Chapter 7: Welcome Home!

Hermione and Ginny were packing and then they were headed to lunch before they left. They were so excited to see their husband's and children. Only about an hour and a half till they went home.

With Harry and Ron, they were just as excited, but they had a few problems on their hands. The triplets were restless; Anna and William were a mess head to toe. William had taken Ron's wand and blew up the jar of mashed peas. Ron was trying to give them a bath, but they kept splashing the water everywhere, flooding the bathroom.

"Come on Addie," Harry cooed as he rocked his daughter, "Please eat for daddy. Mummy is coming home today, she'll be so happy to know you ate your lunch."

As if by magic, Addison accepted her bottle, and began eating. After she was done, Harry told the other two that Mummy was coming home and they took their bottles as well.

Upstairs, the twins were giving Ron trouble. They splashed water in his face, and Anna slapped his hand when he tried to wash her hair.

"You know, Mummy is coming home today…I think she will be happy to see you two clean."

Ron bravely tried again and Anna and William took their bath peacefully. When they were dried off and dressed, he carried them downstairs and set them in their playpen, while Harry was lying down the sleeping triplets.

"Finally…Harry! Look at the time! The girls will be home any minute!"

They ran around the house, throwing charms every which way, trying to get the house in order. Harry had just cleaned up the last spot of mashed peas, when they saw the door handle turning.

"MIONE!" Ron cried!

"GINNY!" Harry exclaimed.

The girls dropped their bags and ran into their husband's arms. After hugs and kisses, they went over and kissed their children. The triplets were asleep so Ginny kissed them softly and sat down next to Harry. The twins jumped into Hermione's arms.

"How was your vacation?" Ron asked.

"Heavenly…everything was perfect. We can't thank you enough!" Ginny said.

"You don't need to thank us, we are just so glad you're rested and relaxed." Harry answered.

"How were things here?" Hermione asked.

Harry and Ron told them about Angelina and Lorelei, and they told them about how good the children were…and they left out the misadventures.

"I'm so glad to be home." The girls said.

Harry and Ron kissed their wives.

"What was that for?" Ginny asked.

"Because we have the best wives in the world," Harry answered.

"And they are the best mummies in the world." Ron finished.