Author's note: This story is dedicated to Garden of Everything , who read my "50 Ways to Piss Off/ Freak Out Yakushi Kabuto", and said that it really made her day, and requested another one like it with puppy dog eyes.

(I can't resist puppy eyes...)

30 Ways to Make Hyuuga Neji Angry

1. Paint his room pink

2. Sing country music very loudly when he's trying to sleep.

3. Steal his shirt when he's training and make him chase you through Kohana.

4. Wear a green jumpsuit and scream "YOSH!" into his ears.

5. When he's asleep, place a bananna on his chest and see how long it takes him to wake up.

6. Whenever he activates his Byakugan, sing the Sting theme.

7. One morning, gather a watermelon and a sledge hammer Place the watermelon on the floor next to his bed, raise the sledge hammer to a forty degree angle behind your head, and bring it down upon the fruit, splattering it across the room and Neji. When he wakes up, say, "Oh! You're finally awake!"

8. Make waffles, tie strings around them, and attach them to the ceiling fan.

9. Tickle him on the back of his neck with a feather.

10. When he's training, loudly tell TenTen of his undying love for her.

11. Smile as he pounds you into pulp.

12. The next time he's eating a sandwitch, slip a potato chip into it and say "Neji? What's three inches long, has six legs, thirteen eyes, and goes 'crunch' in a submarine sandwitch?" If timed right, he should bite the crunching chip exactly as he guesses the correct answer.

13. Proclaim to everyone that Neji's favorite film is "Brokeback Mountain".

14. Pretend to be a ventriloquist.

15. Walk behind him playing the accordion whenever you go through Konoha.

16. Wear a sombrero.

17. Poke him in the ass.

18. Put a racoon plush on your head, and scream, "HELP! HELP! THE SHUKAKU IS ATTACKING ME! HELP"

19. Place a box of "Bean-O" in his lunchbox the next time he goes on a mission so when he opens the box, it's the first thing he sees.

20. Make flyers proclaiming the opening of "Hyuuga Neji's Polish Music Bar".

21. Write stories about how to annoy him.

22. Sing "I'm A Genius in France".

23. Hug him.

24. Tightly.

25. Tell Maito Gai that Neji needs to have the "Facts of Life" explained to him.

26. Watch with glee as Maito Gai attempts to explain the Birds and the Bees to your Neji.

27. Cover Neji with Post-It notes during the night.

28.Draw brown splotches in Sharpie Markeron all his boxer shorts.

29. Put green Kool-Aid mix in the shower head.

30. Place a large, non-poisonous spider in his underwear drawer.

NEW FEATURE! Neji'sReaction:

"..." Oh, come on. Did you really expect a reaction out of him?

"AAAAIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" our Hyuuga screamed at the mention of Brokeback Mountain.

But it wasn't just any old girly scream! No, Neji has more dignity then that. It was a manly, loud, dignified girly scream.

Neji flipped the computer off, and cowered beside his bed.

And then checked his clean boxer shorts for brown marks.