I saw you sat here waiting at this corner shop of pain

You were trying not to touch me as you sheltered from the rain

But I knew that you were different that you saw what I could be

You were not like the others who judge on what they see

You saw beyond this gruesome mask and right into my heart

And I knew you could see me clearly right from the start

You weren't frightened or scared, afraid or terrified

You looked past my outer darkness to the hidden light inside

You did not hear the fearful name the shopkeeper gave me

You did not treat me different just very normally

And you reached out towards me from the corner shop of pain

And it felt like time stopped, and then it started again

You did not see the clown that the shopkeeper taught

You didn't see the scarring that my rebellion brought

You did not see the heathen not believing in a god

You did not see the alien that landed in a pod

You did not see the Frankenstein the shop was famous for

You did not see the freak that nobody could adore

You did not feel the burden this life has cast on my head

And all of this suffering to earn my daily bread

You looked and saw the truth inside you didn't see the lie

Just as I was giving up and going off to die

You did not feel the freakishness that everyone else can see

All that you ever saw in that corner shop was me