

I slowly pushed my hot member inside him, slowly, letting him get used to the pain that he would have.
"Ahh...! Ita...!" He had moved his arm around m waist and was clawing at back. I stopped when I got in to allow him to get used to it. He stopped clawing at my back, I looked at him and wiped the tears that were rolling down his face. He smiled and kissed me gently.

"Itachi...Please coule move move...?" He asked in a quiet voice.

"It wouldbe my pleasure, my sweet Naruto..." I captured his lips in my own, as I slowly began moving in and out of him, mixing our bodies together, becoming one...I was lost in a wave of pleasure but I could faintly hear someone shouting my name over and over. I was also shouting his name too...I was thrusting in and out as hard as I could, I was nearing my climax, and in a sheet a white hot light, I shot my seed deep inside of my lover, I felt his body convulse under mine has he also came covering us both. We slowly came down from the cloud we were own, I wiped his eyes again and mine too, a teary eyed pair who loved each other in more ways than I could imagine. I rolled off the top of him and landed with a soft plump beside him, I pulled him close to me as we snuggled in the bask of the setting sun coming through the two full length windows leading to the garden.

I ran my hand through his hair as he slowly drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

"Hey Naruto..." I whispered to him.

"Hmm...?" He mumbled and looked up at me.

"Would you do me the honour of being... my boyfriend?" I asked quietly.

"..." He smiled and kissed my lightly "Of course I will."

"Thank you, Naruto. I love you." I replied.

"Love you too." He said back and with that we both drifted off into a quiet sleep.


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