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Hey... do you remember the first time we met?

It was the first official meeting of Organization XIII. The Superior told us of our plans, our goals. That's all he spoke of in the beginning.

You didn't speak much. You cloaked yourself in the shadows of dedication, doing your work and nothing more. You never had intentions of making "friends".

I was young... or at least, I thought I was. I was carefree and I didn't think of our objectives as any big deal. I shrugged them off with relative ease.

Maybe it was "fate" that led us together.

Or maybe, it's just that it is true what they say-

"Opposites attract."

Chapter One - Curiosity

Zexion trudged his way through the halls of Castle Oblivion. He hadn't remembered how many days had passed since the last time he had left his labs. Working on the secrets of the heart day in and day out was tiring, but Zexion knew nor cared for anything outside of his tests. Such thoughts and questions were of little use to him in the long run.

But nonetheless the silver haired man found himself wandering the castle, passing a few cloaked members of the Organization. He payed them little mind as he walked to his unknown destination, though the thoughts of all thirteen of them being in the same place lingered on his consciousness for just a second.

Finally, Zexion found himself at his supposive destination- the main gates to Castle Oblivion. He thought that he was alone, and so enjoyed the silence and the cool breeze that blew by... that is, until a melodic chord was struck up somewhere near by.

This was the first time Zexion was curious about something that did not concern the Superior's objectives, though he would never admit to it. Still, he looked for the source of the music, walking a small distance from the castle, where another member of the Organization stood, holding a rather large instrument. Upon closer inspection, Zexion recognized it as a sitar, but what really held his interest was the music coming from within. The music was slow and soft, yet it seemed to sing of sorrow and loneliness. There was a powerful passion in the music... though how such passion and emotion was coming from one of their own confused Zexion. They were devoid of such convincing emotions... weren't they?

After a while, the blonde stopped playing his songs and stood. He turned, weary at first, but his face snapped into genuine surprise when he saw that someone had been watching him.

Zexion knew who he was upon seeing his face, though he should have recognized Demyx when he spotted the sitar. Zexion knew all of the Organization members by name and number, though it seemed Demyx did not.

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't realize that you were watching me... er..." It was all too obvious that Demyx was searching the depths of his mind for a name. Zexion found this to be very pathetic, but it seemed that informing Demyx of who he was would save him the trouble of doing it later.

"Zexion." The silver haired man said, interrupting Demyx's vocally drawn out thought process.

"Yeah, that's right." The blonde said with a small smile. He threw out a free hand, expecting a shake. "The name's Demyx!"

Zexion just stared at Demyx for a while, his face vacant of expression, though deep in his mind, he couldn't help but wonder what was up with the guy before him. After a brief pause, Zexion left his opposite's hand hanging as he turned around and made his way back to the castle.

"Hey man, that's not cool!" Demyx piped up as he realized he was being left behind. He quickly shouldered his sitar and ran to catch up with Zexion. As soon as he was walking swiftly across the pathway into the castle with Zexion, Demyx dared to try to make conversation with the silent man once again. "What was that all about? I won't bite, you know."

"I'm not here to make friends. I'm here for our purpose." This was Zexion's blunt answer. It seemed to knock Demyx's chipper attitude down a few pegs, but he regained himself within a couple of seconds.

"I wasn't asking about that." Demyx countered.

This time, Zexion did not return any curt reply and continued to walk forward. In his thoughts, he was scolding himself for coming outside Castle Oblivion at all, seeing as how it was just a tremendous waste of time.

Demyx, on the other hand, was glad Zexion decided to visit him on this night. There was something that he found very interesting about the not so talkative, silver haired man. Something seemed to draw him to Zexion... and Demyx was just curious enough to want to figure it out.

They say 'curiosity killed the cat'... well, it's a good thing I'm not a cat, is it? Demyx thought with a smug smile as he crossed the entrance to Castle Oblivion side by side with Zexion.

Hey, Zexion...

Back in those days, when I was with you... even though you halfheartedly rejected me...

I felt invincible.

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