Sasuke and Itachi were rushed off to the hospital well after the ambulance with Gaara departed. The police were asking them questions about what had happened. Itachi ended up answering almost all of them. Sasuke was just staring at the floor where Gaara's cold body had one lain. Gaara had to be ok. He had to be. Sasuke couldn't live without him. How could he live without him?

The police ushered him into the ambulance.

The ride was quick and Sasuke's head was filled with thoughts of his beloved. He would make everything alright. Everything would be perfect, just like his dream. They'd live together in the suburbs and have 1.5 kids, even though there was no way for them to have kids. They'd have a dog, a beagle. Every day Sasuke would come back from work to see his precious angel playing with the children in the yard with the dog. He'd smile happily and wait for his beloved to notice him. When he did he'd hug him and kiss him and the world would be right. Everything was going to be fine. Everything was going to be perfect.

The doctors quickly had Sasuke and Itachi rushed into separate rooms. Test upon test was conducted, drugs were administered, and wounds were disinfected and bandaged. Sasuke felt numb to it all. Whatever happened to him didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was Gaara. If Gaara lived it would all be right. Gaara would live. There was no doubt behind Gaara surviving. Gaara had to live.

After the doctors were done the police and Sasuke's brother were back. Questions were asked and once again Itachi did the answering. Sasuke was anxious about Gaara. It had been at least two hours now; surely they would be coming and telling him that he would be just fine by now.

Soon the police were gone and the brothers were left alone in the hospital room. Sasuke turned to his brother. Itachi knew something he didn't. Itachi looked away from his brother.

"Itachi… what aren't you telling me?" Sasuke asked his voice scratchy and dull. Itachi flinched.

"Sasuke…"Itachi started and turned to his brother, tears standing in his eyes. Sasuke backed away from his brother, that horrible feeling in his chest causing his heart to throb painfully.

"I changed my mind, I don't want to hear it," Sasuke said quickly. Itachi just moved closer to his brother. Sasuke kept backing away, falling from the examination table in the process and backing into a wall.

"Sasuke, you have to hear this," Itachi said. Sasuke covered his ears and started to sing loudly and off-key. Itachi grit his teeth and grabbed his brother's arms pulling them away from Sasuke's ears.

"I said I don't want to hear it!" Sasuke shouted, flailing around and pulling out some stitches that had just been put in.

"Sasuke!" Itachi shouted, struggling against his brother. Sasuke started yelling again. Itachi dropped one of Sasuke's hands and slapped his brother hard. Sasuke could only stare at his brother, stunned into silence.

"Sasuke…" Itachi said. He reached out his hand to touch Sasuke's cheek, but his brother flinched away from him. Itachi hung his head. "I don't want to tell you this… but no one else will…"

Sasuke's heart started thudding loudly in his chest, almost drowning Itachi out.

"But Gaara… he…" Itachi felt the tears pouring from his eyes.

"No!" Sasuke shouted. He stood up suddenly. Itachi just looked up at his brother sadly. Sasuke's eyes were wild and darting everywhere.

"Sasuke… he," Itachi tried again.

"NO!" Sasuke screamed and dashed from the room.

"Sasuke!" Itachi shouted after him.

Sasuke rushed down the hallways. He had to find Gaara. His brother was a liar. Itachi couldn't be trusted. He could never be trusted. He had to find Gaara's siblings; they would know where Gaara was.

Sasuke ran down the halls, ignoring the shouts from the hospital staff. He ran to the emergency care section and looked around frantically for any sign of Temari and Kankuro, he found them sitting on a bench holding onto each other for dear life. Sasuke froze. It couldn't be… there was no way. Ignoring more shouts and the startled looks from the Sabaku siblings, Sasuke rushed into Gaara's room.

It was white. The walls were white. The chairs were white. The bed sheets pulled over a lifeless body were white. Sasuke searched the room for another bed. There had to be another bed. Maybe this was the wrong room. This had to be the wrong room. Gaara wasn't dead. He wasn't lying lifelessly under that antiseptic white sheet. Sasuke's eyes scanned the bed and his heart stopped as he spotted red hair. Sasuke stopped.

Nothing was in Sasuke's mind. His body moved of its own, not aware that his brain had stopped functioning. His had reached out, shaking violently, and grabbed the sheet. The sheet pulled back and there he was.

Too pale skin stood out against blood red hair. The tattoo for love stood out more than it should have. There were scratches on his face, and he looked too peaceful. Green eyes were shut and there was no rise and fall to that perfect chest, hidden beneath that white sheet Sasuke had come to hate.

"No…" Sasuke whispered, his legs giving out on him. He collapsed beside the bed, staring at that immovable face of his angel. His precious, lifeless angel.

"This is a joke… its not true… there's no way… everything was supposed to be right… he didn't deserve this…" Sasuke started to mumble. Temari and Kankuro looked on from the doorway, afraid of what the broken boy before them would do.

"IT'S NOT TRUE!" Sasuke suddenly screamed. "HE'S NOT DEAD!"

Scrambling to his feet, the younger Uchiha climbed onto the bed with the body of Gaara. Tears were falling from his face like a waterfall. Sasuke ran a hand along Gaara's cheek. Lip quivering, body shaking, Sasuke leaned down and kissed Gaara's lifeless body.

"Wake up…" Sasuke said as he pulled away. "This isn't funny Gaara… wake up…"

Temari started sobbing and Kankuro looked away from the scene unfolding before him.

"WAKE UP DAMNIT!" Sasuke screamed, shaking Gaara's shoulders. "WAKE UP!"

Nurses stormed the room and tried to pull Sasuke off of the lifeless body on the bed. Sasuke struggled and fought, biting kicking and screaming.

"Leave me alone! Let me go!" Sasuke shouted as the nurses managed to pull him off the bed.

"We need a tranquillizer!" one nurse shouted. A nurse rushed out of the room, past the grieving siblings and dashed away to get a tranquillizer.

"Let me go! Gaara!" Sasuke screeched, trying desperately to get back to his beloved. "Let me go! He needs me! I need him! GAARA!"

The nurse rushed back in with the tranquillizer. Two nurses held Sasuke's arm still and the one with the needle injected the tranquillizer. Sasuke kept struggling and managed to break free of the nurses' hold. He scrambled back onto the bed and wrapped his arms around Gaara's lifeless body.

"I won't leave you…" Sasuke mumbled as the tranquillizer kicked in and he fell asleep clutching onto the love of his life.

Sasuke was standing in the rain, just standing there letting the water pour down over his body. It had been two days and he still couldn't accept the fact that Gaara was gone. He saw the red head everywhere. He could swear he could see him.

The doctors were worried about his mental state and kept him doped up enough so that he couldn't do anything rash, but he had outsmarted them today. He had had his pills forced down his throat and while the doctors, Temari, Kankuro and Itachi were outside of the room, he had broken out. He had been working on his restraints since they had tied him down, and had managed to get out of them. It took him a little extra time to barricade the door and break the window. Luckily, he was only on the first floor so it wasn't a problem jumping from the window.

He had grabbed a piece of glass and began to run. It didn't matter where he went, so long as it was far away from the hospital and the people within it. Naruto had come the day after, and it hadn't been a pleasant encounter. The blond blamed Sasuke for everything, and Sasuke knew that it was all his fault. He knew that he was to blame for Gaara. Naruto had gotten violent and they had to call security to contain him. Sakura, who was with Naruto, only offered her condolences and silently followed the blond out.

Temari and Kankuro had taken it upon themselves to practically adopt Sasuke into the family. They kept saying that they were responsible for it and kept cursing a promise to wait ten minutes. The two of them single handedly kept every sharp instrument far away from the unstable Uchiha. They wanted to make sure Sasuke survived, unlike their brother. Sasuke was the only link they had to Gaara, and they wanted to keep him around and keep him safe, unlike the brother they had lost.

Itachi, for his part, was acting like the older brother he never was. He was the one who made the doctors tie Sasuke down, saying that he was unstable and would try to commit suicide. Itachi seemed to have acquired a sense of mortality and of how close he really was to losing his only family. He was always around Sasuke, talking to him and trying to comfort him. He would try to get the younger of the two to talk about the red head, but Sasuke wouldn't say a word. He hadn't said a word since he had found the body.

So now he stood in the rain, the glass clenched tightly in his hand. There was nothing in this world that was holding him here. He couldn't stay in this realm anymore. He couldn't live without him.

The rain couldn't wash away his sins, it couldn't wash away his thoughts of Gaara. All the rain could do was wash away his blood.

Sasuke brought the glass to his wrist and slit. He switched hands and slit the other as well.

Maybe if he died the pain would go away. If he died he might get to see his angel, his precious angel who had been his only light in the darkness. Though the question of "why" would always circle his head, somewhere deep inside himself he knew the answer. The answer had always been there, glaringly obvious, and yet he had not seen it until it was too late. He should have known better than to have fallen so fast. He knew that he should have taken it slower, but after he had set eyes on that gorgeous red head the events around him had spiraled out of control. Sasuke didn't believe in fate, it would be too cruel to believe that all of this had been planned out by some God. Sasuke didn't believe in God. There was no perfection other than Gaara, and he was no longer in reality. There was no afterlife, there was no soul, and Sasuke had never thought that there was. But standing there, in the rain, feeling his life slip away, Sasuke fervently wished that there was.

This life it ain't worth living…

Would you die tonight for love? (Baby join me in death)

Would you die? (Baby join me in death)

Would you die tonight for love? (Baby join me in death)

Baby join me in death

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