By: Retroville9

Summary: The Spring Dance is just around the corner. The gang is 16 and they are

sophomores in High School. Will Cindy manage to ask Jimmy to the dance? Will

Libby finally tell Sheen how she feels about him? J/C & S/L

Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy or the song "S.O.S." by Rihanna.


Pain and angst ran through Cindy's veins like fire as she thought of the vision of Jimmy holding Jenny in his arms kissing her passionately. She couldn't take this feeling any longer. As she stood near her closet she ran her fingers down her favorite dress that she so longed to wear to the dance tonight. She tried not to let her tears that were forming in her eyes not to run down her soft cheeks and ruin her makeup.

She hated feeling this way. How could he just replace her like that? Just, make her feel so small and so weak? So, alone.

"Cindy, hun, are you almost done getting ready up there? It's almost time to go." Cindy's mother said quietly knocking on Cindy's bedroom door.

"Yeah mom, almost done…" she lied. Of course she wasn't almost done getting ready; she was never going to be ready at this rate.

She sighed carefully putting on her favorite earrings on and her jewelry. When she was done she peered into her mirror. She stared at her reflection and took a deep breath. I can do this. I just have to believe I can.

She opened her bedroom door and ran down the stairs when she was all ready.

"I'm ready," Cindy said approaching her mother and smiled.

"Cindy…" her mother said approaching Cindy and stroked her cheek. "You look beautiful…" she said giving Cindy a warm and comforting hug.

"Thanks, mom." Cindy said letting go of her mother with a small fake smile on her face.

As they approached the school Cindy took in a long deep breath and said goodbye to her mom.

She opened the door and looked around for Libby. The whole auditorium was decorated with beautiful decorations and designs. Cindy was actually surprised at how good everything looked and how everyone was dressed up nicely looking their best.

"Hey girl, over here!" Libby yelled coming towards Cindy. She was dressed in a black dress with jewels covering her wrists and down her dress. She looked stunning.

"Libs, wow! You look so great!" Cindy said with a big smile hugging Libby.

"ME? Get real, you're the one who looks beautiful!" Libby said examining Cindy a little more carefully and playing with her hair.

Cindy smiled and looked up from where Libby was pointing at it. Her smile slowly disappeared as soon as she saw Jimmy with Jenny accompanying him.

This was going to be a long ass night.


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