By: Retroville9

The Spring Dance is just around the corner. The gang is 16 and they are sophmores in High School. Will Cindy manage to ask Jimmy to the dance? Will Libby finally tell Sheen how she feels about him?

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S-O-S please someone help me.

It's not healthy for me to feel this

Y-O-U are making this hard?

I can't take it see it don't feel right.

S-O-S please someone help me,

It's not healthy for me to feel this

Y-O-U are making this hard?

You got me tossing and turning I can't sleep at night

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VortexAlert: Hey Libs. What did you want to tell me?

FunkMistress: OH RIGHT! Guess what this FRIDAY is?

VortexAlert: Um, April 14th?

FunkMistress: Ugh, GIRL! It's the SPRING DANCE!

VortexAlert: Oh. And that's something I'm supposed to be excited about?

FunkMistress: Yeah girl! You can ask you-know-who.

VortexAlert: Ahahaha, right. Like he'd ever say yes.

FunkMistress: I bet he would! You totally should. All the guys in are grade LOVE you Cind. You're like a freaking GUY magnet. As for me, I don't know who to ask…

VortexAlert: Of course you do Libs! You've only liked Sheen since the 5th grade! We are sophomores in High School and you still are madly in love with him; don't try to deny it.

FunkMistress: Do you have proof? Nope, didn't think so.

VortexAlert: Libs, just ask him. He'd be jumping for joy. Trust me.

FunkMistress: Whatever. Well, you better ask Jimmy! He's definitely going to say yes.

VortexAlert: Don't count on it.

FunkMistress: Well hey, if you don't ask him, I'll do it FOR you.

VortexAlert: OH NO YOU'RE NOT!

FunkMistress: Wanna bet?

VortexAlert: Ugh, you persuasive demon. pouts

FunkMistress: Oh you know you love me. Well, I got to go get my new CD player since my other one was apparently CHEWED ON by some stupid dog. I'll talk to you later. You better ask him though! See ya later girl!

VortexAlert: Well, don't get your hopes up! See ya Libs.

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Cindy turned off the computer and set herself on top of her luxurious bed and sighed. Dang, what am I supposed to do now? I really do want to ask Jimmy to the dance but, we're supposed to be like mortal enemies. Plus, he would never in his right mind want to go to the dance with me. Who would? I'm pretty much a lying bitch to everyone besides Libs because she's the only one who understands me. Not to mention how awful I've been feeling ever since the break up with Nick. What a jerk he was to me. All he wanted me for was the great "sex" that I will never speak of again. Who says Nick Dean has the right to come to my house on a Saturday afternoon, ring the doorbell, come inside, and start making out with me? I think NO ONE. Ha, and Nick sucks at kissing. It was like kissing a freaking melon. He can't do shit come to think of it. What a jerk! Unlike Jimmy who's perfect in every way shape and form. All the guys in my grade think I'm hot. Why is that? I'm not even that pretty. Actually, I'm getting pretty damn fat. Alright, well not FAT but…heavier. Oh who am I kidding, I'm a pencil compared to the girls in my school. Jeez. Ever heard of a diet? Apparently not! God, I wish someone could just like rescue me from my misery. Send me to some foreign land where no one could find us. Ahh, that'd be the life. Whatever.




Now, where the hell did I put the phone?

Cindy then jumped out of her bed and searched franticly for the phone.

Got it.


"Hi, Cindy? It's Jimmy"




"Um, I was just calling to see what the homework was in History. I seemed to misplace my agenda book."

"Oh, um, hold on a moment."

"Hold on a moment?" You have got to be kidding me. Is that the best you can do Vortex?

"The homework is that worksheet that was passed out at the end of class. The one on Don Quixote?"

"Ohhh! Okay thank you. Well, I guess I'll see you…tomorrow?"

"Yeah I…I'll see you then."

Cindy then slowly hanged up the phone.

I am going to die. How retarded can you get? I can't even have a normal conversation with him without getting all nervous and sweaty. OH PLEASE LORD, COME RESCUE ME FROM MY MISERY!

Oh, poor Cindy. Hopefully she'll get the nerves to ask our Jimmy to the dance, eh?Well, you'll have to stay tuned and find out now wont ya?

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