Title: Painful Memories v. 2

Author: Phoenix Kaen

A/N: In this story, my original characters, Mizuki and Ayane are both Hiei's love interests. I'm so lazy these days that I don't bother to create new characters; Mizuki is from One Stormy Night and Ayane is from Painful Memories. The bold means the past events, the italic means thoughts and the bold and italic together means past thoughts

Disclaimer: Yoshihiro Togashi owns the series Yu Yu Hakusho.

"So what was the reason for meeting me here, Mizuki or should I say Mrs. Minamino?" asked Ayane who was now in her mid-twenties. She wore all black; a black turtleneck with a black pleated skirt and black heels. Her long black hair was clipped back into a bun with a diamond clip.

"Ayane-chan, don't talk to me that way. We've been friends for about ten years now..." Mizuki said sadly. She wore a pink vest over a white blouse, a long pink skirt and brown shoes. Her elbow long brown hair was pulled back into a single braid.

"So what? Friends can drift apart. Now what is it that you want from me?" Ayane asked, apathetic to Mizuki's pained expression.

"It's been years since we've seen each other. I just wanted to see you and talk about old times," Mizuki said, looking at the table than at Ayane.

"Something's bothering you," Ayane said, immediately dropping the cold tone in her voice. "Whenever you're sad, you would look at anything but at somebody."

"Heh. I'm surprised you remembered that," Mizu said, raising her head so that Ayane could see the pathetic look on her face. The tears ran uncontrollably. Mizuki seized her napkin and tried to wipe away her tears before the waiter came by. Ayane's hand caught hers and shook her head. "If you want to cry, just cry. You'll feel better." She said with a kind smile. Mizuki smiled, too. Her bestfriend was acting like herself again, not like the hateful demon huntress who disapproved of Mizuki's relationship with a certain demon. But what would she think if Mizuki told her what she wanted to say?

"Thank you, Aya-chan," Mizuki said. Aya-chan was Mizuki's nickname for Ayane.

"No problem, Mizu-chan," said Ayane. She leaned back in her chair and sipped her French vanilla coffee. While Mizuki sobbed, Ayane observed Mizuki's current state and could smell a strong odor.

"You're pregnant, aren't you, Mizu?" Ayane asked seriously. The brunette nodded and continued to dab at her eyes with a napkin. Ayane could tell it from one whiff. Being the descendent of a famous demon hunting clan, Ayane has the ability to sniff out a demonic aura. Since Mizuki was married to Kurama, Ayane could only deduce that Mizu was carrying his child.

"You would think that I would be happy," Mizuki said with a squeak and choked. "Wouldn't you?" She smiled a light smile. "It's ironic. I should be thrilled at the new arrival and I am," She put her hand on her yet to be big stomach and closed her eyes. "Yet at the same time, I'm so ashamed." The statement surprised Ayane, whose amber eyes widened.

"Ashamed?" Ayane repeated. Back then Mizuki swore that she would love Kurama even if he was a demon, Ayane, being her bestfriend could not bring herself to take his life. Ayane knew that Mizuki would be happy to spent the rest of her life with him. Naturally, the announcement that she was ashamed of their baby was surprising.

"This is not his baby, it's someone else's. It's-" Mizuki fought back another sob. Ayane's grip on her coffee loosened and the cup crashed down on the floor.

With her black hair down, she walked up the numerous steps up to Genkai's temple. She could hear the familiar gleeful laughter of her own flesh and blood as she walked closer to the temple. She smiled lightly as she relished in the sweet laughter of her daughter. How she missed the shrill laughter...Tears threatened to spill but Ayane regained herself. She couldn't even consider herself a mother. A real mother wouldn't abandon her child with someone else just because she, herself, felt disgusted with boring a demon's child. How could she have ever thought that when her own child was a half-demon?

"I found you, Aunt Yukina!" She could hear the little girl cried gleefully.

"Aww, how did you know I was there?" Yukina asked with feigned frustration.

"'Cause that's where you always hide!" The little girl answered.

Ayane finally stood in front of the entryway but she couldn't bring herself to knock. She looked forlornly at the ground.

"Mommy, do you love me?" Miru asked, looking up at her mother, who was holding her hand. They were walking up many stairs, Ayane carrying a little backpack and a small suitcase full of Miru's clothes.

"Miru," Ayane said, stopping and sat down on the stair. She looked into Miru's eyes and could see the resemblance there; a characteristic that would remind her forever. Miru looked back at her with her sad eyes. She could sense that someone was wrong. Ayane ran her hands through Miru silky shoulder-length hair and pulled her closer. She held tightly onto Miru, crying. The latter tried to calm her mother down by telling her that everything was okay. Although, the naive child didn't know about Ayane's family legacy and the forbidden relationship between her father and Ayane. "You have no idea how much I love you and your father," Ayane whispered into Miru's ear, still clutching onto her as if for dear life.

Ayane raised her fist again. Should she do it?

"MOMMY!" Miru cried, restrained by Yukina. "Don't leave me, mommy! I love you, too, mommy! I wanna go home with you, mommy, please!" With her back turned on her only child, Ayane kept on walking.

From inside of the dojo, she could hear another burst of laughter from Miru.

"Ayane, you are the last of the Anda clan! How could you disgrace yourself by becoming so friendly with a fire demon?" Her youthful looking grandma said with disgust.

Ayane hung her head down. "I am sorry, grandmother," she said with respect and out of sorrow. Her heart can't beat her family's duty. The Anda family was the last of the demon hunter family; the future generation must be purely human. It was Ayane's duty alone to marry a capable human man and produce a future demon hunter. "I will become a good girl from now on and carry out my duty."

"Good. If I found out that your future came true, I'll kill your demonic offspring then the demon who seduced you," Lisa said anger.

"Yes, grandmother," Ayane said automatically. Mizuki is so lucky. She is free to choose whoever she wants to be with her even a demon. But me? I've always been Ayane Anda, the demon hunter. Because my parents were killed by demons, I've always hated them but since meeting Mizuki, Kurama and Hiei. I've come to discover that they're not all bad. Still, how could I fall for one so easily after all my years of hatred?

"Ayane-san?" Keiko said, surprised to see her after so long. Ayane looked up at the familiar woman with her eyes full of tears. Keiko had slid the paper door open and behind her, black-haired Miru and aqua-green haired Yukina looked at Ayane in surprise. The former jumped with renewed energy and ran towards Ayane. "MOMMY!" Ayane could feel Miru's tears sinking into the fabric of her clothes. She felt the impact of Miru's crushing hug as she stared widely then with shaking arms, circled them around Miru's tiny form.

"Mommy! You came back for me!" Miru cried, hugging her mother tighter. She didn't want her to ever go away again. Sure, Yukina and Genkai kept her company but they weren't her mother. Ayane smiled in Miru's hair.

"Yes, I came back for you," she said, closing her eyes, enjoying this warm embrace.

"This is not his baby, it's someone else's. It's-" Mizuki fought back another sob. Ayane's grip on her coffee loosened and the cup crashed down on the floor.

"It's Hiei's. At least, that's what I think. I'm sorry, Aya-chan! Sorry, you probably want me to call you Anda-san now," Mizuki said, burying her face in her hands.

Ayane's heart felt it broke into a million pieces. He cheated on me? Then again, it's not like we agreed to remain faithful to each other. But with my own bestfriend? Ayane sat on her chair, her arms now swinging limply. Ayane smiled sadly. Then again, why not? She's always had feelings for him and she is better than me. Even as she reasoned with herself, she couldn't stop the burning feeling in her chest; the feeling of heartbreak. The one feeling that showed Ayane how much she truly loved him.

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