Votary of Fond Desire-Ch 4


By SparkleStar

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Patience had neverbeen one of Evey's strong points.

Evey sighed and dejectedly flopped down on the bed in her room of the Shadow Gallery.

She would so never forgive him for this.

After several seconds lying still and being buried within the mess of white sheets and pillows, she rolled over on her back and pulled her knees into her chest, looking over at the myriad of books that lined the wall to the very top of the ceiling. Maroon—navy—brown—the books were an eclectic mix of all different colors, shapes, and sizes. The sight made a strange mosaic and sometimes, if she squinted at the walls, she could swear that V had put them in some sort methodical, and yet undecipherable form. The books that made up the wall were classic books—text books—autobiographies of famous historical figures—literally every kind of book that Evey could possibly imagine and then some. It was like a library—her own library filled with materials banned by the government. And of course, there were some books that weren't banned, seeing as she had accidentally stumbled upon some sort of a trashy romance novel nestled within the massive pile several weeks ago.

Evey smiled to herself at the memory of her waving the book in front of V's nose.

He had valiantly tried to escape out of that one. When she had confronted him with the small paperback book, although she couldn't see his face, she could swear that the mask had blushed deeper than ever. After several seconds of quick thinking, he had tried to explain to Evey that he was a collector of many things, and yes, all different types of novels included.


But it was not a week ago; it was February 14th, also known as Valentine's Day. And Evey was no where near V in any way, shape or form.

She was sitting—no, now lying in her bed in her room.


Still slightly fuming.

Evey glanced over at the clock, from her position now sprawled out on her bed.

11:00 am.

Only eight more hours to go.

Oh God.

Eight more hours? Had it really only been 45 minutes?

Evey fought the urge to scream in frustration and instead wrestled the sheets back from the pile on the bed and slid underneath the covers. Turning on her side once, she pulled the blankets up to her chin and adjusted the pillow under her head.

Maybe she'd go back to sleep—take a nap. Maybe nap a little, then read, and then get ready. By then, it would be almost time.

Evey shut her eyes.


V would so never hear the end of this.

As Evey attempted to coax herself to sleep, she somewhat bitterly recounted the actions that had gotten her into this situation in the first place:

Valentine's Day. Right.

She had woken up around 9:00 and as usual, stumbled out into the kitchen of the Shadow Gallery in sweats and no makeup. Walking down the hallway, she had paused to tie her wild hair back with the hair tie that she had around her wrist. Although V had gotten used to seeing her relaxed and comfortable, she had known that even he, he who had faced fears unimaginable, would never be quite prepared to see her untamed hair.

And after all, it was Valentine's Day…..and you never know…..

The smell of sizzling bacon filled the air as Evey had continued her walk down the hall.



Evey had rounded the corner and stepped out into the main chamber of the Shadow Gallery so that she had a clear view of V in the kitchen before he knew of her presence. She had scanned the room before saying anything, trying to see if V had maybe begun to decorate for the holiday…or something like that….


Evey frowned slightly.

Maybe she had misinterpreted him—maybe he wasn't doing anything at all. Despite the fact that he had basically come out and asked her what she wanted him to do several weeks ago, perhaps her nonchalant answer had given him the wrong impression of what she wanted. Maybe he would simply ignore the holiday as most men did.

Most men…..

But still….V wasn't exactly like most men.

"Morning V" Evey had said simply as she walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of V, flowered apron on as usual, whipping around at the sound of her voice. However, perhaps it had simply been a misstep, but as he had whirled around, V lost his balance slightly and had reached a black gloved hand behind him on the counter to steady himself.

She had watched him pause for a moment, a pang of concern suddenly rising from her stomach to her throat. Although the expression painted upon his mask never changed, this morning it had been tinged with an exhaustion that even Evey could plainly see. She had felt her face crease into a frown at the thought.

He was okay…..right?

"Bonjour mademoiselle." V had said with his usual bravado after the brief moment "I trust you slept well?"

He had waited attentively for her answer, all traces of his exhaustion suddenly gone. Evey felt herself inadvertently relax as she had slid into a chair at the table.

V was just fine after all.

"Yes, thank you." Evey had said as V had placed a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of her.

He had turned back toward the stove after and had begun to hum under his breath as he had cracked another egg on the side of the pan.

Evey had let her mind begin to wander as she ate. It had only been after a few brief moments of silence between the two that Evey realized neither of them had acknowledged the holiday at hand.


Should she say something? Wish him a happy Valentine's Day? Perhaps begin to talk about what had happened in years past? Maybe quote some of the random facts she knew about the holiday?


She hadn't wanted to be the first to address Valentine's Day, lest it appear that she was too eager, as with most females, to find out if he would actually be doing something. After all, Evey had been planning something too, since she literally stumbled upon the perfect gift only one week ago. However, depending on how he took it, it could be seen as small and kind of insignificant.

And slightly…..sappy.

Evey had suddenly begun to worry.

Good job, Evey. If he doesn't do anything, you're going to come off looking like a total over sentimental female and if he does you're going to come off looking like a total-

"Do you know what day today is, Evey?" V's voice cut had through the sound of rattling utensils he was using to make breakfast. As he asked the question, he had looked over his shoulder slightly so that he could hear her answer.

"Um, it's February 14th, right…?" She had said almost timidly.

"And you know what that means…?"

Of course she did. Every woman had an internal clock for the most important, albeit, also ridiculous holiday of the year.

Evey suppressed a smile as she had taken a bite of bacon.

So he had been planning something…..

It had only been then that Evey had realized that V had turned around and was now patiently awaiting her answer, hands clasped in front of his body.

"….It's Valentine's….Day…?" Evey had said and then instantly began to chastise herself over her tone. It hadn't been a question, nor a statement, but it ringed of uncertainty and a certain sense of distrust on her part.

God, Evey, why did you have to sound so stupid and typically female?

But all thoughts of herself had suddenly dissipated as she had watched V take in a deep breath and then exhale, as if he was preparing himself for something. She had never seen him so uncertain around her before. His sudden change in demeanor, as if had had been preparing himself for November Fifth had made her instantly worry about him once more.

Was this about Valentine's Day, or something else? Was this the reason why he had looked so exhausted earlier? Was it something else that he didn't want to tell her—something that could be--

"Right. It is Valentine's Day" V had interrupted her thoughts, nodding slowly. "And….I want you ready by seven o'clock—no later."

Evey had dropped her fork on her plate with a loud clang.


She had felt her face instantly turn redder than she wished as a whole mix of emotions flooded her mind, clouding her thoughts.

No way.

He couldn't be. He just couldn't.

"You want me ready?" Evey had asked incredulously "V, are….we going on a…a….?"

Oh my God.

She could scarcely get herself to say the word, as she realized the thought she was thinking was suddenly almost as absurd as her whole situation.

Going out with a masked terrorist that all of London was currently searching for?

Not possible.

Whatever—the logistics didn't matter right now.

He had asked—well—told her out on a…


Evey had resisted the urge to laugh with glee as she had watched V turn around back to the stove, as if almost embarrassed to face her. He had picked up the mixing bowl on the counter and had begun to mix before speaking again.

"Er………yes." Came his soft reply as Evey had stared at the back of his black wig which was shaking slightly from the motion of his arm stirring the mixture "In a way."

At the sound of his almost timid answer, Evey had tried her best to remain composed and not turn into a puddle of sappy female sentiments. V was taking her on a date. An actual date. Out of all of the men she had been with previously on this holiday, none of them had ever…ever…..

Oh V….


Evey suddenly had been brought back to the point of her original confusion, once her joy had been fully and internally expressed.

How the hell are we going on a date?

"But—where—I mean, V, we can't go anywhere…."

Evey had watched as V had slowly stopped stirring. V had turned around, the smiling mask regard her as he had wiped his black gloved hands on his apron. He had leaned against the counter, supporting himself with his arms, and crossed one leg over the other.

He had obviously been thinking about something. Planning perhaps.

Evey had tried to not let the small smile on her face threaten to overtake all of her features.

After several seconds, he had finally spoken.

"Evey, could you please shut your eyes?"


He wouldn't be taking her somewhere now, right?

Maybe this was all part of some sort of surprise—yes—that's what it had to be.

However, before she had blindly obeyed, the way that V's head had been cocked as he said the statement had triggered something in her mind that she would instantly regret not listening to several minutes later.

"Okay…." She had said slowly, and pushed back her chair from the table. She had waited, eyes shut at the table for what felt like a lifetime, listening to the echo of his steps circle once around the kitchen.

And suddenly, he had taken her hand in his.

As his black leather glove closed around her palm, Evey had felt her breath catch in her throat. He had pulled gently on her arm, signaling her to stand up. She had obeyed, the other arm out, attempting to feel her way.

Oh God.

"We're going to take a little walk, Evey. Please keep your eyes shut."

Just trust him.

He had taken a step and Evey followed his moments.

Where were they going?

"I--I can't see, V"

"They say love is blind." Came his reply, his voice mixed with a note of jest and something else as they continued their walk.

Another step.

Oh God, if she tripped and fell…..

This had better be worth it.

"Where are we going?"

She felt his grip tighten around her hand as they continued on.

"You'll see."

As he led Evey through the Gallery, she had fought the urge to open her eyes and take a look at where they were going. Since being blind, she had been amazed at how heightened her other senses became. She had been able to hear the sound of V's boots on the carpet, the tempo of his breath, she had been able to feel the shadows and the lights in the Gallery, she had been able to feel the heat of his hand from beneath the black leather glove—to feel the person he was inside of it all.

She felt him suddenly stop and draw her in front of him with his arm.

Where were they?

After several seconds of silence, his voice had instructed her again.

"Alright, Evey, you may open your eyes now."

Evey had taken a deep breath in preparation.

She had opened her eyes.

And as Evey finally did, she had gasped in astonishment.


What in the hell….?

She was in her room?

"V, I-"

She had been cut off by a motion of the masked man's hand. V had been leaning against the door frame, mask tilted towards her in his usual polite form of addressing her.

"Evey, while I do need you ready at seven tonight, I first have some business to attend to that requires you being out of the way." His voice had been tinged with a smile as he had spoken.

"You need me out of the way….?" She had repeated incredulously, her mind still trying to wrap around the events that had just preceded her suddenly being taken back to her room. She had been expecting flowers—maybe a chocolate fountain—something--

"Unfortunately, yes, I do need you out of the way." She had watched V glance around the room at the stacks of novels that lined the walls "And I believe you have enough in here to busy yourself for a while."


"Have patience, my dear." He had said as he took a step back and out of the door frame.


Evey, who had still been frozen in disbelief, watched the door click shut and then a soft noise following it. It had taken her several seconds before she began to realize exactly what had just happened to her.

No way.

No—he wouldn't…..


There had been no response.

Evey had eyed the door handle suspiciously as she took a step closer.

He wouldn't…

Evey had taken another step closer.

And another.

And another.

She had put one hand on the door handle and turned-

He had locked the door.

He had locked the door.

Evey had stared at the handle in disbelief.


It was not a shout of anger, nor of exasperation, nor of gratitude, nor of loathing, nor of jest. It was a shout of all of the emotions that she could not express toward him at the moment and then some. Disbelief—outrage—slight humor--

She could have sworn she heard a faint chuckle before his reply had come from behind the heavy wooden door:

"Patience, my dear."

Evey had crossed her arms for a moment and stared angrily at the planks of wood that kept her from the outside world of the Gallery.

He was going to pay.

Evey turned over in her bed, bringing her thoughts back to the present as she began to drift off to sleep.

Oh, V would pay.




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